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RFERL: Iran To Review Woman’s Stoning Execution

July 12, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's layer Mohammad Mostafaei

The lawyer for an Iranian widow sentenced to be stoned to death for an adultery conviction has expressed cautious optimism after authorities on July 9 said they will review the decision.

The case against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two, has drawn international condemnation.

Mohammad Mostafaei, a lawyer representing Ashtiani, says he is optimistic the review would bring an end to his client’s suffering after years of living “with the nightmare of death by stoning.”

State news agency IRNA on July 11 also quoted Malek Ajdar Sharifi, head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan province, as saying that the [stoning] verdict “has been halted due to humanitarian reservations.”

Human rights activists and other officials, however, have warned that she could still be executed by other means. Amnesty International says three people sentenced to death by stoning in Iran last year were instead hanged.

compiled from agency reports

Source: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

رييس قوه قضاييه، حکم اعدام سکينه محمدی را فعلا متوقف کرد

رئيس دادگستری آذربايجان شرقی گفت: حکم اعدام سکينه محمدی آشتيانی به دليل ملاحظات انسانی و دستور رياست قضايی متوقف شده است و فعلا اجرا نخواهد شد.

مالک اژدر شريفی روزيکشنبه به خبرگزاری دولتی « ايرنا» گفت: هر زمان، رياست دستگاه قضايی مصلحت بداند‌، ‌حکم اعدام سکينه محمدی آشتيانی قابل اجرا خواهد بود.

او به حکم سنگسار صادر شده توسط دستگاه قضايی برای خانم محمدی آشتيانی اشاره نکرد. اين مقام قضايی همچنين عنوان کرد که جرايم سکينه محمدی آشتيانی متعدد و بسيار سنگين است.

در چند روز گذشته، اتحاديه اروپا، ايالات متحده و تعدادی از سازمان های فعال حقوق بشر همچون سازمان عفو بين الملل و همچنين چهره های هنری و سياسی در ايران و جهان خواستار توقف حکم سنگسار خانم محمدی آشتيانی شده بودند.

Source: Radio Farda
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    1. I cant believe that these horrible archaic practice of murdering woman. I watch a movie called “The Stoning if Sharia M,,how can people call themselves law bidding, God loving and merciful people….They are devils and only feed there own ego’s. God help them when the Lord returns!!!!!!

    2. These Islamic people are so quick to blame their inhuman, vicious and terrible acts on God! If they really know God, they would know him as a loving God would is against murder and cruelty. It makes me so mad to hear people blaming God for all their evil and vicious acts of cruelty. I wonder and I wonder always what makes some people in this world so full of anger and hate – especially to women. Have they forgotten that if it was not for a woman they wouldn’t even be in this world – women give birth, and bring all humans into this world. It’s also mean to stone a woman after she gives birth and leave the poor helpless infant from birth without it’s mother. How cruel is that? It’s even adding insult to injury. What a world! What a terrible terrible world we live in.

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