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Sister and Mother of Shirin Alam Hooli Arrested then Released, Uncle and Grandfather Now Arrested

May 11, 2010

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executed political prisoner Shirin Alam Hooli. Rest in Peace Shirin aziz.


The sister and mother of executed political prisoner Shirin Alam Hooli were arrested by security forces this morning. According to a phone conversation Rawa News had with Maraeke Alam Hooli (a relative of Shirin Alam Hooli), they were released hours ago on bail.

Maraeke also told Rawa News that “Fariba, Shirin’s sister, who went to visit her mother, was arrested in Maku (a town in West Azerbaijan province), following an attack by security forces.” Maraeke stated that Shirin Alam Hooli’s house in Maku has been surrounded by security forces. She added, “Shirin’s brother and father are being persecuted in Tehran and their efforts to receive Shirin’s body has so far been unsuccessful.”

A source close to Shirin Alam Hooli’s family has confirmed the arrest and release of Shirin’s mother and sister and stated they were released on heavy bail. The source states the reason for their release to be the immediate and widespread news of the arrests. Since their release, the Alam Hooli family’s ties with the outside world has been banned. Their phone lines have been cut and no one is allowed to enter or leave their residence.

This afternoon, Shirin Alam Hooli’s uncle and grandfather were also arrested. There is no further information on the arrests.

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خانواده علم هولی که صبح امروز دستیگر شده بودند با قید وثیقه آزاد شدند

مادر و خواهر شیرین علم هولی که صبح امروز توسط نیروهای امنیتی دستیگر شده بودند ساعاتی پیش با قید وثیقه آزاد شدند.

ملائکه علم هولی از بستگان شیرین در تماسی تلفنی به روانیوز گفت: ” خواهر و مادر شیرین که صحب امروز در شهرستان ماکو در منزل شخصی مادر شیرین دستگیر شده بودند، حدود یک ساعت قبل با قید وثیقه آزاد شدند”

وی پیشتر در مورد بازداشت مادر و خواهر شیرین علم هولی به روانیوز گفته بود: “فریبا خواهر شیرین در حالی که برای دیدار با مادرش به شهرستان سفر کرده بود، صبح امروز به دنبال حمله نیروهای امنیتی شهرستان ماکو دستگیر شد”.

وی با بیان اینکه هم اکنون نیز منزل علم هلو در ماکو تحت محاصره نیروهای امنیتی قرار دارد افزود بود: “برادر و پدر شیرین نیز در تهران تحت تعقیب نیروهای امنیتی قرار گرفته اند و تلاش های ایشان هم برای تحویل جنازه فرزندشان تا این لحظه بی نتیجه مانده است”.

Source: Rawa News

امروز صبح مادر و خواهر ِ شیرین علم هولی را بازداشت کردند و در مقابل انعکاس فوری و سراسری خبر چند ساعت بعد با ضمانت سنگین آزادشان کردند. اما بعد از آزاد کردنشان ارتباطشان با خارج کامن قطع شده. تلفنشان را قطع کرده اند، کسی اجازهٔ وردو و خروج از منزلشان را نیز ندارد.

بعد از ظهر امروز نوبت عموی شیرین و پدر بزرگ شیرین بود که بازداشت شوند. خبری از این دو عزیز هنوز نیست

Source: Reza Hiwa
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    1. I translate this letter in Dutch, so everybody can read it..
      De zuster en moeder van politieke gevangene geëxecuteerd Shirin Alam Hooli werden gearresteerd door de veiligheidsdiensten van vanmorgen. Volgens een telefoongesprek had met Rawa Nieuws Maraeke Alam Hooli (een familielid van Shirin Alam Hooli), werden zij vrijgelaten uur geleden op borgtocht vrijgelaten.

      Maraeke ook verteld Rawa Nieuws dat “Fariba, Shirin’s zus, die ging naar haar moeder te bezoeken, werd gearresteerd in Maku (een stad in West-Azerbeidzjan provincie), na een aanval door de veiligheidsdiensten.” Maraeke verklaarde dat Shirin Alam Hooli’s huis in Maku heeft is omgeven door veiligheidstroepen. Zij voegde hieraan toe, “Shirin’s broer en vader worden vervolgd in Teheran en hun pogingen om het lichaam van Shirin ontvangen heeft tot dusver tot niets.”

    2. And in Spanish..

      La hermana y la madre del preso político ejecutado Shirin Alam Hooli fueron detenidos por las fuerzas de seguridad esta mañana. Según una conversación telefónica con Noticias Rawa había Maraeke Alam Hooli (un pariente de Shirin Alam Hooli), fueron puestos en libertad bajo fianza hace horas.

      Maraeke también le dijo a Rawa News que “Fariba, hermana Shirin, quien fue a visitar a su madre, fue detenido en Maku (una ciudad en el oeste de la provincia de Azerbaiyán), tras un ataque de las fuerzas de seguridad”. Maraeke declaró que la casa de Shirin Alam Hooli en Maku ha sido rodeado por fuerzas de seguridad. Ella agregó, “Shirin hermano y padre son perseguidos en Teherán y sus esfuerzos para recibir el cuerpo de Shirin ha tenido éxito hasta ahora.”

    3. This is to tell to the world that the Iranian regime is the most wishes political system, worst than any other that you may imagine. I have been doing a lot of research to find any evidence to convince myself that Shirin, this angle had ever done anything wrong. I found all were allegations made by these Muslim regime. According to Islam lying and killing are among great sins. All these nonsense are in theory, they do the worst things in their prisons from rape to the worst tortures you can ever imagine. their policy is to intimidate and frighten people. they think if people are afraid of them they can rule more. thats why they kill inocent people in public. however, on this ocasion they did not tell the people before excecuting these 5 people because they dont want to attract international attentions, they made false allegation mainly related to terror and actions that look like criminal in te eyes of the world, then they anonced that they have excecuted them so that people inside think about the consequences of any protests or call for their right. they are dirtier than what one may think. so I prefer to do not talk to much about this animals because it may not be pleasant for the readers and I also feel sick to think to them. somethimes I ask myself if there is a God why it allows the world be contaminated by such a creatures? then I remember the the answer, it has a lot of details, I dont want to take your time.

      Wish you the best



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