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TAKE ACTION | Global Campaign in Support of Shiva Nazar Ahari: “We Are All Shiva”

August 27, 2010


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GLOBAL CAMPAIGN | Shiva Nazar Ahari, a 26-year-old Iranian citizen and human rights defender is illegally detained in one of the world’s most notorious prisons for defending the rights of others. Her trial is set for September 4, 2010. She is charged with conspiracy, collusion and most worryingly the charge of Moharebeh (waging war against God), an offence with the maximum penalty of death.

Since 2004 she has been sent to Tehran’s Evin prison on three separate occasions and spent long periods of her detention in solitary confinement. Her last arrest was on December 20, 2009 and Shiva has lived in a state of limbo for most of her long detention because until June 2010 the Judiciary failed to provide any answers or specifics on her charges

A group of activists and human rights defenders have united to launch a global campaign that focuses on shedding light on the illegal detention of Shiva Nazar Ahari.

The main message of the Campaign is simple: Release Shiva from prison immediately and unconditionally.

The Campaign utilizes various communication methods to take Shiva’s story on an international level. Thousands of supporters have already sent letters to the United Nations, Iranian embassies, and the media to urge all organizations to take action for Shiva Nazar Ahari.

As a next step supporters around the world are urged to participate in the campaign from their home or office by submitting a video message or picture of support. Also, world renowned human rights and non-partisan organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders have taken a firm stance against Shiva’s imprisonment and demanded her immediate release.

The Campaign views any charges against Shiva’s humanitarian activities as false. Shiva is a freedom-loving person whose activism work has always consisted of defending the rights of forgotten or abused Iranian citizens.

On September 2 and 3, 2010 human rights supporters will gather outside Islamic Republic Embassies and wear Shiva Nazar Ahari face masks to demonstrate their solidarity with her.

Global Day of Support for Shiva Nazar Ahari


1. Submit a Video Message of Support for Shiva:

Submit a video message (10-30 seconds) to show your support for imprisoned human rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari.

grab your camcorder or web cam and record your message. Hold or display a picture of Shiva to make the message more powerful. Your message can include the phrases “Free Shiva Nazar Ahari” and “We Are All Shiva” or you can come up with an original message. Submit your video to the official email address for the Campaign to Free Shiva Nazar Ahari:

2. SEND E-LETTERS in support of Iranian journalist & activist Shiva Nazar Ahari

3. Sign the Petition: Release Shiva Nazar Ahari!

4. WRITE LETTERS to international organizations and media outlets to demand or request the immediate release of Shiva Nazar Ahari.

5. Organize or join a demonstration near you on 2 or 3 September wearing a face mask of Shiva. Take a photograph and send the photo to:

READ MORE | “We Are All Shiva”

By Roya Kashefi, head of Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI)

‘Vibrant’, ‘compassionate’, ‘selfless’, ‘dedicated’, ‘courageous’, ‘extraordinary human being’ are all words used to describe Shiva. Shiva Nazar Ahari was born after the Islamic Revolution. She was brought up in a system that identified her and the women in my country as second class citizens. An oil rich country where millions sleep hungry every night and thousands of children are forced into labour every year.

Only a teenager and still at school she started teaching these children to read and write, spoke out about the injustices of inequality and got arrested for having two white candles in her bag at a vigil for the victims of September 11. Shiva came out of prison and set about defending the rights of political prisoners. Demanding justice with the families of political prisoners outside the UN building in Tehran she was arrested again.

Not deterred, she helped found the Student Committee of Human Rights Reporters while at university. She became a “Star Student” – not a reflection of her academic achievements but a mark of prohibition. Star Students are banned from further education. Shiva started paying the cost of fighting for equality and human rights in Iran.

Shiva is still paying the price. Her home was raided by agents of Ministry of Intelligence in the early hours of 14 June 2009, just over twenty four hours after the tenth presidential elections in Iran. Shiva wasn’t home. A few hours later Shiva was arrested from her place of work. No one knew where she was taken. Her mother, her father both seriously ill started looking for her. Shiva was detained in solitary confinement at Evin Prison. She remained there until half a million dollars was demanded as bail. Impossible! Finally, Shiva was conditionally released in September – her family putting up the equivalent of two hundred thousand dollars.

Shiva being Shiva, as soon as she was out started a campaign in support of Atefeh Nabavi, a young woman she had come to know while in prison. Atefeh had been ill treated and raped following her arrest. Within weeks Shiva was behind bars again. Today, she is at Evin prison waiting for her trial on 4 September. She is charged on three counts: propaganda against the regime, collusion to commit a crime and Moharebeh (enmity against God).

People who know her by reputation, families whose lives she has touched and all who know her are outraged by these fabricated charges. Shiva’s only crime is that of caring and of not remaining silent in the face of injustice. Any one who has had any association with her will bear witness to her extraordinary resolve and her selfless love for others.

