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26 Year Old Woman Raped and Murdered by Basij Members for “Bad Hijab”

July 11, 2010

The funeral for Elnaz Babazadeh. Photo courtesy of Freedom Messenger

According to sources, this was the last picture Elnaz Babazadeh uploaded as her Facebook profile picture.

According to HRANA, Elnaz Babazadeh, a 26 year old woman was raped and murdered by Basij forces in the city of Tabriz (northwestern Iran) last week. According to the reports, Basij forces stopped Babazadeh in her car for not following the Iranian regime’s dress code. Elnaz resisted and ignored orders given by the Basij forces.

Then the Basij forces who had initially stopped her jumped into her car and threatened her with a gun. Two other Basij members joined in and all together they beat and raped her. They murdered Babazadeh and dumped her body close to Emamiyeh cemetery.

After local investigation was conducted by HRANA members in Tabriz, it was confirmed at Babazadeh’s funeral that the person who killed her was the son of a high-ranking Revolutionary Guards member.

The intentions of the savage Basij members was to put a stop to the “improper” way women in society dressed. Basij members believe this is their duty to God.

Elnaz Babazadeh’s family filed a complaint against the murder of their daughter to regime officials, but the IRGC is attempting to take over the case.

Translation: Freedom Messenger

Editor’s Note | The news on Elnaz Babazadeh was confirmed to HRANA reporters by the Babazadeh family. HRANA has confirmed to Persian2English that the news is completely true. The pictures of Elnaz Babazadeh were n0t confirmed or denied by HRANA.

ACT NOW | Stoning, Rape and Execution of Women is Bad Gender Policy; It is Time to Remove the Islamic Republic from the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Elnaz Babazadeh's funeral in Tabriz. Photo courtesy of Freedom Messenger

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RIP Elnaz Babazadeh

هرانا؛ قتل یک دختر جوان در تبریز پس از تجاوز نیروهای بسیج به وی

يكشنبه 20 تیر 1389 ساعت 09:57 |

خبرگزاری هرانا – هفته ی گذشته یک دختر جوان به نام الناز بابارده، توسط نیروهای بسیج پس از تجاوز به قتل رسید.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، یکی از نیروهای بسیج به بهانه ی بد حجابی، با سد کردن راه خودرو الناز ب. در منطقه ولیعصر تبریز دستور توقف و به اصطلاح “اصلاح حجاب” وی را می دهد که با مقاوت این دختر جوان مواجه می شود.

فرد مذکور پس از مشاهده ی چنین وضعی، با کشیدن سلاح و تهدید وارد خودروی خانم الناز ب. می شود و بلافاصله پس از آن دوتن دیگر از نیروهای لباس شخصی نیز وارد خودرو می شوند.

این سه تن پس از ضرب و شتم وحشيانه و تعرض و تجاوز جنسی به اين دختر جوان 26 ساله وی را با شلیک گلوله به قتل می رسانند و جسد را در اطراف گورستان اماميه تبريز رها مي كنند.

پس از تحقیقات محلی گزارشگر خبرگزاری حقوق بشر ایران، نهایتا در ختم الناز ب. مشخص می شود که فرزند يكي از سرداران پاسدار ایشان را به قتل رسانده و انگيزه ی خود از قتل و تجاوز را مبارزه با بد حجابي و انجام فرمان خدا اعلام كرده است!

خانم الناز ب. ساكن كوي وليعصر تبريز بوده است. خانواده ایشان از مسببان حادثه شکایت کرده اند اما منابع مطلع در گفتگو با هرانا مدعی شده اند كه سپاه تبريز در تلاش است تا در پرونده ی این جنایت اعمال نفوذ كند.

لازم به ذکر است اخیرا نیروهای امنیتی به بهانه ی برخورد با بدحجابی و اجرای طرح حجاب و عفاف، آزادی زنان در کشور را محدود تر از قبل کرده اند و فضایی مملو از رعب و وحشت برای ایشان ساخته اند.

Source: HRANA
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    1. Right. Rape and murder is okay, just don’t screw up your hijab. This is bullshit. Let’s hope Iran never becomes a nuclear power.

    2. Common thugs masquerading as law enforcement.

    3. since when is law enforcement anything but common thugs??

    4. anyway, i feel sorry for the citizens forced to live in a fascist nightmare…what a terrible life

    5. “Basij members believe this is their duty to God.”

      What kind of god could possibly be pleased about this behavior? When people try to say that the Jewish/Christian God and allah are the same, they are very mistaken.

    6. These degenerates make me embarassed to be a human being.

    7. Iran was given the UN Commission for Women’s Rights, 1st it wants to stone a mother for alleged adultery and now this, there’s something new every day from Iran, in fact something evil each day wherever Islam goes and is allowed to practice the example their prophet showed them, as written in the Hadiths (words/actions of Mohamet) and Qur’an – after all he is the mouthpiece of their god and the perfect example to follow……just as the Qur’an says.

      I think most women on the other end of sharia proper would disagree.

    8. I am appalled at the treatment of women which is being reported here. Iran needs to accept that Islam does not under any circumstances condone violence towards anyone, especially women. Women were championed by Islam back in the time Islam was established. But lets be intelligent about the whole issue, just because Basij members claim to represent god, Allah, does not mean that they do. After all there are many deluded people out there, especially in the middle east. Sometimes a whole country is deluded by what is written in their “book”.

    9. @ Jen06 – ‘When people try to say that the Jewish/Christian God and allah are the same, they are very mistaken.’ I would like to point out that it is not this comparison that is flawed but their understanding of Islam, full stop.

