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Mohammad Mostafaei in Turkey + A Letter to His Wife and Daughter on their Birthdays

August 04, 2010


Fereshteh Halimi, Mohammad Mostafaei’S wife, was released from prison on August 7, 2010. Following the announcement, Mostafaei wrote the following message on his Facebook wall:

“I never thought I, too, would be forced out of my dear Iran. Perhaps if Fereshteh had not been arrested, and my summoning had followed the lawful procedure, I would have been in Iran, even if that meant I would be in prison right now. My wife was released today (August 7th), and I congratulate her who was taken hostage because of me. I called my wife today, but we had no words for each other but tears.”

Bamdad Khabar reports on August 6, 2010 that Farhad Halimi and his father were released from Evin prison. Fereshteh Halimi remains detained.

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August 4, 2010

A spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced on Wednesday that Mohammad Mostafaei, who refused to turn himself in to Iran’s judicial system, is in Turkey and has the option to seek asylum. Mostafaei was detained by Turkish authorities and taken to an unknown location when problems were detected with his passport. Turkey Radikal newspaper who reported the news did not provide any additional information on the passport problems. Citizens of Iran do not require a Visa to enter Turkey.

Metin Corabatir, a UNHCR spokesperson in Turkey, announced, “We are monitoring developments concerning the case…The channels are open for him to apply for asylum.”

The Associated Press

A European diplomat in Ankara said Turkish authorities had contacted several Western embassies to see if they were willing to offer the lawyer asylum. The diplomat asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the case.

Turkey’s Interior Ministry, in charge of police and asylum cases, declined to comment.

Amnesty International last month accused Iran of harassing Mostafaei and said his wife and her brother had been detained. The lawyer maintained a blog that helped generate a wave of international outrage over death by stoning. Britain and the United States called for the practice to be scraped.

Iran said last month it would not carry out the stoning against Mostafaei’s client, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, for the time being, but the mother of two could still face execution by hanging for adultery and other offenses.

First interview with Mohammad Mostafaei since he left Iran

Mohammad Mostafaei Writes a Letter to His Wife and Daughter: Happy Birthday

On August 1, 2010, the day of his daughter’s birthday, Mohammad Mostafaei wrote a letter to his wife Fereshteh Halimi and their daughter Parmida. Fereshteh Halimi’s birthday is on August 4, 2010.

Persian published by the Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners

Letter by MOHAMMAD MOSTAFAEI | August 1, 2010


Dear Fereshteh and my darling Parmida,

Happy Birthday to both of you.

Seven years ago today (August 1st), my dear Parmida was born to a sweet mother who is now imprisoned while committing no crime. Parmida is very lonely today, because her mom and dad are not there to wish her a happy birthday. We had planned a birthday party for her and all her friends were invited. We wanted to tell her how much we love her. But what happened instead? Her mother was unjustly and illegally arrested and taken hostage. And worse yet, her uncle and grandfather were arrested as well. My Parmida is so lonely today. What has she done to deserve the sorrow of missing both her parents? She has not seen her mother now for one week; a mother who has focused her time and energy on the care of her child. Today Parmida cannot hear her mother call out her name or  her father wish her a happy birthday.

Is the justice from a country that claims to be a pillar of Islam the separation of a family? Does justice mean to take a mother away from her child and illegally send her to prison? I wonder, if the same happened to you, would you find it acceptable?  I wish you would at least consider her release for a day so she would be able to wish her only child a happy birthday. It has been one week and Fereshteh has only been allowed to speak with her mother once. She did not provide any information on her condition or her surroundings. Is this what you call humanity? Who would accept this kind of treatment for a mother?

Get over yourselves and call forth your conscience. Do not let the curse of a mother follow you.  Do not torment a young child by keeping her away from her mother. Please do not let my little girl suffer like this, [living] in the void left by the absence of her mother and father. You are depriving Parmida of her mother’s nurture that she needs and depends on.  Please allow this mother to take her child in her arms. I swear, in the seven years of Parmida’s life, her mother has never taken her eyes off of her once. She has dedicated herself entirely to her child’s best possible upbringing. She has never for a moment neglected or hesitated from loving her child, but today, you are depriving this child from that love, by keeping her innocent mother in jail. I swear to God, unjustly separating a mother from her child to trap another person is an unforgivable sin. If you are not afraid of justice in this world, be very afraid of Judgment Day! Free Parmida’s mother now!

I have said it before and will say it again: she is innocent. I emphasize that Fereshteh Halimi and her brother have no information on my whereabouts. It is only too clear that they are taken as hostages.

My darling Parmida,

Every time I look at the beautiful drawing that you made for me, I cry. I cannot wait to see you. I want to see you soon and take you to the playground in the park. Happy birthday and I wish you all the best. I promise that you will have every opportunity in this world and the brightest future.  I send you and your dear mom kisses. May God be with you both.  Your mom’s birthday is in three days (August 4th). I wish her a happy birthday as well. Your mother has tolerated my absence for the last ten years so that I could help the innocent, the needy, and all those unjustly sentenced to death by execution, hanging, or stoning. I ask you to tolerate our absence today.

My dearest Fereshteh and Parmida, I wish you a happy birthday and I kiss you both.

