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Complementary Report | Rape and murder in Tabriz under the pretext of fighting improper hijab

July 11, 2010

Elnaz Babazadeh's funeral. Photo courtesy of Freedom Messenger.

According to HRANA, three members of the Basij militia misused their ID cards in the city of Tabriz to abduct, beat, assault, rape, and kill a young woman with a gun. They dumped her body in the outskirts of the city. The news has stirred a lot of emotional reactions from the public.

Based on information obtained by HRANA reporters, after Elnaz Babazadeh went missing, her family reported the disappearance to all official Iranian government agencies. After a week-long search, her body was delivered to the family by the coroner’s office while the coroner, after examining the body, confirmed assault, battery, rape,and murder by shooting. The police announced that the body was discovered near Emamieh Cemetery in Tabriz.

Elnaz Babazadeh's funeral. Photo courtesy of Freedom Messenger.

After the family filed a complaint against the murder of their daughter [demanding to press charges], the police arrested three citizens from Tabriz who are active members of the Basij [militia]. The main suspect and defendant confessed to all the above-mentioned charges in the police station. The defendant stated he entered the vehicle of the young woman in Tabriz’s Valiasr neighbourhood under the pretext of “*ordering to what is known to be virtuous”, and to give a notice to the young woman for “bad hijab”, in the context of the hijab and chastity program undertaken by the police and the Basij forces. The defendant then used his firearm to threaten the woman. The police forced her to drive to the outskirts of the city. That is where they raped her.  Then, she died from three gun shots to the chest.

It is reported that the main suspect of the case is currently held by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) due to the sensitivity of the issues involved.

*It is an Islamic obligation that requires everyone to invite people to do the right thing. It is used by the Taliban, the government of Saudi Arabia, and the Iranian Islamic regime to justify interference with various aspects of the lives of citizens; for example, the way they dress, their involvement in intimate relationships, and private gatherings they hold.

Translation: Siavosh Jalili |

Editor’s Note | The news on Elnaz Babazadeh was confirmed to HRANA reporters by the Babazadeh family. HRANA has confirmed to Persian2English that the news is completely true. The pictures of Elnaz Babazadeh were not confirmed or denied by HRANA.

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هرانا؛ گزارش تکمیلی / تجاوز و قتل در تبریز به بهانه مبارزه با بدحجابی

RIP Elnaz Babazadeh

يكشنبه 20 تیر 1389 ساعت 17:59 |

خبرگزاری هرانا – سه عضو نهاد شبه نظامی بسیج با سوء استفاده از مدارک شناسایی خود، دختر جوانی را در شهر تبریز ربوده و پس از ضرب و شتم و تعرض و تجاوز به وسیله سلاح گرم او را به قتل رسانده و جسد وی را در بیرون شهر رها کرده اند. این موضوع باعث حساسیت افکار عمومی و تالم شدید مردم منطقه شده است.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، پس ازمفقود شدن دختر جوانی در شهر تبریز با نام الناز – ب. 26 ساله، خانواده او مراتب مفقود شدن وی را به تمامی نهادهای مربوطه اطلاع دادند و پس از یک هفته تجسس جسد وی در پزشکی قانونی در حالی که پزشکی قانونی پس از آزمایشات از تعرض، ضرب و شتم، تجاوز و قتل به وسیله شلیک سلاح گرم را تایید می کرد به خانواده تحویل داده شد. نیروهای انتظامی محل کشف جسد را اطراف گورستان امامیه تبریز اعلام نمودند.

با اعلام شکایت خانواده نیروهای انتظامی سه شهروند تبریزی عضو فعال بسیج را بازداشت نمودند که متهم ردیف اول در اداره آگاهی به تمام موارد فوق اعتراف نمود. وی اذعان نمود که با عنوان امر به معروف و تذکر بابت بدحجابی که در قالب طرح “حجاب و عفاف” از سوی بسیج و نیروی انتظامی تعریف می شود وارد خودروی این دختر جوان در منطقه ولیعصر تبریز می شود و سپس با تهدید وی با سلاح گرم و سوار نمودن دو تن دیگر از دوستان خود وی را به خارج شهر کشانده و مورد سوء استفاده قرار می دهند. و پس از این اقدام با شلیک سه گلوله به ناحیه سینه نامبرده را از پای در می آورند.

در حال حاضر گفته می شود متهم اصلی این پرونده به دلیل حساسیت موضوع، در اختیار سپاه پاسداران است.

عضویت وی در نیروی شبه نظامی بسیج، حمل سلاح گرم، حضور نیروهای رده بالای سپاه در خانواده وی و همینطور استفاده از کارت شناسایی و عنوان طرح مبارزه با بدحجابی به حساسیت های این موضوع در افکار عمومی افزوده است.

Source: HRANA
  • Balatarin
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    1. I want to say reading this really broke my heart. First to find out another stoning will occur to another woman in the name of ‘justice’, and then to hear that this beautiful soul has left us, a fighter, Elnaz, a goddess who left this earth in the most brutal way… I send your soul love, and light, to not be scared,that I, this woman on the other side of the world, loves you. I send you love. Rest peacefully my friend, rest peacefully.

    2. I had no idea about this. Out of the blue early this morning I had a dream where I was a girl having a gun pointed to my chest because “I was not a good moslem”. For the first time, in this dream I experiences the terror that someone is going to take my life and this is it. It was just a horrible, horrible feeling. When I woke up I was wondering why I had this dream, and since there was no logical explanation, I thought maybe this just happened to someone. In less than 30 min after waking up, I checked my email and my aunt had sent me this news. Wow… I get goosebumps even talking about it.
      I really feel for her and I can feel what she must have been through in her last minutes.

    3. the reason they well keep this kind of things up is because they hate woman..or afraid of us..these wimpy men are sick,,,sick of hearing that these things because god wants it done is alot of bull,,if there god is that evil get rid of him,,

    4. Thank you.
      This just shows how hatred of women is so universal.
      Death to the Dictator!!!

    5. Those who carry out judicial raping of women who are scheduled to be executed should be executed themselves for carrying out this extreme sin of the flesh, no matter if it was ordered by the Iranian courts. If a woman(or any person for that matter) believes in God, and has confessed their sins to Him, and turn their back on their old way of life, they should go to heaven. How can a woman who is a believer of God not go to heaven after being raped? It is the sin of the rapist, not the victim!! Raping a woman just because you say her hijab is not properly worn??? That is pathetically barbaric, and must be stopped! Those who order judicial raping of women, and those who carry out those orders must be executed themselves, so they can’t have the 72 virgins in their paradise!!!


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