There is growing concern over the irrational, unpredictable and illegal behaviour of the prosecutors and judges in passing sentences where there is complete disregard for Iran’s national laws and international commitments and obligations. The charge of Moharebeh carries a long prison term and even the maximum penalty of death. Her colleagues at the renamed Committee of Human Rights Reporters along with many human rights defenders have set up an international campaign in her support.

I am asking you for your support. Her family has been intimidated into silence – Be their voice.

THINK OF SHIVA this brave and intelligent 27 year old woman as your sister, as your daughter and speak up for her. International support is crucial in Shiva’s defence and we need your help.

کارزار بین المللی برای رهایی شیوا نظر آهاری

“شیوا را فورا و بدون قید و شرط آزاد کنید”

شیوا نظر آهاری، شهروند 26 ساله ایرانی و مدافع حقوق بشر در حال حاضر به طور غیر قانونی در یکی از بدنام ترین زندانهای جهان به خاطر دفاع از حقوق دیگران زندانی می باشد. تاریخ محاکمه او روز 13 شهریور 89 تعیین گشته است. اتهامات اواجتماع و تبانی جهت ارتکاب جرم و نگران کننده تر از همه محاربه است. حداکثر مجازات تعیین شده برای محاربه در قوانین ایران اعدام می باشد.

شیوا از سال 1383 در سه نوبت مختلف دستگیر و به زندان اوین منتقل شده و مدتهای طولانی از دوران بازداشت خود را در سلولهای انفرادی سپری کرده است. آخرین بار در 29 آذر 1388 دستگیر شد و از آن زمان تا کنون در بلا تکلیفی به سر می برد چرا که تا تیر ماه امسال، قوه قضاییه از دادن جزییات اتهامات او سر باز می زد.

گروهی از فعالین و مدافعین حقوق بشر گرد هم آمدند تا به راه اندازی یک کارزار بین المللی برای جلب توجه افکار عمومی به بازداشت و اسارت غیر قانونی شیوا نظر آهاری اقدام کنند. پیام اصلی این کارزار ساده و سرراست است: شیوا را فورا و بدون قید و شرط از زندان آزاد کنید.

این کارزار روشهای ارتباطی گوناگونی را برای انتشار داستان و پرونده شیوا در سطح بین المللی به کار می برد. هزاران نفر از حامیان نامه های بسیاری را تا کنون به سازمان ملل، سفارتخانه های ایران و رسانه ها فرستاده اند و از همه سازمان های متبوع درخواست کرده اند که برای رهایی شیوا اقدامات مقتضی را اتخاذ کنند.

در مرحله بعدی از حامیان در سرتاسر جهان درخواست شده که در یک کارزاری شرکت کنند که طی آن از خانه یا دفتر کار خود عکس یا ویدئویی در حمایت از شیوا ارسال کنند. همچنین، سازمانهای حقوق بشری و غیر سیاسی مانند عفو بین الملل، دیده بان حقوق بشر، و خبرنگاران بدون مرز مواضع محکمی علیه زندانی شدن شیوا گرفته اند و خواستار آزادی فوری او شده اند.

این کارزار هرگونه اتهامی علیه شیوا نظر آهاری ار نادرست می پندارد. شیوا فردی است دوستدار و عاشق آزادی که فعالیتهایش همیشه در جهت دفاع از حقوق آن دسته از شهروندان ایرانی بوده است که فراموش شده اند و یا حقوقشان مورد تعرض قرار گرفته است. در روزهای 11 و 12 شهریور 1389 طرفداران او در برابر سفارتخانه های جمهوری اسلامی گرد آمده و ماسکهای مزین به عکس شیوا را بر صورت خود زده تا همدردی خویش با او حمایت خود از او را به نمایش بگذارند

شهرهای تایید شده: لندن، پاریس، برلین، واشنگتن،، تورنتو

مکان، ساعت و روز تجمعات در سایت کمپین برای شیوا به روز خواهد شد

برای شیوا یک پیغام ویدئویی بفرستید

به منظور نشان دادن حمایت خود از شیوا نطر آهاری، فعال حقوق بشر زندانی، یک پیغام ویدئویی 10 تا 30 ثانیه ای ارسال کنید.

این کار بسیار ساده است: دوربین فیلمبرداری یا وبکم (دوربین کامپیوتر) خود را روشن کنید؛ یک عکس شیوا را دست بگیرید تا پیغامتان اثر گذار ترباشد.

پیغامتان می تواند شامل جمله “شیوا نظر آهاری را آزاد کنید” و “ما همه شیوا هستیم” یا هر گزاره دیگری که خود در نظردارید باشد.

ویدئوهای خود را به نشانی ایمیل کارزار برای رهایی شیوا نظر آهاری ارسال کنید:

بی صبرانه منتظر دریافت ویدئوهای شما هستیم تا آنها را منتشر و پخش کنیم.

ما همه شیواییم!

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