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Human Rights Violations Report | Part 1: Week of September 20, 2010

September 23, 2010

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Mokhtar Houshmand Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

Kurdish activist, Mokhtar Houshmand, was sentenced to 16 years in prison, convicted of espionage, anti-regime propaganda and collaborating with anti-regime groups. Authorities told his family not to contact the media or disclose news of his arrest. Mokhtar is a cultural activist, painter, head of Marivan Visual Arts Society and secretary of the Annual Drawing Exhibition of Western Iran.

مختار هوشمند، فعال کرد به ۱۶ سال زندان محکوم شد

Abolfazl Abedini Transferred to Evin Prison

Abolfazl Abedini-Nasr, journalist and human rights activist, was transferred to Evin Prison from Ahvaz Karoun Prison. This past week, two Karoun Prison authorities had severely beaten Abedini-Nasr because he was wearing a green wristband. He was also beaten by security forces previously when he was arrested on March 3rd.

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انتقال ابوالفضل عابدینی به زندان اوین

Mehdi Mahmoudian’s Five Year Prison Sentence Upheld in Appeals Court

A five year sentence was upheld in Appeals court for Mehdi Mahmoudian, an Iran Participation Front member. He had an important role in revealing murders that took place in Kahrizak prison, publishing the names of 70 post-election martyrs, and filming the mass graves of the Green Movemnet martyrs in section 302 of Beheshte Zahra cemetery.

تایید حکم پنج سال زندان مهدی محمودیان توسط دادگاه تجدیدنظر

Ehsan Abdeh-Tabrizi Still in Prison Limbo after 8 Months of Detention

Ehsan Abdeh Tabrizi, an Iranian student who resides in England, has been held in prison limbo in Ward 350 of Evin for the past eight months. Durham University sent a letter to the Supreme Leader requesting a fair and immediate processing of his case in order to continue his education.

وضعیت بلاتکلیف احسان عبده تبریزی در هشتمین ماه بازداشت

Zahra Bahrami under Pressure to Make False Confessions

Iranian-Dutch citizen Zahra Bahrami is under pressure by the interrogators to make false confessions of “sale and possession of drugs.” She is 45 years old and has 2 children. Zahra traveled to Iran to visit them. She was detained during Ashura protests and has been in Ward 209 of Evin since her arrest.

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زهرا بهرامی تحت فشار برای اعتراف به اتهامات واهی

Journalist Hamid Mafi Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Journalist, blogger and civil rights activist Hamid Mafi has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by the Ghazvin Revolutionary Court. Mafi was arrested on February 9th at his work in the Island of Gheshm. He was released on a $100,000 bail after 13 days.

حمید مافی به پنج سال حبس تعزیری محکوم شد


Weekly Report by Roya Irani for Persian2English

*This report is being compiled each week in honor of all the university students, mothers, fathers, and human rights activists in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

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