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Human Rights Violations Report | Full Week of December 27, 2010

January 03, 2011

“My son is being held in the worst place. The area where he sleeps is infested with cockroaches and mice.” — Father of Zia Nabavi, starred student, sentenced to 10 years in exile at Karoun prison.

Child Rights and Labor Rights Activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison!

January 2nd: Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court has sentenced Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a children’s rights and labor rights activist, to 20 years in prison. In a phone call from Evin prison, Behanm Ebrahimzadeh informed his family of the sentence. He has to serve 10 years in Rajai Shahr [Gohardasht] prison and 10 years in Evin prison. Reports do not indicate the specific charges that he has been convicted of. Judge Salavati is the presiding judge on the case. Ebrahimzadeh was detained on June 12th and was beaten during his arrest, which resulted in him suffering from severe injuries. He is a plumber for the Shourabad Polytechnic Company in Shahr-e Rey. On National Labor Day, he was also arrested during a ceremony in Laleh Park. The case from his previous arrest is still pending.

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محکومیت بهنام ابراهیم زاده ،فعال کارگری و حقوق کودک به ۲۰ سال زندان

Seven Years Imprisonment for Ehsan Abdoh Tabrizi

January 2nd: A source close to Ehsan Abdoh Tabrizi stated that he has received a two year prison term for “insulting the President”, three years for “assembly and conspiracy against the regime” and two years for “collaborating with foreign agents”. Ehsan was studying in Britain and 10 months ago, on his return to Iran, he was arrested at Imam Khomeini’s International Airport and taken to Evin prison. In all this time that he has been in Evin prison, he hasn’t been charged with any convictions and yet interrogators of Ministry of Intelligence are opposed his freedom. Ehsan is pursuing a PhD in politics in Durham University. Hossein Tabrizi, Ehsan’s father, is a critic of the government’s economic policies and is the former secretary of the Tehran Exchange Organization.

حکم هفت سال زندان برای احسان عبده تبریزی

Mahdieh Golroo Indicted and Still Banned From Prison Visits

December 28th: Student activist and Education Rights Committee member, Mahdieh Golroo, who had been banned from prison visits since two weeks ago, has been indicted. The Interrogator of branch 4 of the court in Evin prison has charged Mahdieh Golroo with “disturbing public opinion.” In the past week, Majid Tavakoli and Bahareh Hedayat have also been indicted.  The new charges are most likely due to the  publication of their letters on Student Day (December 7th). Golroo was arrested on December 2, 2009, along with her husband Vahid Lalipour. Her husband was not politically active and was only arrested in order to put pressure on her. Golroo was facing a charge of “collaborating with the PMOI”.

تفهیم اتهام جدید به مهدیه گلرو و ادامه ممنوع‌الملاقاتی وی

Continued Detention of Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad

December 30th: Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad, daughter of Islamic National Front member Dr. Kianoush-Rad, is still held in Evin Prison and has not been able to visit her family after 30 days of detention. There are concerns as to her physical condition since she needs to be under medical care, has to rest, and take certain medication. According to Evin Prison authorities, she is also banned from prison visits until further notice.

تداوم بازداشت ساجده کیانوش‌راد در زندان اوین

Supporters of Ayatollah Dastgheib Sentenced to Prison and Exile

December 30th: A number of Ayatollah Dastgheib supporters were sentenced to prison and exile for guarding the Mosque against attack of plainclothes agents. Hojjatoleslam Karimi, a war veteran with an amputated leg and the head of the cultural unit of the Qoba Mosque, Hojjatoleslam Khoubyari, a Revolutionacry Guard, a war veteran and one of the individuals in charge of Ayatollah Dastgheib’s office, and Hojjatoleslam Zakeri, the nephew of Martyr Seyyed Jafar Zakeri and an active member of the mosque, have been sentenced to two years in prison, four years in exile and a 10 year ban from cultural activities.

صدور احکام زندان و تبعید برای شاگردان آیت‌الله دستغیب

Seven Individuals Arrested in Sardasht

December 30th: In recent days, security officials have arrested seven individuals in Sardasht located in Western Azerbaijan and transferred to prison. The authorities confiscated their books and booklets. The arrested individuals have previously been prosecuted. Their charge includes “membership in a religious group and propaganda for the group”. The rate of detainment in Sardasht is significant and arrests continue despite objections. There is no information on the names of the detainees.

بازداشت هفت نفر در شهرستان سردشت

Assets of Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi Impounded for Alleged ‘Tax Evasion’

December 31st: Iranian officials have impounded the assets of Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi for ‘tax evasion’. She has also been banned from traveling abroad upon the request of the Tax Department. They claim that she owed about $350,000 in taxes and including punitive damages, she has been accused of dodging $1,218,346 in back taxes. Allegedly, she has ignored the tax notices she has received. Consequently, her assets have been impounded and she has been banned from leaving the country. The taxes Ebadi has allegedly evaded include those on her 2003 Nobel Peace Prize. Shirin Ebadi’s lawyer has appealed the case.