    10. Just like Arabs, the hyper-masculine Iranian Muslim terrorists begin their terror in the home and family. Arabs and Iranians can’t win wars with gentile countries, but they sure can kick the s**t out of their own womenfolk! Bravo, you manly heroes, you’ll get kudos from the Israeli-hating anti-Semitic feminazis here in the USA!

    11. Same old story through out history. This time it was a Muslim, but please every religion has some form of power extrapolation and rationalization from religion. Of course you are doing good for God by killing someone,

    12. killing each other once took place 200 yrs ago in north borneo, but what is happenning in the islamic world these days shows that more muslims are still uncivilized…

    13. What a bunch of dorks.

    14. I thank God everyday I wasn’ t born in Iran.

    15. i cant believe their god, that says it is ok to rape and murder someone, and it is not ok for a young woman to color her hair and have a little makeup. she was a beautiful girl, and i am 100% sure those basij loved and enjoyed raping her and then in turn they act like they did a favor by raping a pretty woman. i hate islam, all muslims are disgusting animals that do not know that its 21st century and not 700 years ago.

    16. Rest in peace.

    17. Leave your comments at ,place that we are keeping the names of our heros alive…thanks….from Iran

    18. “i cant believe their god, that says it is ok to rape and murder someone, and it is not ok for a young woman to color her hair and have a little makeup. she was a beautiful girl, and i am 100% sure those basij loved and enjoyed raping her and then in turn they act like they did a favor by raping a pretty woman. i hate islam, all muslims are disgusting animals that do not know that its 21st century and not 700 years ago.

      I always feel it’s a shame when someone, out of ignorance more than anything, misuses that wonderful organ, their brain. Nowhere in Islamic scripture is the rape and murder of a woman tolerated. Nicole, do me a favour. Do a little bit of light reading before spewing the very hate you claim to despise.

    19. this is may b how islam started with lie for the benefit of a indivdual. women are jst for bullying purposes, if the sme woman was that guys mother wud he also do the SAME?????

    20. “I thank God everyday I wasn’ t born in Iran.”

      What God? The same God that allows this hell on earth? The same god that keeps these demons alive? What planet is this?

    21. I’m looking forward to the day that the clerical regime in Iran is tossed out. What gives the people who are raping(possibly virgins) then executing Iranian women who were arrested, especially for a incorrectly worn hihab, the right to do this? I think it’s so dumb that the authorities think the women that they arrest, rape and murder, won’t go to their(the victim) paradise. The people who rape and murder women in jail/prison in Iran , especially with the approval of the clerical regime, are the ones guilty of crimes(the clerics are guilty, too, for either implicit, or explicit approval of allowing the rapes to continue), and deserve also to be hanged. Raping then killing the women should be a high crime.

    22. If it’s true that I heard correctly that Mohammad was a pedophile, how can these Muslims talk so highly of him??

    23. Islamic fundamentalism is an incomplete religion of half-truths, which in particular, does not include one very basic and vital teaching: the doctrine of the law of karma. This spirtual law can not be evaded, and followers of islam seem to be completely ignorant of it – to their peril! It operates in the following manner – anything that a person does, says or thinks will rebound upon them without fail, whether they are Christian or Muslim. It’s a spiritual law which follows all of us to the grave. If you practice kindness and tollerance and giving, you will receive this in a multiplied form. If you practice the very reverse of these, as islamic fundamentalists do repeatedly as a matter of course, and in the name of God (thus adding blasphemy to their actions), they will get it all back in a multiplied form. Attacking and raping a women because of ‘bad birka’ is just typical of the ignorant and quite evil behaviour of the islamic zealots. They don’t know it yet, but they will all definitely pay for these crimes against humanity. The other deception that they fall prey to is to actually believe that God endorses their appalling actions. Clearly the ‘God of islam’ is an entity entirely of their own creation and has nothing to do with the great creator of the universe that we know in the West as God. The God of Islam is a hollow sham, which Ayatollas use for their own evil oppresive poltical ends, indoctrinating the young and innocent to perpetrate more and more crimes, whcih will all have to be paid for by perpetrators and Ayatollas alike. For even the cowardly Ayatollas, who would never dream of dirtying their own hands, will be held accountable for the crimes they have commissioned in the name of God.

    24. Even my seven year old son thinks that it is wrong to stone a women. It does fit in with my son’s moral compass. Clearly the God of islam lacks even the basic understanding of right and wrong that my little boy possesses.

    25. I broke my leg once when I was a child ,I didn’t want to spend my summer in a cast so I denied I was in pain and tried to walk on it ..what started out as a greenstick fracture ended up as a very bad break and I ended up in pain and plaster for a long time ..Like my leg, Islam is broken may once have served its people well at a time when the rest of the world was going though its dark ages ..but not anymore and the longer muslims around the world keep saying that its a religion of peace when clearly it is not and stop putting their collective heads in the sand chanting ..Islam is peaceful ,Islam is peaceful,thinking that is all we will hear the longer it will take to change into something valid and useful to those that still want it in the 21 century ..the conservatives may want to keep Islam where it was in the middle ages ..but its time to grow up and admit it needs to move into the future or it will be in pain for a very long time …

    26. Well, this is how you reinforce the whole “if you don’t cover yourself up, you might get raped”, and then “I told you so!”. It’s the way the Mafia ran, “you better pay protection money, or you might get burgled”, next day whaddaya know? You get burgled. It’s a fraud, a scam, a way for sexually repressed men to use women and name drop Allah whilst doing it. He says this is a command from god, now how is this moron going to know if it’s the devil telling him to commit such evil acts?

      Another life wasted, for what? A piece of cloth?


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