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Section 257 of Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery Closed for June

May 23, 2010

A family member of an Iranian citizen who died during the post-election uprisings informed Iran News Agency that the Iranian government intends to block section 257 of Behesht-e Zahra cemetery for the month of June. This section is where martyrs are buried.

According to the family member of another Green Movement martyr, the government prevented them from having any gatherings in remembrance of their lost ones. The family member noted that most likely section 257 has been blocked because the regime is aware of the popularity of the martyrs and because it knows that gatherings in this section may lead to protests.

[Editor’s note: The anniversary of the Green Movement takes place in the month of June]

حكومت سركوبگر قصد دارد قطعه 257 ( قطعه شهداي راه آزادي ميهن ) را ببندد

يكي از خانواده هاي شهداي راه آزادي ميهن به خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبـــر گفت : ”حكومت سركوبگر قصد دارد كه در ايام خرداد ماه قطعه 257 بهشت زهرا, كه محل دفن شهداميباشد را ببندد” . يكي ديگر از خانواده هاي شهدا در اين رابطه گفت : ”به ما گفته اند كه حق گرفتن هيچ برنامه اي براي عزيزان شهيد خود را نداريم .
آنها ميدانند كه شهدا درقلب تك تك مردم جادارند ويادشان آتش اعتراضات را شعله ورتر ميكند براي همين مي خواهند اين قطعه راببندند” .

Source: Iran News Agency | Referenced by: Freedom Messenger
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    1. We will remember the slain protesters, their frozen bodies dumped in the middle of the night by an evil barbaric regime.

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