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November 29, 2010

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Peyman Karimi-Azad Transferred to Solitary After Being Beaten by Prison Physician

In the past a few months, Karmi-Azad has been in critical condition to the extent that he was transferred to the prison clinic and Taleghani Hospital several times. According to Jaras,  on the night of November 26th, he was transferred to the solitary confinement unit in ward 240 as punishment by angered personnel at the clinic. Peyman has to refer to the clinic constantly due to his low blood pressure and need for 108 unit insulin injections. Since he did not receive the necessary medical attention, he had objected to the inappropriate behavior of the clinic personnel. Consequently, a number of clinic personnel beat him while he was in critical condition and transferred him to solitary confinement after filing a complaint against him. There are great concerns surrounding his condition since he has threatened to go on hunger strike and stop taking his medication following his transfer to solitary confinement.

انتقال پیمان کریمی آزاد به سلول انفرادی پس از ضرب و شتم توسط پزشک زندان

Ali Qolizadeh Held in Solitary Confinement for Two Weeks without Interrogation

During a phone conversation with Ali  Qolizadeh from ward 209 of Evin prison, he stated that he has been held in solitary confinement for the past two weeks without being interrogated. According to Daneshjoo News, Qolizadeh stated that a $50 thousand [USD] bail has been set for him and that his detention is unlawful. He further mentioned that he has not been interrogated. He also said that he has been transferred to the prison clinic once due to his poor physical condition but did not disclose any further details. During his first telephone contact, he had also said that he was suffering from physical problems while in Mashhad which were induced by “stress”. There are concerns surrounding the condition of Qolizadeh and three other members of Tahkim Vahdat (Office for Consolidating Unity): Alireza Kian, Mohsen Barzegar, and Mohammad Heidarzadeh. The authorities refuse to allow these students to visit their families.

علی قلی زاده، دو هفته در انفرادی ۲۰۹ بدون بازجویی

Hamed Rouhinejad Neglected in Prison and Banned From Prison Leave

In the past few months, Hamed Rouhinejad’s physical condition has been described as critical and his father reported that the authorities have been neglecting his medical condition. In an interview with RAHANA, Mohammad Reza Rouhinejad stated that the Zanjan prison authorities [continue] to fail to provide him with the necessary medical attention and he has only been allowed to receive several injections. Rouhinejad’s father who was able to visit his son in Zanjan prison after two months stated, “We discovered that [Hamed’s] amnesty or prison leave depends on the order of the Tehran Prosecutor [Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi].” He further stated, “I have written to Mr. Ejei and Mr. Dolatabadi, requesting that they improve Hamed’s condition.” He was hoping that the request would be granted in the coming days. It is important to note that the authorities have constantly neglected Hamed who is in critical condition and suffers from multiple sclerosis. It is apparent that the neglect is due to orders from the Intelligence and security forces. Hamed Rouhinejad is a philosophy student who has been imprisoned since May 2009 for ‘membership in an anti-regime group’ and has been banned from even a day of prison leave.

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تداوم بی‌ توجهی‌ و عدم صدور مرخصی برای حامد روحی‌ نژاد

Two Baha’i Citizens Detained in Ramsar

Two Baha’i citizens were arrested on November 22, 2010 in a religious ceremony after security forces raided the place. According to RAHANA, Majid Agha Safari and Seraj Kian were arrested by security forces while participating in a religious ceremony. Majid Agha Safari first contacted his family on Thursday.

بازداشت دو شهروند بهایی در رامسر

Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad Arrested Along With Her Husband

Following the raids on the houses of the some of the younger members of the Participation Front, several people have been detained and a number of individuals have been summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office in Evin prison. According to the Tahavoleh Sabz website, security forces raided the house of Dr. Kianoush-Rad and the house of his son-in-law and arrested his daughter and her husband Behrouz Shahrokhnia after searching the houses and confiscating some of their personal belongings. The wife of Dr. Kianoush-Rad was transferred to the hospital after the raid due to a heart attack and respiratory problems. Previously, Dr. Kianoush-Rad, the former head of the Islamic Iran Participation Front in the Province of Khuzestan and a professor at the Khuzestan Chamran University was detained along with his wife and daughter and families of political prisoners during the Komeil Prayers Ceremony. His wife and daughter were released after a day but he was held in detention for months.

