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Report of Arrested Citizens during February 14th and February 20th Protests

February 24, 2011

Arrest of Two Protesters on February 20th

Jafar Ganji and Arash Najbaei, two Freedom Movement of Iran supporters, have been arrested by the security forces. Ganji was arrested at his house and transferred to an undisclosed location. Najbaei was arrested on February 20th after being summoned to the Intelligence Ministry. They have both been held incommunicado and there has been no information as to the reason for their arrests.

بازداشت دو تن از هواداران نهضت آزادی ایران

Amirkabir University Faculty Member Abdollah Sadri Among February 14th Detainees

Abdollah Sadri, a professor of mining and material science engineering at Amir Kabir University, has been arrested since February 14th. After several days of his absence, the students were told that he traveled for a conference abroad. However, his family has told the students that he has been transferred to Evin prison after his arrest on February 14th. The students had referred to Alireza Rahaei, the Head of the University, to follow up on his condition and were told that “a person who disturbs the country, should pay for his conducts and the university does not have any responsibilities toward him”.

عبدالله صدری عضو هیات علمی دانشگاه امیرکبیر در میان بازداشت شدگان ۲۵ بهمن

Azad University Student Farnaz Kamali Arrested on February 20th Protests

Security forces have arrested Farnaz Kamali at today’s march. Farnaz Kamali is a political science major at Azad University who was arrested by security forces. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, hundreds of people were detained February 20th. Her arrest has taken place while the authorities had announced that no gatherings had been held. Security forces had a heavy presence in different cities in Iran today.  There is no information as to her whereabouts.

فرناز کمالی دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد بازداشت شد

At least 50 Arrested in Shiraz during February 14th Protests

Security forces have confronted any gatherings and have arrested at least 50 people in Shiraz. There was a heavy presence of security forces in Shiraz similar to many other cities across Iran. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, security forces closed several streets and confronted people. Thousands of protesters were present in the streets but were beaten as soon as they chanted. The witness tells us that the number of people out in the streets on February 14th was profound, but the reaction of the security forces was too severe.  There was also a heavy basij presence in Alam Square in Shiraz and people were confronted if they began chanting.

Tehran University Students Habib Farahzadi and Sohrab Jafari Arrested

Two Tehran University students, Habib Farahzadi and Sohrab Jafari, who had been deprived of continuing their education have been arrested. Habib Farahzadi, who was a law student deprived of continuing his education, was arrested on February 20th. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, Sohrab Jafari, a student of Tehran University School of Sciences, has also been arrested by security forces in Valiasr Square. There are reports that many Tehran University students have been arrested, but their names have not been disclosed.

بازداشت حبیب فرحزادی و سهراب جعفری دو تن از دانشجویان دانشگاه تهران

Five Khajeh Nasir University Students Arrested

Five Khajeh Nasir University students have been arrested after the raid of IRGC agents at the School of Sciences within the university. The arrests have taken place while authorities have claimed that the ‘streets were calm today’. Security forces have raided the Khajeh Nasir University School of Sciences at 12 pm and have arrested 5 students. Behnam Momeni, Ali Mohebbi, Saeed Abrishami, Sina Jamouli, and a physics student whose identity is unknown, were the five detainees arrested after being beaten by IRGC forces. There is no information as to their whereabouts.

پنج نفر از دانشجویان دانشگاه خواجه نصیر بازداشت شدند

Four Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Detained

Ali Mansouri, Mohammad Hormozadeh, Ehsan Kouhkar and Mohamamd Ghafarin, four students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, have been arrested on February 20th. Chemical engineering student Ali Mansouri and commerce management student Mohammad Hormozzadeh have been arrested on February 20th and transferred to undisclosed locations. Both individuals were involved in journalism and had previously been summoned to the disciplinary committee. Electrical engineering students Ehsan Kouhkar and Mohammad Ghafarian were also arrested on February 20th by security forces. There is no information as to their condition or the reason for their arrests.  Following the disputed presidential elections, Kouhkar had been issued a verdict by the disciplinary committee of the university.

بازداشت علی منصوری و محمد هرمززاده، دو دانشجوی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد

Alborz Almasi and Ayandeh Almasi Arrested

Ayandeh Almasi is a Management student at Tehran University and was arrested on February 14th while Alborz Almasi is currently in prison. There is no information as to Ayandeh’s condition. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, the Tehran University student has not contacted anyone since the arrest on February 14th. Alborz Almasi who had been arrested on last year’s Ashura has been sentenced to 9 months in prison and 74 lashes for disturbing public order which has been upheld by the Appeals Court. He is currently serving his sentence in Ward 350.

بازداشت البرز الماسی و آینده الماسی دانشجوی مدیریت دانشگاه تهران

Mohammad Ali Malekian Detained and Seyed Ali Hossein-Doust Taleshani Sentenced

Mohammad Ali Malekian, a member of Mazandaran Commerce Room, has been arrested. Mohammad Ali Malekian has been a member of Mousavi’s 2009 Campaign in Amol. There has been no information as to the reason for his arrest. In a separate case, Ali Hossein-Doust Taleshani, another member of Mousavi’s 2009 Campaign, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison. He has been detained twice and has been sentenced for “insulting the Supreme Leader” and “acting against national security”.

بازداشت محمدرضا ملکیان و محکومیت سید علی حسین‌دوست طالشانی

Singer and Composer Afshin Taheri Arrested

Singer and composer Afshin Taheri has been arrested on February 15th at his house and there have been no reports as to his condition. The authorities went to his house on February 15th without a warrant and arrested him after searching the place. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, they took his computer, musical instruments and personal belongings from the house and the studio in the basement. He has been held incommunicado and his family is extremely concerned.

