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Ali Saremi’s Son Speaks Out against Father’s Execution Order

May 19, 2010

Photo: Political prisoner Ali Saremi

Akbar Saremi, the son of political prisoner Ali Saremi, has spoken out against the execution order for his father.

Akbar Saremi:

My name is Akbar Saremi. I am the son of political prisoner Ali Saremi. My father has been sentenced to death on charges of meeting me at Ashraf, the Mujahedin camp in Iraq.

There is no justification for this other than the fact that the regime has been unsuccessful in putting down the uprising in Iran. The regime has been forced to execute political prisoners. These prisoners are at their hands and they are shackled, unable to do anything. They only execute them to scare people from participating in uprisings.

My father came to see me at Camp Ashraf a few years ago. Upon his return to Iran, I called him to make sure he arrived safely. It was after that phone call that the regime found out that he had come to see me at Camp Ashraf. They attacked our house and arrested my father. They broke all our belongings. Then they sentenced my father to death.

A few days ago my father was taken back to the court. He was not in good physical condition; he had just gone through an operation a few days before. Only two days after his operation they took him to court in chains and shackles, in an attempt to humiliate him. My father objected to this action in the courtroom. He also denied all charges.

This regime does not even have a due process of law. There is no meaning to the words judge, lawyer, and trials. They didn’t even let my father’s lawyer enter the courtroom. There was no due process even for the five people who were recently executed.

From one side we see how the regime is putting pressure on the families of Mujahedin members. I am hereby requesting international organizations to take action in this regard. The executions need to be prevented. Pressures on political prisoners must be condemned.

For a while now Ministry of Intelligence thugs have come in front of Camp Ashraf. They insult the residents of Ashraf. They spew curse words only worthy of themselves and the Supreme Leader to to Ashraf residents.

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    1. i want to say something about this killing but i can’t find the right words ’cause i am also feeling the pain, so much pain and asking why?


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