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Human Rights Violations Report | Part 1: Week of December 20, 2010

December 23, 2010

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“Oh, How Evil is Tyranny When it is Fearful…” – Majid Tavakoli, Iranian student leader activist currently detained in Ward 3, Hall 8, of Rajai Shahr Prison.

Journalist and Human Rights Activist Abdolreza Tajik Released on Bail

Dec 22nd: GVF — Iranian human rights activist and journalist Abdolreza Tajik has been released from prison on a heavy bail of more than $482,000. This was Tajik’s third time in prison since the rigged 2009 presidential election. He was initially held in prison for 46 days but was arrested again following Ashura protests on December 27, 2009. He was imprisoned for sixty days until he was temporarily released. Finally, he was arrested again on the anniversary of the June 12th rigged presidential election.

عبدالرضا تاجیک روزنامه‌نگار آزاد شد + عکس

Labor Activist Reza Shahabi Transferred to the Revolutionary Court and Ended His Hunger Strike

Dec 20th: Iranian labour activist, Reza Shahabi ended his hunger strike in prison yesterday after over two weeks on strike in protest to his undetermined legal state. Reza Shahabi, an executive member of Sherkat-e Vahed public transportation for Tehran and the suburbs drivers union, was on a hunger strike in protest to the judiciary’s refusal to make a decision about his case. Reza Shahabi, who was the treasurer of the Sherkat-e Vahed drivers union, was arrested in June by intelligence officers after being called to the central office of Sherkat-e Vahed and interrogated for over six months at Evin Prison. Shahabi was amongst the people who were suspended from work during the labour strikes of Sherkat-Vahed workers in 2005. Shortly before his arrest, after four years of unemployment and receiving no income, the labour court had finally returned him back to work. Human rights activists report that Shahabi has been subjected to physical and mental abuse to accept the state-devised charges against him. On the 7th day of his hunger strike, Shahabi was transferred to the hospital after his health condition became critical. On September, after the authorities announced Shahabi could be released on bail, his family prepared a $60,000 bail for him but the authorities then demanded $100,000. Although two months has elapsed since the judiciary issued Shahabi’s release order, they have not processed his case and he remains in an undetermined legal state.

انتقال رضا شهابی به دادگاه انقلاب و پایان اعتصاب غذا

Mehdi Khodaei Transferred to Ward 350 after 10 Months of Detention in Ward 2A

Dec 20th: Mehdi Khodaei, human rights activist and former secretary of Azad University of Shahreh Rey, who has been in detention since March 3rd, has been transferred to Ward 350 from solitary confinement of Ward 2A. According to RAHANA, he has been transferred to Ward 350 in Evin Prison along with his cellmate Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki. Khodaei had been held in solitary confinement unit of Ward 2A for 10 months. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison in his first case for “anti-regime propaganda” and “acting against national security”. The verdict was later upheld. He was also sentenced to 4 years in prison by Judge Salavati of the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court for “acting against national security by organizing gatherings” and “anti-regime propaganda” in a different case. Thus, he has to serve a total of 7 years in prison.

مهدی خدایی بعد از ۱۰ ماه به بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین منتقل شد

Mohammad Rasoulof (L) Jafar Panahi (R)

Filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

Dec 20th: The verdict issued by the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court was served to Jafar Panahi and Mahmoud Rasoulof on December 18th. According to RAHANA, Panahi has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for “assembly and collusion and anti-regime propaganda”, and deprived of his civil rights including filmmaking, writing film scripts, traveling abroad and interviewing with the media for 20 years. Rasoulof has also been sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for “assembly and collusion and anti-regime propaganda”. They were arrested in March of 2010 in a raid of Panahi’s home. They were detained along with his family and 12 guests who were later released. Panahi was released on $200,000 bail in June and Rasoulof was released in March.

