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Iranians Erupt in Chants Against Dictatorship

December 07, 2010

Students protest at the University of Tehran on December 6th, on the eve of National Student Day

On December 6th, throughout the day and into the night, Iranians in Tehran erupted in chants against the Islamic Republic dictatorship regime and the injustice it practices on its citizens.

Students at the University of Tehran filled the school’s hallways and began to chant slogans of student perseverance and strength in addition to vocalizing their clear opposition to the Iranian regime’s dictatorship rule.

Students at Bu-Ali Sina University in the Hamedan province also showed their protest to student imprisonment and commemorated National Student Day (December 7th) by changing their school’s computer screens to images of previous protests and currently imprisoned student Siavash Hatem.

At night, residents in Tehran gathered on their rooftops and demonstrated against the dictatorship rule of the Iranian regime by chanting, “God is Great” and “Down with the Dictator.” In Iran, publicly chanting against the government or questioning its actions results in persecution and in many cases imprisonment and torture.

December 7th is National Student Day in Iran. Last year during this time, thousands of Iranian students throughout the country protested against the imprisonment of their classmates and the Iranian regime. Other Iranian citizens also headed to the streets to show their support for National Student Day and to show their opposition to the government. This year several student protests in Iran were announced to take place on December 7th.

Bu-Ali Sina University, engineering department, December 6th video for 16 Azar, students show commemoration and protest by changing the school’s computer screen savers and wall papers to images of National Student Day and protests and a picture of imprisoned student Siavash Hatem|
Plainclothes forces around the University of Tehran, December 6th|
University of Tehran students: Political prisoners must be freed! December 6th|
Banner promoting 16 Azar, National Student Day in Iran, hung over bridge in Tehran|
University of Tehran students chant: Down with the dictator! December 6th|
Student protest PT5, the University of Tehran, December 6th|
University of Tehran student protest, December 6th|
Kermanshah, Iran, December 6th. Students protest presence of former minister Safar Harandi at the university|
University of Tehran students sing “Ey Iran”, an Iranian national anthem|
Residents in the Gheytarieh district in Tehran chant on their rooftops at night, “Allah O Akbar!” December 6th|
Iranians in Tehran chant at night, “God is great” and “Down with the dictator”, December 6th|
University of Tehran, students chant: “Students would rather die than accept oppression” and “Marg bar dictator!”, December 6th|
Iranians in Tehran chant at night, “God is great” and “Down with the dictator”, December 6th|

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