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Iranian Labor Activist Trapped in Greek Detention

December 10, 2010

Persian report by The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece
Translated and edited by Laleh Gillani,

Mohammad Ashrafi is a member of the Committee for the Foundation of Free Workers Organizations in Iran and a well known labor activist.  In 2009, after participating in a rally to observe May Day, he was arrested and imprisoned for one year.  During this time, he endured physical and psychological torture in the hands’ of the Islamic Republic of Iran but eventually was released.  In June 2010, Mohammad Ashrafi was summoned again to appear before the Islamic Revolutionary Court, but this time he chose to flee his homeland and sought refuge in Greece.

Following his escape from Iran, Mohammad Ashrafi was detained by the Greek border patrol and imprisoned.  For over three months, Mohammad Ashrafi has been locked up in a Greek prison while his family and friends have searched for him tirelessly.  The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece has issued the following statement regarding Mohammad Ashrafi’s current condition and the efforts to secure his immediate and unconditional release from prison:

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece (CIPRG) hereby informs all opposition parties, groups and political activists inside and outside Iran that after this Committee’s continuous and through follow-ups and inquires, the Greek Interior Ministry has formally confirmed the arrest of Mohammad Ashrafi and four other Iranian political activists.  These Iranian political asylum seekers were arrested by the border police and have been in Greek government’s custody for over three months.  As a result of this confirmation, Mohammad Ashrafi and the other four political activists are no long in danger of immediate deportation.

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece is currently in direct telephone contact with these political activists, and the efforts to secure their immediate release continue.  Greek Deputy Minister has contacted Mr. Amir Abdodolmalaki, one of the representatives of CIPRG, and informed him that the necessary steps are taken to free these prisoners.

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece expresses deep concerns regarding the broadening of political, economic and security ties between the Greek government and the Islamic regime in Iran.  Beginning on December 6, 2010, during a two-day visit, talks were held between Manouchehr Mottaki, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and officials representing the Greek government and parliament.  The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece strongly objects to such meetings because Iranian political asylum seekers and their welfare will be the first sacrifice at the altar of such ominous and ill-fated cooperation between two regimes.

It is our sincere hope that with sustained efforts and continuous opposition, the Islamic Republic’s shameful acts in Iran and its foreign policy in Greece will be exposed.  Our goal is to further isolate the Islamic regime in the international scene in order to help our countrymen who despite facing severe consequences, continue to fight against tyranny inside Iran until the Islamic Republic’s downfall.

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece
December 9, 2010

آخرین خبر ها از وضعیت بازداشت محمد اشرفی و ۴ پناهجوی سیاسی ایرانی در بازداشت گاه های مرزی یونان

کمیته  پناهندگان  سیاسی  ایرانی  در  یونان   بدین وسیله   به  اطلاع   کلیه  احزاب ، گروه ها   و  فعالین  سیاسی مخالف  جمهوری  اسلامی  در   داخل   و  خارج  از  ایران  میرساند  که :

پس  از  پیگیری  های    مستمر مسولین  کمیته  پناهندگان  سیاسی  ایرانی جهت  کسب اطلاع  موثق  از   موقعیت   بازداشت    محمد  اشرفی  و  ۴  فعال  سیاسی ایرانی  که  بیش  از  ۳  ماه است که  در   بازداشت گاه  های  مرزی   پلیس  یونان  به  سر  میبرند   مقامات وزارت کشور یونان تن به  تایید  رسمی  بازداشت  این  افراد داده  اند   و    خوشبختانه    خطر  دیپورت   این   پناهجویان بر طرف  شده  است  .

هم  اکنون  ارتباط  مستقیم  تلفنی   با  این  فعالین  سیاسی  از  خارج  از  زندان  برقرار  شده  است   و در  ادامه  تلاش ها  برای  آزادی    هر  چه  سریعتر   این  پناهجویان،   معاون وزیر  کشور  یونان   طی تماس  با    دبیر  کمیته  پناهندگان  سیاسی  ایرانی  در  یونان  ((  آقای  امیر  عبدلملکی  ))  از  اقدام  برای  آزادی  این  پناهجویان  در  بند    خبر  داده  است  .

کمیته  پناهندگان  سیاسی  ایرانی  مراتب  نگرانی  خود  را  از  گسترش   پر  شتاب    سطح  مناسبات  سیاسی  و  تجاری  و  امنیتی   دولت  یونان  و  رژیم  اسلامی  ایران  اعلام  داشته   و نسبت به   دیدار  ۲ روزه  منوچهر  متکی   وزیر  امور  خارجه  ایران   با  مقامات  عالیرتبه   دولت   و  مجلس  یونان  که  در  روزهای  دوشنبه  و  سه  شنبه  همین  هفته  انجام  شد  شدیدا معترض است   و  پناهجویان   سیاسی  ایرانی  را  اولین  قربانیان  این  همکاری های  شوم  میداند  .

امید  است   که  با  تلاش  های  پیگیر  و  ادامه  مبارزه   بر  علیه  سیاست  خارجی  جمهوری  اسلامی  در  یونان  و  حرکت  به  سمت  انزوای  هر  چه  بیشتر  سیاست  های  ننگین   رژیم  ولایت  فقیه  در   خارج  از  مرز ها    به  یاری  هموطنانمان   که  در  خط  اول  مبارزه  در  داخل  ایران  با وجود سرکوب  شدید ،   مبارزه  تا  نابودی  جمهوری  اسلامی  را  به  پیش  میبرند ، بشتابیم .

کمیته  پناهندگان  سیاسی  ایرانی  در  یونان

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