حکم شش سال حبس برای جعفر پناهی و محمد رسول‌اف

Court Held for Navid Khanjani

Dec 20th: PCED — On Monday morning, December 20th, trial was held for human rights activist Navid Khanjani at the 26th Branch of the Revolutionary Court by Judge PirAbassi. Although court was held for this human rights activist, and it was publicly announced, Khanjani’s trial was held behind closed doors for almost 2 hours. Khanjani has been charged with the four following charges: “Formation and membership of Population of Combat Against Educational Discrimination (PCED)”, “Formation and membership of Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR)”, “Propaganda against the regime”, and “Publishing lies and disturbing public opinion on the computer (through blogs and other websites)”. Before his trial was held, it was postponed twice. This human rights and education activist was arrested at night at his father’s home in Isfahan on March 2, 2010, and was released on bail for $100,000 May 3rd from Ward 2A of Evin prison.

دادگاه نوید خانجانی، امروز 29 آذر 1389 برگزار شد

Mohammad Ali Mansouri Transferred to Hosseinieh* of Rajai Shahr Prison from Solitary Confinement

Dec 20th: Mohammad Ali Mansouri who has been in detention since September 2, 2007, was transferred to the Hosseinieh (*a section of the prison with deplorable conditions) of Rajai Shahr Prison after 13 days of solitary confinement as “punishment.” According to RAHANA, on October 26th, agents searched his cell and transferred him to solitary confinement for 13 days as punishment. One day before the search, prisoners had sung the famous patriotic song “Ey Iran” which persuaded the authorities to search their cells. Mansouri was transferred to Hosseinieh in Ward 1 of Rajai Shahr Prison which is a place for “exile of prisoners” as punishment, after spending 13 days in solitary confinement. Since he had not been able to contact his family for 3 days, they were not aware of his condition. His family was informed of the transfer when visiting him in prison. Manosuri who is suffering from gums and teeth problems, has not been granted a prison leave for the past 4 months and the follow-ups of his family have not been successful. For the first 3 months of his detention, he was held under psychological and physical pressure in solitary confinement and was banned from telephone calls or prison visits with his family. His trial was held after 10 months and he was tried for “Moharebeh” (waging war against God). After one year of imprisonment, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison and exile to Rajai Shahr Prison.

انتقال محمدعلی منصوری از سلول انفرادی به حسینه زندان رجایی‌شهر

Baha’i Student Sama Nourani Sentenced to One Year Imprisonment

Dec 21st: PCED — Sama Nourani is an education rights activist, a Baha’i student deprived of his education, and a member of PCED. He has been sentenced to one year in prison by Judge Moghiseh from branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court. Sama Nourani was arrested in Shiraz on March 3, 2010 and transferred to ward 2A of the IRGC in Evin prison. On April 26, 2010, he was released from ward 2A on bail. In September (or October) 2008, Soma Nourani was accepted to Sahand Tabriz University for medical engineering, but after completing three terms he was expelled for “propaganda against the regime.”

سما نورانی به یک سال حبس تعزیری محکوم شد

Ashura Detainee Meysam Beig-Mohammadi Has Been Released

Dec 22nd: Meysam Beig-Mohammadi, an Allameh University student has been released. Beig-mohammadi, a translation student of Allameh Tabatabai University, was released after enduring one year of imprisonment. He was arrested on December 27, 2009 during Ashura events was initially sentenced to three years imprisonment. This sentence was later reduced to one year at Branch 54 in the Court of Appeals.

میثم بیگ محمدی از بازداشت شدگان حوادث عاشورای ۸۸ آزاد شد

Expelled Baha’i University Student Anisa Safarian Arrested

Dec 22nd: PCEDAnisa Safarian had been studying Applied Mathematics at the Science and Technology University of Behshahr, when she was expelled for believing the Baha’i faith. On December 20th at 7:30am, five security forces raided her home in Babolsar, Mazandaran, presented a hand written warrant, searched her home and confiscated her two laptops, mobile phone, and books, pamphlets, CDs, and photographs related to the Baha’i faith. She was arrested and taken to the Sari Intelligence Office Prison. More than 24 hours have passed since her arrest and her family has still been unable to contact her through phone or visit her in person. There is no more information available at this point.

