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Human Rights Violations Report | Part 1: Week of Oct 4, 2010

October 07, 2010

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Note: If there is no link in the English title, it has been translated into English by Roya Irani for P2E.

Reza Sharifi Bukani Held in Rajai Shahr Prison Was Transferred to Ward 4

Reza Sharifi Bukani, a political prisoner who was held in Ward 2 of Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, has now been transferred to Ward 4. According to HRANA, Bukani had been arrested earlier this year by intelligence agents in Tehran and was put under intense physical and psychological torture in solitary confinement  and was transferred yesterday from Ward 2 to Ward 4. 

انتقال رضا شریفی بوکانی به بند4 زندان رجایی شهر

Prosecutor’s Office : Majid Dori’s Prison Leave Request Letter ‘Lost Again’

Deprived student Majid Dori has been imprisoned for the past 15 months without prison leave and authorities have failed to respond to his request despite constant follow-ups from his lawyers and family. Dori and his family previously submitted 2 letters to request prison leave and then the Prosecutor’s office said once again that his letter has been lost. This is the 3rd time Dorri has requested for prison leave.

پاسخ دادستانی :نامه مرخصی مجید دری باز هم گم شده است

Death Row Prisoner Committed Suicide One Night before his Execution

Death row prisoner Bahram K. committed suicide before his execution in the Oroumiyeh Prison. Bahram had been transferred to the Quarantine Ward for his execution sentence and had committed suicide last night. He had been imprisoned for 5 years and was sentenced to death for possession and transport of drugs. Executions on drug related charges are the most common among crimes for being sentenced to death for individuals in Iran.

خودکشی یک زندانی محکوم به اعدام یک شب قبل از اجرای حکم

Singer Aria Aramnejad Heroic Defense in Court, Reveals Severe Physical and Psychological Torture Endured

Aria Aramnejad stood up to the judiciary in court and revealed various types of human rights violations of physical and psychological tortures he endured in prison. During this time, he received death threats, was in solitary confinement for 2 months, he was forced to walk barefoot on blood of AIDS patients, they removed his clothes, and more. 

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English Translation of Aria’s letter in Court

اظهارات آریا آرام‌نژاد درباره شکنجه‌های شدید روحی و جسمی در زندان متی‌کلا

Five Students Sentenced to 2 Years Suspension of Education

Five students of Yazdan Panah University in Sanandaj, were charged for attending a ceremony on May 9th [for the 5 activists executed] and each were suspended for 2 years from the university.

هرانا؛ محکومیت 5 دانشجوی کرد به دو سال حبس تعلیقی

Azad Kamangar Has Been Transferred to Sanandaj Prison

Azad Kamangar, student at Yazdan Panah University and nephew of executed teacher Farzad Kamangar, has been transferred on Tuesday from the Sanandaj Intelligence Center to the Sanandaj Central Prison.

هرانا؛ انتقال آزاد کمانگر به قرنطینه زندان مرکزی سنندج

University Student Javad Alikhani Transferred to Evin Prison

Javad Alikhani, student activist at Chamran University in Ahvaz, had been sentenced to 3 years in prison and was in Karoon prison in Ahvaz and has now been transfered to Evin prison.

انتقال جواد عليخانی دانشجوی زندانی دانشگاه چمران اهواز به زندان اوين

Political Activist Amir Sheibani Was Arrested

JARAS reports that on Thursday Sept 30, 2010, political activist Amir Sheibani was arrested for unknown reasons. His physical and mental condition in detention are also unknown.

دستگیری امیر شیبانی از فعالان مشهد

Weekly Report by Roya Irani for Persian2English

*This report is being compiled each week in honor of all the university students, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, and minorities in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

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