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Ashura 2010, Iran: Gatherings, Heavy Security, and Arrests

December 16, 2010

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Isfahan: Regime forces clash with Ashura mourners in Isfahan. Four people were reportedly arrested near the Chaharbagh neighbourhood.
درگيري مردم باماموران امنيتي درچهارباغ اصفهان

Karaj: Security forces interrupted a gathering of numerous people at a gas station in Karaj. Two citizens were arrested and taken to the Karaj police station. Since this morning, traffic was blocked in Karaj.
دستگيري دو جوان در كرج توسط مزدوران انتظامي

Detained Families of Political Prisoners Released

Several hours after the arrest of the families of Mohammad Nourizad and the wife of Mostafa Tajzadeh in front of Evin prison, they were released, according to Jaras. Mohammad Nourizad is a political prisoner currently on the sixth day of a dry hunger strike. This morning, officials transferred Nourizad to the hospital after his health began to deteriorate severely.
خانواده محمد نوری زاد و همسر مصطفی تاج زاده آزاد شدند

Families of Political Prisoners Gathered Outside Evin, Arrests Occurred

3:00pm: Families of political prisoners gathered in front of Evin prison for the Shame Ghariban ceremony (a candlelight vigil ceremony where people sing religious songs and mourn the death of Imam Hossein). Approximately 50 special forces surrounded the parking area and dispersed the crowd to prevent them from gathering. Family members of Mohammad Nourizad and the wife of Mostafa Tajzadeh were arrested (Editor’s Note: The arrested have since been released).
خبر كانون- ممانعت حاكميت از برگزاري مراسم شام غريبان خانواده هاي زندانيان سياسي جلوي زندان اوين

Security Agents Harass Families Gathered to Honour Fallen Loved Ones

Based on reports by the Centre to Defend Families of those Detained and Slain in Iran, a group of mothers and the families of those killed in last year’s protests went to Behesht-e Zahra cemetery to honour those killed during the Ashura 2009 (December 27, 2009) protests. When some of them tried to visit the graves of other martyrs of post-election events, they were confronted by security agents who told them, “Go and pray only at the grave of your own loved ones. Why are you visiting other graves?” The families of the martyrs protested to the police’s interference and meddling in their mourning.
ممانعت از برگزاري مراسم جان باختگان از سوي مزدوران حكومت آخوندي

Ashura Mourners Not Allowed to Pray in Public

Every year Ashura mourners in Tehran are permitted to pray in public and many gather near Jomhouri street in Tehran to do so. This year, security forces banned public praying in fear of protests from freedom loving Iranians.
عاشورا؛ از ترس مجوز برپایی نماز در خیابان را ندادند

Police and security agents receive new equipments to crack down on protesters

Today, on the occasion of Ashura, police helicopters patrolled Tehran from the skies. Police forces on the ground were armed with new equipments: Honad 250 motorcycles, white and khaki helmets, and new body armours. All the preparations are aimed at confronting possible protests by the people taking part in religious ceremonies and Ashura rituals.
مجهز كردن مزدوران و پليس به تجهيزات جديد براي سركوب

VIDEO of Heavy Security Presence

There was a heavy concentration of security, anti-riot, and police forces stationed on Imam Hossein Square in Tehran. Some intersections had 100 regime forces along with Basij and plainclothes forces gathered. Regime forces stood in the way of religious mourners to prevent them from entering Enghelab Street.

At 11:30am on Navab Street, security forces clashed with Ashura mourners who attempted to enter Enghelab Street. Five people were injured and 13 people were arrested. People chanted, “O, our martyr Imam Hossein, Iran has become just like Karbala (the place where Imam Hossein died).”
درگيري شديد بين مردم ومزدوران حكومتي درخيابان نواب به دستگيري 13 نفر انجاميد

Three Students Injured in Clashes

11:50am: Based on reports by Iran News Agency, near Enghelab Square, nearly 30 students carrying a red flag with the words “O Hussein” and “Hail to Hussein” while chanting “God is Great (Allah-o-Akbar) and “Iran has turned into Karbala, O Muslims Rise up” attempted to enter Enghelab Square. They were confronted by police forces who charged toward them. The students spread to the nearby alleys and began to throw stones. Three students were injured in the clashes.
به دنبال درگيري بين دانشجويان و ماموران سركوبگر در ميدان انقلاب سه تن از دانشجويان زخمي شدند
Enghelab Square Via Google Maps

More Injuries and Arrests

From 12:00pm, over 100 people in Tehran intended to go from Hafez Street to Enghelab Street but were stopped by security forces. 10 people were reportedly injured.
ممانعت مزدوران حكومتي از ورود هيئت گيلانيهاي مقيم تهران به زخمي شدن 10 نفر منجر شد

1:15pm: Ferdowsi Street, near Ferdowsi Square: clashes occurred between security forces and Ashura mourners. Security forces used batons to disperse people and the people resisted. Three security forces and 13 mourners were reportedly injured.
گوشمالي مزدوران انتظامي توسط مردم در خيابان فردوسي

More than 20 youths were arrested on Ferdowsi Street of Tehran

According to Iran News Agency, security agents arrested several young citizens between the hours of 1:00pm and 1:30pm on Enqelab and Ferdowsi streets. Specifically, the forces attacked a group of people chanting slogans against the regime and arrested more than 20 of them. Security agents attacked and dispersed any group of people walking together and assaulted anybody they deemed suspicious.
دستگيري بيش از 20نفرازجوانان درخيابان فردوسي تهران
Ferdowsi and Enghelab intersection via Google Maps

2:30pm: Based on reports by Iran News Agency, police forces arrested five young citizens on Behboodi Street, Tehran. The forces said the youth looked “suspicious”.
دستگيري 5 جوان توسط مزدوران انتظامي در خيابان بهبودي
Behboodi Street via Google Maps


Isfahan: night chants of God is Great (Allah O Akbar), December 16, 2010, Ashura

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