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A Personal Account of a Female Detainee, Stripped by Her Interrogators

May 05, 2010

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Originally posted on Behesht Street blog, the following is a graphic account from an Iranian woman detained on 22 Bahman (February 11).

Behesht Street blog’s introduction: I had no news from my good friend Courageous Purity, and in order not to take any risks, I had not even attempted to call her cell; lest it create even more problems for her, particularly as we communicated often via email. When visiting Iran during the New Year holiday, I finally had the opportunity to see my family and to inquire about my dear friend Courageous Purity.

No one was at her house, so I assumed that they must be traveling. I left Iran without any news, until yesterday when I received an email from her.

It read:

On the 22nd of Bahman [February 11, 2010], like all other times, we decided to go to the demonstrations with our friends. We planned to meet at 10:00am on the south side of the 2nd square at Ariashahr. When we arrived at our destination, we realized that although Ariashahr was looking more like a military post, people were still congregating on the sides of the streets, waiting for Mr. Karroubi to arrive. With time, more and more people arrived. As the crowd increased, the slogans began. People chanted “Death to the dictator” and “We support you Karroubi”, among many other slogans that I no longer recall (it was 80 days ago).

I suddenly heard repeated gun shots. We were attacked by tear gas and some clothings were smeared with colored paint. We were perplexed by the paint on the people’s clothing when suddenly the coup government thugs attacked us. As we began to run away, my clothing got colored when it brushed against someone else’s.

While we were fleeing, I noticed that the coup government thugs had zoomed in on me. It became clear to me that they were going to arrest me. Though I began to run with all my might, it didn’t take very long before they surrounded me. As I stood facing them, one of the thugs lashed out at me from behind with something that felt like a hose. The impact was so strong that I fell face down on the ground. I tried to scramble to my feet, but one of the thugs pressed his boot on my neck and forced me back down.  He said, “Don’t move an inch!”, while another thug tied my hands to my back.

My body was still aching from the pain of the last lashing when they pushed me face down onto the floor of a van with blue curtains. I expected to see female police officers in the van, but was greeted instead by two male officers. They blind folded us while insulting us with every name in the book.

I am not sure how many of us were detained in the van.  I did not know where they were taking us, but it felt as though we were in the van for a good 15 minutes. As soon as we arrived at the headquarters of the regime thugs, they began insulting us as they tossed us out of the car. I felt as though I was in a dark and enclosed area, because the voices were echoing.

They picked us up from the floor and spoke to us as though we were prostitutes. One of them said, “We have to sleep with one of them every night.” I was petrified. I had been afraid from the moment they arrested me, but hearing these words was something else entirely. Another man who seemed older said, “Let’s undress all of them.” The others laughed at us. Another thug said, “They have to increase our quota. They are not enough girls for us.” The thugs continually humiliated us until one of them said, “We’ll come back for you tonight.” We were worn out, thirsty, and hungry.

I could hear the other girls weeping quietly. We didn’t know where we were, but it was cold and we didn’t even dare to move. The end of the night was approaching when we suddenly heard the frightful voices of the thugs. They picked us up from the floor one by one to take us to another room. They started with one girl. She began screaming and resisting as they lifted her. I could hear sounds of slaps, punches, kicks, while the girl was crying. We were filled with fear because we knew we would be next.

As it turned out, I next in line. I began to scream, “I won’t come!” But they dragged me out while insulting, slapping, and kicking me into another room. They untied my hands and asked me to remove my clothes. I was crying and I was terrified. I said, “I won’t take them off.” I pleaded with them and asked, “Don’t you have sisters?” One of them slapped me hard in the ear and said, “Don’t compare yourself to my sister, you whore!”

I was paralyzed with fear. He said, “Take off your clothes.” I was really scared. I removed my clothes. He said, “Why are you just standing there? Take the rest off too” (my undergarments). I pleaded, “These undergarments are all that are left of the honor of a girl. If I take these two items off too, I will be insulting your honor as well.” They started insulting me again and someone hit my bottom and screamed, “Hurry up, continue.” I said, “I won’t take anything else off. I know that you have enough honor and dignity that you too don’t want me to take off these last two items of clothing.” One of the thugs attacked me like an animal, he beat me and tore off my undergarments. Now I was completely naked.

I think there were four of them. They were eying me now that I was stark naked. One of them lifted me and put me on a desk, so that with utmost brazenness, they could all take a better look at me. He said, “Haji, this one’s mine tonight, okay?” I heard the one I believe was referred to as Haji reply, “We haven’t stripped the rest of them yet. Wait, you might end up with a better one!”  The first man replied, “I already checked them all out. This one’s the good one of the bunch.” The Haji said, “Okay then take her.” As he began to lift me and take me out of the room, the Haji asked “Wait, would you prefer to stay?”