بازداشت افشین طاهری خواننده و آهنگ‌ساز ایرانی

Director and Filmmaker Mehdi Sharifian Arrested During February 14th Protests

During February 14th demonstrations, Mehdi Sharifian, a film documentary maker has been arrested. He was arrested while participating in the February 14th demonstrations and was transferred to an unknown location. It is worth noting, despite all of his families attempts, no information of his whereabouts has been obtained as of yet. Mehdi Sharifian, director and documentary maker was Behrouz Afkhami’s first director’s assistant in “Operation 125″ and a short television series named “11 Minutes & 30 Seconds” and he also appeared in many of Afkhami’s movies. “Familiar City’s Sleep-Walker” which has been playing every night from channel 4 and is a documentary directed by him. Among his other works, the documentary “Experience” is also of significance.

مهدی شریفیان مستند ساز و کارگردان بازداشت شد

Student Activists Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri Arrested

Two student activists of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri, were arrested. As they were leaving the University, they were arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

علی يزدان پناه و سارا باقری دو فعال دانشجويی دانشگاه صنعتي نوشيرواني بابل بازداشت شدند

16 People Arrested During Funeral Services for Saneh Jaleh at University of Art in Tehran

The names of 15 students and 1 professor arrested during the funeral services for martyr Saneh Jaleh are as follows:

1. Mahnoosh Naraghi – University of Art
2. Hamid Hosseini – University of Art
3. Fataneh Rahghi- University of Art
4. Faraz Sarabi – University of Art
5. Enayat Sahraei – University of Art
6. Ali Sadighi – University of Art
7. Mehrdad Mirzayi – University of Art
8. Mohammad Tayeb Taheri – University of Art
9. Faraz Fesharki – University of Art
10. Vahid Nosrati University of Art
11. Abbas Salehi – University of Art
12. Abdollah Ranjbar – University of Art
13. Amir Binazir – University of Art
14. Dr. Ali Akbar Alizad – University of Art
15. Koroush Khan Mohammadi – University of Tehran
16. Sepehr Saheban – Khaje Nasir University

The whereabouts of these detainees are currently unknown.  According to eye witnesses, the number of students arrested by security officers at the University of Art exceeds the amount of the above mentioned.

اسامی دانشجویان بازداشت شده امروز در دانشگاه هنر

Continued Detention of 15 Students from Sharif University from February 14th Protests

Despite the release of a few students of Sharif University of Technology from February 20th protests, there are still 15 students of this university that are still in detention from February 14th protests. Names of the 15 students still detained are:

1) Shima Vozarai
2) Amin Mahdavi
3) Saman Farhat
4) Mohammad Naraghi
5) Mohammad Salahshoor
6) Aref Bolandnazar
7) Siavosh Jabarian
8 ) AliAkbar Mohammadzadeh
9) Javad Sohankar
10) Ali Morshedlou
11) AmirHoushang Navaei
12) Mohammad Afkhami
13) Hossein Salemkar
14) Keyvan Mohtadi
15) Behzad Alipour

تداوم بازداشت ۱۵ دانشجوی دانشگاه شریف

Majid Pirhosseinlou Detained on February 14th

Majid Pirhosseinlou, a February 14th protestor, has been detained and there has been no information as to his condition. He was detained for participating in protests and has been held incommunicado. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, he has a Masters in Islamic Philosophy from Allameh Tabatabai University and has been working in the Islamic Encyclopedia Center. He was not a political activist and is one of the citizens who objected to the results of the disputed presidential elections.

بازداشت مجید پیرحسینلو شهروند معترض

February 14th Detainee Mehdi Piltan Held Incommunicado

Even though Mehdi Piltan, a Tehran University graduate, has been in detention since February14th, his family has not received any information in regards to his condition. Mehdi Piltan was arrested while he was going to his workplace on February 14th.  According to the Human Rights House of Iran, he does not have a political background and it is unclear why he has been arrested. His family and friends are concerned about his condition.

بی‌خبری مطلق از وضعیت مهدی پیلتن از دستگیر شدگان روز ۲۵ بهمن

Student Activists Milad Taheri and Danial Zargarian Arrested

Following the February 14th and February 20th events, the security forces have arrested several student activists in Babol. Student activists, Danial Zargarian and Milad Taheri, were arrested by security forces on February 14th February 20th respectively, and transferred to an undisclosed location. Mohsen Barzegar, Iman Sadighi, Sarah Bagheri, Ali Yazdanpanah, Hossein Zamen-Zarabi, Ramtin Meghdadi and several other students have also been arrested in the recent days.

بازداشت میلاد طاهری و دانیال زرگریان از فعالان دانشجویی

“Student Activists Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri Arrested” and “Continued Detention of 15 Students from Sharif University from February 14th Protests” were translated by Roya Irani, Persian2English.

Dear Readers, please notify Persian2English by leaving a comment on our Facebook link if you have any news of arrests from these protests that were not included and we will add it to this report. Thank you.

Weekly Report by Roya Irani for Persian2English


This report was compiled as a special report from human rights websites to honor all of the brave university students, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, filmmakers, and minorities in Iran being unjustly detained, tortured, raped and killed by their own government. Don’t be afraid, we are all together.

A copy of this report was sent to: United Nations, European Union, Amnesty International, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Head of Judiciary Sadegh Larijani, and the Iran Head of the Human Rights council Mohammad Javad Larijani.

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