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Sister of Habibollah Latifi Speaks Out After Stay of Execution

December 26, 2010

The latest remarks by Habibollah Latfi’s sister:

Habib asked that we sincerely thank all the citizens who worked so hard on his behalf. He asked that I kiss your hands and your eyes. I want to thank every single one of my beloved country men and women who stayed up with us these past few nights, who supported us and never left our side. It was because you stayed up with us, because you felt our pain, because you contacted us and did everything in your power to help us, it was because of your pressure that Habib was not executed this morning.

All our efforts are to ensure that not only Habib’s death sentenced is overturned but that more importantly the death penalty in general is abolished in Iran. These efforts are not only for Habib but for all Iranian people. We call on the Iranian people to protest and not remain silent so that together we can ensure that the death penalty is abolished in Iran. There are so many other individuals on death row. Our goal is to ensure that their sentences are also overturned.

When asked about Habib’s physical and psychological condition during their last visit, his sister responded,

“He was in great spirits. Today they allowed us to have a face to face visit at 9:00am. Habib was well and asked us to thank all the citizens both in Iran and abroad who worked so hard to make sure that his death sentence did not take place this morning.”

Translation Banooye Sabz,

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آخرین صحبت های خواهر حبیب لطیفی: حبیب گفت از همه هموطنان که زحمت کشیدند تشکر میکنم و دستان و چشمانشان را میبوسم

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    1. Habibollah Latifi! Should Stay alive and set him free as soon as ””’ Why When it comes to the Kurdish activists , the courts in iran and turkey and syria are all too quick to label political opposition as terrorism” where’s the So-called human organizations” where’s the justice where’s the supreme court of this nation”

    2. it is shame that some regimes still punish people for their believe,ideology ,religion.or for speaking out for what they believe in.please stay the execution of Mr habibollah,it is the humane thing to do

    3. we want freedom for mr habib and god bless you,,

    4. Down with terror and murder iran rejim,we kurdish people will always fight for freedom and democrati

      Longe live Kurdish freedom fighther


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