– Mohammad Mostafaei

نامه محمد مصطفایی به دخترو همسرش

کمیته دانشجویی دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی: محمدمصطفایی وکیل پایه یک دادگستری که به خاطر دفاع از موکلانش تحت تعقیب قرار گرفت و همچون همکار شجاعش محمد اولیایی فرد سرنوشت زندان در انتطار وی نیز بود، در روز تولد دخترش، پارمیدا نامه برای او و مادرش که زادروز وی نیز نزدیک است و هم اکنون به عنوان گروگان در زندان نگهداری می شود،نوشته است.

متن این نامه به شرح زیر است.

فرشته عزیز و پارمیدای نازنین

تولدتان مبارک

هفت سال پیش در این روز، دهم مرداد ماه، پارمیدای عزیزم، از مادری مهربان که حال به خاطر گناهی ناکرده در زندان است به دنیا آمد. پارمیدا امروز تنهای تنهاست. نه مادری پیشش است و نه پدری که جشن تولدش را تبریک بگوید. قرار بود امروز برای پارمیدای عزیزم جشن تولد بگیریم. دوستانش را دعوت کنیم و بگوییم پارمیدای عزیزم، دوستت دارم و تولدت مبارک. اما چه شد؟ مادرش به ناحق و بدون مجوز قانونی بازداشت و به گروگان گرفته شده است. و بدتر از آن دایی و پدربزرگش هم بازداشت هستند. پارمیدا امروز تنهای تنها شده است. این طفل معصوم چه گناهی کرده که امروز می بایست دوری مادر و پدرش را به غصه بنشیند و ماتم دوری مان را بخورد. پارمیدا یک هفته است که مادرش را ندیده است. مادری که تمام وقت و زمانش را صرف فرزندش کرده تا او را به خوبی تربیت کند. از کلاسهای موسیقی تا ورزش و کلاسهای آمزوش زبان انگلیسی دریغ نورزیده است. امروز پارمیدا نه مادری دارد که صدایش را بشنود و نه پدری که جشن تولدش را تبریک گوید.

آیا این رسم مردانگی است که مرجع قضایی یک کشوری که مدیعی مسلمانی است، اینگونه خانواده ای را متلاشی کند؟ مادری را از فرزند معصومش بگیرد و به ناحق روانه زندان کند؟ آیا خود می پذیرید که فرزنداتان از مادرش اینگونه جدا باشد؟ ای کاش لااقل امروز اجازه می دادید تا مادر فرزندم تولد تنها فرزندش را تبریک بگوید. یک هفته گذشته است و فرشته تنها یک بار توانسته با مادر خود صحبت کند. او هیچ اطلاعی از اینکه در چه وضعیتی است از خود نداده است. آیا این رسم انسانیت است؟ چه کسی می پذیرد که اینگونه با مادری رفتار شود؟

مقداری به خود آیید و وجدان خود را بیدار کنید. بیش از این نگذراید آه مادری پشت سرتان باشد و کودکی زجر دوری مادرش را بکشد. نگذارید دخترم اینگونه ماتم زده از دوری مادر و پدرش اندوهگین و روز به روز نحیف تر شود. پارمیدا امروز نیاز به محبت مادرش دارد و از مادر دور است. او را رها کنید تا فرزندش را به آغوش گیرد. به خدا قسم در طول هفت سال به دنیا آمدن پارمیدا، مادرش هرگز چشم از او برنداشته و تا توانسته در آموزش و تربیت او کوشیده است. هرگز او را رها نکرده و محبتش را دریغ نورزیده است اما امروز شما این محبت را از پارمیدا دریغ کرده و مادرش را بی گناه در حبس نگه داشته اید. به خدا دور نمودن مادری به ناحق و برای به دام انداختن دیگری گناهی است نابخشودنی. اگر از روز حیات نمی ترسید، از قیامت بترسید و مادر پارمیدا را آزاد کنید.

گفته ام و باز می گویم که او بی گناه است و مصرم که فرشته حلیمی و برادرش هیچ اطلاعی از من در روز دوم مرداد ماه نداشته اند و مانند روز روشن است که آنان به گروگان گرفته شده اند.

پارمیدای عزیزم

هر وقت نقاشی زیبایی را که برایم کشیده ای می بینم اشک می ریزم. و انتظار دیدارت را می کشم. دلم می خواهد تو را ببینم و با هم به پارک برویم و بازی کنیم. تولدت را تبریک می گویم و برایت بهترینها را آرزو می کنم. مطمئن باش تمام درهای دنیا به روی تو باز است و تو آینده ای روشن خواهی داشت. تو و مادر مهربانت را می بوسم، هر دوی شما را به خدای بزرگ و مهربان می سپارم. سه روز دیگر تولد مادر مهربانت است.

به او نیز تبریک می گویم. مادرت ده سال مرا به خاطر دوری از خانواده برای کمک به مظلومین و نیازمندان و آنانی که به ناحق به مجازات اعدام و قصاص و سنگسار محکوم شده بودند تحمل کرده است. تو هم دوری مادر و من را تحمل کن.

فرشته عزیز و پارمیدای نازنینم

تولدتان را تبریک می گویم و می بوسمتان

کمیته دانشجویی دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی:

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    1. My hope and wish for Mr. Mohamad Mostafaei, his wife and their daughter Parmida, is that they be reunited in a free country which welcomes them with open arms for their sheer courage and humanity.

      May God bless you all three and find a country where you will be at peace, Please UN do not let them down,

      Sylvie M Sevigny


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