صدور حکم بازداشت و توقیف اموال شیرین عبادی بابت عدم پرداخت مالیات جایزه نوبل

Two Year Prison Sentence Upheld for Nationalist-Religious Activist Massoud Ladani

December 31st: Massoud Ladani has been sentenced to two years in prison for suspecting election fraud based on reports given by the Ahvaz Ministry of Intelligence. Branch 13 of the Ahvaz Appeals Court presided by Judge Naser Hejazian and Judge Majed Chenani sentenced Massoud Ladani, a Nationalist-Religious activist and a member of the Association for Cultural-Political Development of Khuzestan, to two years in prison.

تایید حکم دو سال زندان برای مسعود لدنی، فعال ملی مذهبی

Fate of Kurdish Student Activist Dalir Eskandari Unknown

January 1st: Fate of Kurdish student activist Dalir Eskandari, secretary of the Kurdish Student Union who was arrested on December 28th in Sanandaj is unknown. Dalir Eskandari is a Sanandaj civil rights activist who was actively involved in the Global Campaign to Save Habibollah Latifi’s Life. He had also been accepted to a Master’s program for the second consecutive year but was deprived of continuing his education. Other starred students (students deprived of their educational rights) later wrote a letter to the Science Minister in this regard. Eskandari was also one of the administrators of the “Zhianeh Veh” Association in Sanandaj and had been summoned and threatened many times. He was eventually arrested for his activities aimed to halt Habib Latifi’s execution. After his arrest, he was only able to contact his family for a few seconds and inform them that he was held in the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre.

سرنوشت نامعلوم دبیر ادواری اتحادیه دانشجویان کرد

Student Detainee Arash Sadeghi Transferred to Solitary Confinement!

Janurary 1st: Arash Sadeghi’s friends in the general ward of Evin prison stated that he is suffering from stomach bleeding and his heart and lung conditions have worsened due to lack of medical attention. His heart and lung problems are related to his previous arrest and worsened after he was beaten by prison authorities and went on a hunger strike. There is no information as to the reason for his transfer to solitary confinement. Arash Sadeghi was beaten by the authorities in ward 209 after publishing a statement on National Student Day (December 7th). Authorities refused to transfer him to the prison clinic and he did not receive any medical attention. He went on hunger strike on December 10th in order to protest their behavior. He broke the hunger strike after 14 days and was transferred to the general ward of the prison.

انتقال مجدد آرش صادقی، دانشجوی زندانی به بند انفرادی

Eight Executed in Province of Qom for ‘Drug Smuggling’

January 1st: The Qom Prosecutor has reported that eight drug smugglers have been executed in the Qom Province which brings the total number of executions to 215 since the beginning of the Iranian New Year in March. In an interview with reporters, Mostafa Barzegar-Ganji stated that the eight individuals had requested to be pardoned twice but the requests had been denied. He added that “16 other smugglers have also been sentenced to death and their first request for pardon has been denied; if their second request is denied as well, their sentence will be carried out.” He pointed to the drug law reform act and stated that they have been“confronting the problem of psychoactive drugs such as crack and heroine, and possession, sale and transportation of over 30 grams of such drugs carries the death penalty as punishment.”

اعدام هشت زندانی در استان قم

Ali Mousavi Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison and 74 Lashes

January 2nd: Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Pirabbasi has sentenced Dr. Ali Mousavi, a young member of the Pan-Iranist Party, to 6.5 years in prison and 74 lashes. The verdict has not been served properly and he has only seen it in person. Being informed of the court’s verdict orally, is a violation of a prisoner’s rights which consistently occurs in Iran’s Judiciary.

محکومیت علی موسوی به شش سال و نیم حبس تعزیری و ۷۴ ضربه شلاق

Student Activist Mohammad Hossein Mozafari Detained

January 2nd: After being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence and after several hours of interrogation, Mohammad Hossein Mozafari was detained and transferred to an undisclosed location. Previously, authorities had attempted to arrest him but had failed since he was not home. According to his mother, the pressures have intensified on Mozafarian. She added, “we do not know why he has been detained but the authorities have arrested him many times and every time he was summoned for interrogation, we were worried that he may be arrested.” There is no information on his condition or the reason for his arrest.

محمد حسین مظفری، فعال دانشجویی بازداشت شد


Weekly Report by Roya Irani for Persian2English

This report is being compiled from human rights websites each week in honor of all the university students, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, and minorities in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

A copy of this report was sent to: United Nations, European Union, Amnesty International, and all Iran Embassies.

Release Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, child labour activist

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