I felt a sliver of hope and said, “Please Haji. Yes. I beg you. For the love of God, save me. I’ll do whatever you say.” He said, “Get her a chair so she can sit.” I sat on the chair. He said, “I want you to answer every question I’m about to ask you. I already know your name and I know where you work. I want you to tell me the names of your accomplices. I want you to tell me who you take your orders from. Are you one of Mousavi’s gangs or are you a Karroubi follower? Which one of your colleagues are anti-regime?” He asked me these questions and many more that I no longer recollect.

I said, “How am I to supposed to write the answers to so many questions when I’m blind folded?” He asked that they remove my blindfolds. I saw the Haji. He was approximately 50 years old and had a lightly colored thin beard. There were three teenage boys with him.  I’m guessing that they were around 17 or 18 years old. It dawned on me then, that it was these young men who had wanted to spend the night with me.

My head was aching. I kept thinking, what is the Islamic Republic promoting amongst the young Basijis? Sex? Casual intercourse? I was reminded of Imam Khomeini’s saying: “Basij is the school of love.”  Is Basij the school of love, or is it the school for love making? Or maybe it’s the school for learning how to have sex!

In the end, I wrote down everything the Haji asked me to and confessed to everything he wanted. Even if he had asked me to write that the the Hafte Tir Bombing bombing was my doing I would have done it, though the truth is that I was only nine years old when it happened. When I finally wrote down everything, he told me I could get dressed.

I was [taken] to another room (from the look of the walls, I felt as though I was in a mosque). When they opened the door to the room, I saw another girl there. They threw me in and I began talking to her when suddenly we heard the screams and pleas of the other girls outside who were being taken to see the Haji.

We slept in that same room. In the early hours of the following day, they handcuffed and blindfolded us and drove us to a destination about ten minutes away. When we arrived, we realized that we were at Evin prison.

I’m exhausted. I was just released from Evin. In my next email, I will tell you about my 80 day imprisonment at Evin prison.

Translation by: Negar Irani

چگونه در 22 بهمن دستگير شدم ؟ (صفانه دلدار) قسمت اول

تا قبل از سال نو از دوست خوبم صفانه دلدار هيچ خبري نداشتم ، براي امنيت بيشتر به گوشي اش زنگ هم نميزدم كه برايش مشكلي ايجاد نشود (چون همواره از طريق ايميل با هم تبادل طلاعات ميكنيم) ، اما در طول تعطيلات سال نو فرصتي داد تا به ايران بروم و علاوه بر ديدار اقوام ، از صفانه عزيز نيز اطلاعاتي كسب كنم ، اما كسي درمنزل نبود نتوانستم اطلاعاي بدست آورم و اين احتمال را دادم كه به مسافرت رفته باشد ، به هرجهت پس از تعطيلات از ايران خارج شدم و همچنان بيخبر از دوست خوب ، صفانه.

باري تا اينكه ديروز يك ايميل از دوست خوبم صفانه دريافت كردم كه عيننا در ادامه آمده است:

صفانه دلدار : روز 22 بهمن مثل دفعه هاي ققبل تصميم كرفتيم با دوستان بريم به راهپيمايي ، قرارمون ساعت 10 صبح ، ضلع جنوبي فلكه دوم آرياشهر بود. ساعت 10 كه رسيدم به قرار، ديدم كه آرياشهر بيشتر از اوني كه شبيه به فلكه شهري باشه شبيه پادگان نظامي هستش ، اما مردم همه واستاده بودن كنار خيابون و منتظر آقاي كروبي بودن ، كم كم دوستان يكي يكي ميومدن ، مردم كه زياد ميشدن ، شعار هم ميدادن ، شعار مرگ بر ديكتاتور و كروبي حمايتت ميكنيم و البته شعارهاي ديگه هم بود كه يادم نيست (هشتاد روز پيش بود) .

يك دفعه صداي تير شنيديم و پشت سرش بازم صداي تيرهاي ديگه و گاز اشك آورهاي پي در پي ، لباسهاي بعضي ها هم حسابي رنگي شده بود و ما از اين رنگها تعجب كرده بوديم ، توي تعجب بوديم كه نيروي هاي سركوبگر به ما حمله كردن ، و ما هم كه در حال فرار بوديم مي خورديم به هم و من تنم خورد به يكي كه لباسش رنگي شده بود و لباسهاي منم رنگي شد.

