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Breaking News: Mohammad Mostafaei’s Family Arrested, No News on Mostafaei

July 25, 2010

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Brother-in-law and father-in-law of Mohammad Mostafaei released from Evin prison. Wife remains detained.

Mohammad Mostafaei in Turkey

Radio Farda: Iranian Authorities Pressure Prominent Lawyer By Holding Family Members ‘Hostage’

Family of Mohammad Mostafaei Taken Hostage in Return for His Arrest

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The Committee of Human Rights Reporters announced on their website that Fereshteh Halimi, Mohammad Mostafaei’s wife, along with her brother Farhad Halimi, were detained on July 24th at 11:00pm near Mostafaei’s office.

Mostafaei was summoned to Evin prison’s Court Branch on July 21st.  On the morning of July 24th, he visited the Intelligence Prosecutor’s office inside Evin prison and attended an interrogation session that lasted four hours. According to RAHANA, later in the afternoon, security forces went to Mostafaei’s office with an arrest warrant, but he was not there. There is no news on his whereabouts.

In the past few days, Mostafaei was summoned to the Court Branch located at Evin prison on two different occasions.

According to HRANA, Mohammad Mostafaei explains the reasons for the summons on his website. He was questioned about the nature of his assistance to child offenders currently on death row. Additionally, he was questioned about a bank account he used to hold blood money to give to the family of victims.

Over the last several years Mostafaei has taken on the cases of forty individuals awaiting execution who were under the age of eighteen at the time of their alleged crimes. He was able to save the lives of eighteen individuals from hanging: Reza Alinejad, Mostafa Naghdi, Mehdi Pouran, Amir Behvanfar, Mohammad Shanbezadeh, Mahabad Fatehi, Ahmad Bahari, Iman Hashemi, Amir, Khaleghi, Hossein Taranj, Mohammad Latif, Saeed Jozi, Iman Shirvani, Ebrahim Masibi, Ahmad Mortazavian, Reza Padashi, Hossein Haghi, and Ali Mahin Torabi.

Editor’s note: Mostafaei is also the lawyer for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

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بازداشت اعضای خانواده محمد مصطفایی و بی‌خبری از وی

کليد واژه ها : جامعه

کمیته گزارشگران حقوق بشر – فرشته حلیمی، همسر محمد مصطفایی و برادرش فرهاد حلیمی، شب گذشته در حدود ساعت ۱۱ شب، بازداشت شده‌اند و از محمد مصطفایی نیز هیچ اطلاع دقیقی در دست نیست.

به گزارش منابع آگاه، روز گذشته، شنبه دوم مردادماه، محمد مصطفایی برای اخذ پاره‌ای توضیحات به دادسرای مستقر در زندان اوین مراجعه کرد و مدت چهار ساعت مورد بازجویی قرار گرفت.

پس از آن، عصر دیروز، نهادهای امنیتی با مراجعه به دفتر مصطفایی، درحالی که حکم جلب وی را به‌همراه داشتند،‌ برای بازداشتش اقدام کردند اما به دلیل عدم حضور این وکیل دادگستری در محل، موفق به بازداشتش نشدند.

در نهایت، شب گذشته در حدود ساعت ۱۱، فرشته حلیمی و برادرش فرهاد حلیمی، در حوالی دفتر کار محمد مصطفایی بازداشت شده‌اند و تا این لحظه هیچ اطلاعی از محل نگهداری آنان در دست نیست.

در چند روز گذشته، محمد مصطفایی، دوبار به صورت تلفنی به دادسرای مستقر در زندان اوین احضار شده بود.

کمیته گزارشگران حقوق بشر

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    1. We condemn the cruelty act of Iranian regime. Free the political prisoners.

    2. Lasciate libera la famiglia di Sskineh Ashtiani Mohammadi!
      Viva i diritti civili!!!

    3. Sed compasibos soy mexicano y catholico pero con gran interes en el iIslam que se son mas compasibos


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