دستگیری ساجده کیانوش راد و همسرش

Seven Civil Rights Activists in Marivan Arrested

Several civil rights, political, cultural and literary activists have been arrested by the security forces in recent months and are still held in prison limbo. According to Kurdish news sources, on Thursday November 25th, four individuals were arrested in a village located in Marivan by the IRGC security forces and transferred to Marivan. Ebrahim Soleimani, Borhan Razkhadiv, Hamid Maryami and Omid Nouri are the names of the four individuals. There is no information on their condition or whereabouts. Mokhtar Houshmand, Behzad Kurdestani, Aziz Nasseri, Bahman Fatahzadeh, Borhan Derakhshani, Bariar Kaveh, Borhan Khosravi, Amir Kaveh, Mosleh Badakhsh, Mokhtar Afra, Mahmoud Moradani, Keyvan Nikpey, Jamal Parvazeh, farzad Badakhsh, Ghanea Kaveh, Zana Kasraei, Hiva Minavi, Majid Bakhtiari, Hajir Ebrahimi, Loghman Moradi and Zanyar Moradi are several other Marivan residents that have been arrested in recent months and who face heavy sentences.

هفت فعال مدنی در مریوان بازداشت شدند

Student Activist Siavash Hatam Arrested

Siavash Hatami is a student activist and the former secretary of the Muslim Students Association at the Hamedan Bou Ali Sina University who was arrested following last year’s post-election protests and later released on bail. According to Daneshjoo News, he was transferred to Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran by the Bou Ali Sina University officials upon the request of the security forces. According to sources close to him, he was arrested by authorities of the Ministry of Intelligence while he was in the middle of writing  an exam at Shahid Beheshti University. The authorities then took him to his house, searched it, and then confiscated his computer and personal belongings. He has been transferred to an undisclosed location and authorities from the Ministry of Intelligence told his family that “asking several questions” is the reason for his arrest. It is important to note that in the past several weeks, Ali  Qolizadeh, Alireza Kiani, Mohsen Barzegar and Mohamamd Heidarzadeh, four members of Tahkim Vahdat (Office for Consolidating Unity) have [also] been arrested. It is speculated that they have been detained since Student Day [December 7th] is approaching and the arrests have been made in order to scare the students.

سیاوش حاتم بازداشت شد

Abdollah Momeni Stands By His Statements of Torture

Detained Iranian activist, Abdollah Momeni issued another letter announcing that his statements regarding torture in Iranian prisons are completely true despite recent denials by the spokesman for the  Judiciary. According to RAHANA, Abdollah Momeni writes that he has read Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei’s statements [issued on] November 22, 2010 in the newspapers  and felt it incumbent upon himself to clear public opinion. On November 22, Iran’s prosecutor general and spokesman for the judiciary was questioned about Abdollah Momeni’s letter addressed to the Supreme Leader regarding “physical torture, pushing the heads of prisoners in toilets, insulting prisoners with obscenities and telling prisoners that the judge and the court has no role in their fate.” Iran’s Prosecutor denied the statements saying there is no need for such acts in Iran’s prisons. Momeni writes, “All my statements in the last open letter regarding the various physical and mental tortures carried out in prison were described without an iota of exaggeration and were completely true.”

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عبدالله مومنی: قرار بود رهبری پاسخ دهد

Another Student Activist Expelled from University

Siamak Amin, who is a member of the Students for Freedom and Equality and is an economics major at Orumiyeh University, was expelled from university after being summoned to the Disciplinary Committee. The Special Issues Commission expelled him from university. The student activist was summoned to the Disciplinary Committee on October 27th and was charged with ‘distributing statements bythe Students for Freedom and Equality, publishing university news on his website called Freedom and Equality Newsletter and causing sedition on Student’s Day 2009.” He was asked to work on his defense. On November 15th, his university expulsion sentence was issued without any further explanation.

صدور حکم اخراج برای سیامک امین دانشجوی آزادی خواه و برابری طلب


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This report is being compiled from human rights websites each week in honor of all the university students, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, and minorities in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

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