در حال فرار كه بوديم دقت كردم مزدوراي رژيم روي من زووم كردن و ميخوان منو بگيرن با تمام قدرتم فرار ميكردم اما ديدم كه ديگه راهي براي فرار نيست و منو محاصره كرده بودن ، و وقتي كه وايستادم يكي از مزدوراي رژيم از پشت محكم با يك چيزي كه فك كنم شلنگ بود زد به پشتم ، ضربه اينقدر محكم بود كه با صورت خوردم زمين ، تا اومدم بلند بشم ، يكي از مزدوراي رژيم كه پوتين پاش كرده بود يك پاشو گذاشت روي گردنم و فشار داد و گفت از جات تكون نخور .

يكي ديگه دستامو از پشت بست و من كه هنوز از اون ضربه هايي كه خورده بودم احساس درد ميكردم يك درد ديگه هم احساس كردم و اون پرت شدن با صورت به كف ماشين ون بود، كه پرده هاش آبي بودن ، توي ماشين ون انتظار داشتم كه پليس هاي خانم باشن اما دوتا مرد كه خيلي خيلي بي ادب بودن ما رو تحويل گرفتن و زشت ترين حرفها رو نثار ما كردن و چشمامونم بستن.

نميدونم چند نفر شديم كه ماشين حركت كرد روي زمين بودم و چشمامم بسته بود ، اما احساس كردم كه ماشين حركت كرد ، نميدونم چقدر حركت كردم و كجا رفتيم اما اينقدر ميدونم كه 15 دقيقه اي توي راه بوديم ، به محض رسيدن به مقر مزدوران رژيم ، باز هم زشت ترين حرفها رو به ما گفتن و از ماشين پرتمون كردن بيرون ، احساس ميكردم يه جاي بسته و تاريك بود ، چون صداها مي پيچيد ،

بلندمون كردن از روي زمين و حرفهاي زشتي كه به يك زن تن فروش ميشه گفت رو به ما گفتن ، يكي شون گفت هرشب بايد با يكي شون بخوابيم ، وحشت كردم ،از زمان دست گيري ‌خيلي ترسيده بودم اما با شنيدن اين حرفها وحشت كردم ، يكي ديگ شون كه فكر كنم سن بالايي هم داشت گفت همشونو لخت كنيم و بعد همشون بهمون مي خنديدن.

يكي ديگه گفت بايد بگيم سهميه مارو بيشتر كنن ،‌ اين تعداد دختر واسه ما كمه ، هرجور كه ميخواستن مارو تحقير ميكردن ، خيلي خسته بوديم و يواش يواش تشنگي و گشنگي هم داشت به ما فشار مي آورد. بعد بهمون گفتن ميريم و شب مياييم سراغتون.

نميدونم چند نفر بوديم اما صداي گريه آهسته دختراي ديگه رو ميشنيدم ، آخراي شب بود كه اومدن سراغمون هوا سرد بود و سرمون شده بود ، نميدونستيم ، كجا هستيم و جرات اينكه از جامونم بلند بشيم نداشتيم ، تا مزدوراي رژيم اومدن صداي وحشتناكشون ترس مارو دوچندان كرد. دونه دونه از روي زمين بلندمون ميكردن و ميبردن به يه اتاقي ، اول همه از يه دختري شروع كردن و بهش گفتن پاشو ، از جاش كه بلندش كردن ،‌جيغ و داد ميكرد و نميخواست كه بره صداي چك و مشت و لگد ميومد به همراه داد و فرياد و فحش به دختره كه هيچي نگه و باهاشون بره و ما هم ترسمون بيشتر شده بود چون ميدونستيم كه نفر بعدي يكي از ما ها هستيم .

اتفاقا نفر دوم من بودم ، كه جيغ كشيدم و داد زدم كه نميام و با چك و لگد و فحش منو كشون كشون بردن كه فكر ميكنم يه اتاق توي همون جا بود، دستامو باز كردن و گفتن لباساتو در بيار ، گفتم در نميارم گريه ميكردم ترسيده بودم التماس ميكردم گفتم مگه خودتون خواهر نداريد كه يه چك محكم زدن توي گوشم كه خودتو با خواهر ما يكي نكن ج ن د ه ،

از ترس تكون نخوردم ، گفت لباساتو در بيار خيلي ترسيده بودم لباسامو در آوردم ، گفت پس چرا واستادي بقيه شو هم در بيار(لباسهاي زير) ، گفتم اين ها آبرو و عصمت يك دخترو نشون ميده اگه اين دو تكه لباس رو هم در بيارم آبروي شما هم ميره ، دوباره بهم اون فحش زشت و دادن و از پشت يكي زد به باسنم و گفت يالا ادامه بده ،‌ گفتم از اين بيشتر ديگه در نميارم ميدونم شما هم اونقدر غيرت داريد كه نميخواين من اين دوتا تيكه لباسمو در بيارم ، يكي از مزدورا يك دفعه با وحشي گري تمامي به من حمله ور شد هم كتكم زد و هم لباسهاي زيرمو پاره كرد و حالا ديگه كامل لخت شده بودم .

