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My Son Wasn’t Even 15 Years Old: An interview with the father of Mohammad Reza Haddadi

July 05, 2010

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On Sunday July 4, 2010, The father of Mohammad Reza Haddadi spoke to Voice of America on the news of the imminent execution of his son. Read the details of Mohammad Reza’s imminent execution date as reported by the Committee of Human Rights Reporters.


Father: Today they delivered a notice to the home that stated “the Qesas [death sentence] of your son will be carried out on Wednesday [July 7, 2010]. You can go visit your son for the last time on Tuesday.”

VOA: Who sent you the notice?

Father: The Court of Shapoor district.

VOA: What actions have you taken?

Father: I have no options. The Judiciary should stop the execution. There were four [individuals involved in the crime]. They were all around 25-30 years old. My son wasn’t even 15 years old. They deceived him and told him to take responsibility [for the murder] and, in return, they will pay [his family] approximately $60,000-70,000 USD. He foolishly took responsibility for the crime. The judge just wrote whatever he wanted and did not take into consideration and record what my kid told him. The Supreme Court and [the head of] Judiciary upheld the sentence based on what the judge said. I tried a few times to obtain the consent [of the family of the victim], but they would call Police-110 (the unit specialized in rapid-response*), and they would take me [to the station] and hold me until midnight each time.

VOA: Why did the 110 unit come and take you?

Father: Because they would call them [110] and claim that I was harassing and disturbing them.

VOA: You mean, the family of the victim was doing this because you were trying to obtain their consent [to halt the execution]?

Father: Yes.

VOA: Was there ever a blood money amount set or requested?**

Father: No. There was no talk of blood money. This is unjust. There were four of them and he was under 15 years old. He was three months away from his fifteenth birthday. They told him if he takes responsibility then he wouldn’t be punished harshly because of his age, and they would help him. That is why he confessed.

VOA: Mr. Haddadi, does [Mohammad Reza] have a lawyer to follow up on his case?

Father: Yes. Mr. Mostafaei and Ms. Tahmasebi were his lawyers. However, when they sentenced him he only had a court-appointed lawyer who didn’t take any action.

VOA: Were you able to see Mohammad Reza recently?

Father: No. Every time I wanted to visit him, they would tell me there is no visitation, and I had to return home.

VOA: Where is he held right now?

Father: He is held in Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz (in southwestern Iran). My request is, [since] this is an unjust Qesas, to have mercy on him and forgive him. The judicial officials have to take the others involved too. [Mohammad Reza’s] mother has had heart attacks and is ill. His sister, upon hearing the news of the imminent execution of his brother [back in fall of 2009], set herself on fire. She is disabled as a result of her action. His other brother is also disabled and at home. I have no strength left [to face his death]. My hope is in you and in God.

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**In Sharia Law,the family of the victim of murder (and in some cases of manslaughter) has the right to seek Qesas (an eye for an eye, or death in case of murder) or demand Dieh (Blood Money), in return for sparing the life of the assailant.

*Editor’s Note: It is important to note that the July 7th date of execution was announced to Mohammad Reza’s family, but prison officials and the court never actually confirmed this date. According to the most recent statement from defense lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, no date has been announced for the execution. According to the regulations of retribution (Qesas), lawyers are to be given 48 hours notice prior to the execution. Mostafaei claims that he has not received 48 hours prior notice. The only date confirmed is Mohammad Reza Haddadi’s final meeting date called for Tuesday July 6, 2010.

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    1. Something has to be done immediately!!! Children execution has to be stopped forever. Allah cannot approve this crime, all children are his angels and his creation they have no evil. PLEASE…PLEASE…STOP CHILDREN KILLINGS!!!


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