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Five Year Old Girl in Italy Writes Message of Support for Majid Tavakoli

July 27, 2010

On July 18, 2010,  at the annual Giffoni Experience, a popular film and cultural festival in Giffoni Valle Piana (a city in the south of Italy), Amnesty International was present to draw attention to human rights abuses taking place around the world. There was a booth set up as well that gave the chance for people to write letters to political prisoners.

Martina, a five year old Italian girl, wrote a message of support for student political prisoner Majid Tavakoli.  Amnesty International plans to send the note to the Tavakoli family.

The following is the Italian, Persian, and English version of the message by Martina:

Thanks to Linda Momenzade for the translations

Dear friend,

You were right to speak your opinion, I guess.

Keep strong and don’t be afraid.

I’m a child from Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy. My name is Martina.

I am sending you a kiss. Bye.

دوست عزیز:

توی کار درستی‌ کردی که نظرت رو گفتی،فکر می‌کنم.

قوی باش همچنان و نترس.

من یک بچه از گیففنی ولی پینا یه ایتالیا هستم،و نامم مارتینا هست.

بوس و خداحافظ

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