فكر كنم چهار نفر بودن و داشتن منو كه حالا لخت مادرزاد شده بودم ورانداز ميكردن ، يكي شون منو بلند كرد و روي ميز گذاشت تا در كمال وقاحت بتونن منو بهتر ورانداز كنن ، يكي از مزدورا گفت حاجي امشب اين مال من بشه ؟ صدايي كه فكر كنم حاجي شون بود گفت هنوز كه بقيه رو لخت نكرديم صبر كن شايد بهترم گيرت بياد. اما مرد اولي گفت نه همه رو ورانداز كردم اين توشون خوبه بعد حاجي گفت پس ببرش ، تا اومد منو بغل كنه ببره حاجي گفت صبر كن ميخواي باهاش نري ؟

برق ايد توي دلم جوونه زد ، با خوشحالي گفتم آره حاجي دستم به دامنت تورو خدا منو نجات بده هرچي بگي گوش ميكنم ، گفت يه صندلي براش بزارين بشينه ، نشستم روي صندلي گفت هر سوالي ازت ميپرسم درست جواب بده ، اسم و فاميلتو ميدونم چيه ميدون مكجا كار ميكني ، ميخوام همدستاتو بگي ، بگي از كي دستور مييگري ؟ جزو دارو دسته موسوي هستي يا كروبي ؟ توي محل كارت چه كساني ضد رژيم هستن ؟ و خيلي سوال هاي ديگه كه يادم نمياد.

گفتم چه جوري بايد اين همه رو بنويسم ؟ من كه چشمام بسته هستن ؟ گفت نگران نباش چشم بندشو باز كنيد ، چشم بندمو باز كردن ، حاجي رو ديدم مردي حدودا 50 ساله ريش تسبتا جو گندمي كم پشت داشت ، 3 تا پسر جوون ، خيلي جوون فكر كنم 17 يا شايد 18 ساله بودن كه باهاش بودن تازه فهميدم كه اين پسرهاي جوون بودن كه ميخواستن شب رو با من سر كنن ،

بيشتر از اوني كه بترسم سردرد گرفته بودم ، حكومت اسلامي بين جووناي ما توي بسيج چي ترويج ميكنه ؟ سكس ؟ همخوابگي ؟ ياد گفته اما خميني افتادم كه گفته بود : بسيج مدرسه عشق است ، راستي بسيج مدرسه عشق هستش يا مدرسه عشق بازي ؟ يا شايدم مدرسه سكس بازي ؟

خلاصه هرچي حاجي گفت نوشتم به همه چيز هم اقرار كردم ، حتي اگه ميگفت بمبگذاري 7 تير هم كار تو هستش بنويس مينوشتم هرچند اون موقع 9 ساله بودم ، بعد كه همه چيز رو نوشتم گفت لباساتو بپوش لباسامو پوشيدم و بردنم توي يه اتاق ديگه (از فضاي در و ديوار احساس كردم كه شايد توي يه مسجد باشيم) ، در اتاق رو كه باز كردن ديدم يه دختر ديگه هم اونجا هستش. منو انداختن توي اون اتاق و در رو بستن ، با اون دختر هم صحبت شدم در حال صحبت بودم كه صداي جيغ و داد و فرياد دخترهاي ديگرو ميشنيديم كه داشتن ميبردنشون پيش حاجي ، تا ازشون اقرار بگيرن ،

دونه دونه دخترارو مياوردن توي اتاق ما ، اونجا بود كه فهميدم ما 6 نفر بوديم. و يا شايدم بيشتر كه 6 تامونو توي يه اتاق كرده بودن ، بعدش يه پارچ آب پلاستيكي كه معمولا توي مسجد ها موقع نظري دادن توي محرم سر سفره ها ميزارن رو دادن بهمون و دو تا هم نون سنگگ بهمون دادن.

شب رو همونجا خوابيديم و فردا صبح خيلي زوود اومدن دنبالمون چشمامونو بستن دستامونم از پشت بستن و سوار ماشينمون كردن بردن فكر كنم 10 دقيق اي بود كه توي راه بوديم و بعد رسيديم به جايي كه بعدا فهميدم زندان اوين هستش

خيلي خسته هستم تازه آزاد شدم و در ايميل بعدي از زندان اوين مينويسم تا بگم هشتاد روز زنداني شدن من چطور بود

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