بازداشت انیسا صفریان، دانشجوی بهایی اخراجی دانشگاه بابلسر

Nader Askari, a former student activist arrested

Dec 22nd: Nader Askari, a former student activist of Tehran University who has been studying for Masters in post Islam history of Iran at his university, has been arrested after being summoned to intelligence ministry of Yasuj. Nader Askari has been summoned while, he has been denied the opportunity to teach at Azad Islamic University for the past year and has not had any political activities. RAHANA reports, he has also been denied the rights to teach due to his trade union activities to protect the rights of teachers of Gachsaran. It is worth noting the reasoning behind this act and his whereabouts are still unknown.

بازداشت نادر عسکری فعال پیشین دانشجویی دانشگاه تهران

11 Baluch Citizens Executed in Zahedan

Dec 20th: Sistan-Baluchistan provincial justice department announced that 11 individuals have been executed who were “related to” and “supporters of” Jundollah group. In a statement Sistan-Baluchistan provincial justice department said the executed were involved in terrorist operations and they had been charged with being “Enemies of God”, “corrupting the earth and fighting against the Holy Islamic Republic.”  Their sentences were carried out after the supreme judicial bodies approved them. The following names have been announced.

اعدام ۱۱ تن از شهروندان بلوچ در زاهدان

Peyman Aref Threatened Over the Phone for His Activities in National Front of Iran

Dec 20th: During a telephone call with Peyman Aref, an anonymous person stated that if Aref continues his activities in the National Front of Iran and its Alumni section in particular, he and the other members of the group will “pay heavily.” Aref is a journalist and a student activist who is currently on medical prison leave. According to RAHANA, the agent had claimed that the people attending the meetings of the Alumni section of the Iran National Front include individuals who are collaborating with MKO and requested the cancellation of the meetings. Aref had denied the allegations and stated that the meetings are open to the public and if anyone that is against their principles attends the meetings, the group members have proved to be able to resolve the problem by themselves and do not require warnings from the security forces. The anonymous person had threatened to raid Kourosh Zaeim’s house (location of the Alumni section meetings) and had also stated that “we are warning you respectfully and we will act next time.” Political and civil rights groups are constantly put under pressure and threatened by the authorities for holding their meetings.

تهدید تلفنی پیمان عارف در مورد فعالیت‌های جبهه ملی ایران

Roya Ghanbari Detained; Security Forces Raid to Arrest Fataneh Nouri

Dec 21st: On Monday, Dec 20th, Roya Ghanabri, a Baha’i resident of Sari, who is the sister of Amir Ghanbari, was detained without a judicial warrant. On Sunday, 11 security agents searched the house of Fataneh Nouri, the wife of Omid Ghanabri, after showing her arrest warrant. Roya Ghanbari, Omid Ghanbari’s sister, who is currently in detention had appeared at the news unit of the judiciary for questioning and had later contacted her family stating that she had been arrested. Sari Intelligence Ministry authorities searched the house of Fataneh Nouri’s father and father in law and stated that she has been summoned to the Intelligence Ministry for questioning and she also had to deliver the clothes of Roya’s brother Omid. When Roya Ghanbari’s husband delivered Omid’s clothes to the Intelligence Ministry on Monday, the agents threatened that if Roya fails to show up, they will get a judicial arrest warrant. After searching the house, the Intelligence Ministry contacted Mr. Ghanbari’s home four times. In his first telephone contact, Omid Ghanbari asked questions about the whereabouts of his wife and in the second telephone call, he asked about the condition of his elderly parents who had witnessed the offensive behavior of the agents. In the other phone calls, the authorities stated that Roya should visit her brother in prison and should respond to several questions. 11 security authorities referred to the house of Fataneh Nouri’s father and father in law and searched the house of his father in law despite the fact that the warrant had only been issued for her arrest. During the raid, the authorities insulted the sacred rituals of the Baha’i faith and her family members. They also seized their Baha’i books, a Quran, a receiver and a number of CDs.

بازداشت رویا قنبری و یورش نیروهای امنیتی برای دستگیری فتانه نوری

Weekly Report by Roya Irani for Persian2English

This report is being compiled from human rights websites each week in honor of all the university students, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, and minorities in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

A copy of this report was sent to: United Nations, European Union, Amnesty International, and all Iran Embassies.

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