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Future of the Green Movement- Sept. 6, '09

September 09, 2009

Date: Sunday September 6, 2009
Source: Peaceful Iran (Blog)

Future of the Green Movement

Mousavi is only a member of the movement. Let’s make an idol out of him, neither be unfair on him.
There are a lot of words regarding the positioning of the reformists. For instance, they do not question the principles of the sytem and do not want to overthrow the regime.
Today, the most important work is to give an objective to the movement and talking in general terms doesnt resolve our problems.
For instance what do we want and what we do not want and how we want to get to our objective.
We should accept the fact that in all this, still a lot of people want to reform the regime without overthrowing it and at the same time many think that the level of corruption is so high that any reform within the present structure would be impossible and believe that efforts for the realization of the people’s will would be a void approach towards giving legitimacy to the leadership of the government of Tehran.

There is a deep distance between the two currents from this point of view and perhaps filling this gap would never be such an easy task.

Nevertheless the seriousness and persistence of the positions taken by the reformists is a new phenomena that has been very rare in the past period and basically differs from the “pulling back strategy” the reformists which was exclusively used as a tactic.

It is still too early to predict the future of the green movement, but the only way to unite the two currents mentioned above, is focusing on common grounds and maintaining the present solidarity.

Mousavi due to his view inside the system can not represent all freedom seekers in Iran since many want a change in the regime and are seeking a secular, non-religious state.

However his prime role in solidifying the recent protests which with no doubt hit the Islamic Republic system in the strongest way in the past 30 years, cannot be ignored. A strike that has made todays intimidations of the ayatollah sound like the hallucinations of a mortal patient.

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