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Official Student Day Gathering in Chamran Hall of Tehran University

December 15, 2009

Official Student Day Gathering in Chamran Hall of Tehran University

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Summary translation report by Reza Eshteraki for Persian 2 English

Parleman News, the website for “Imam’s Line” caucus of the Parliament (which is the caucus of reformists) has published a report of the Student Day event which was organized by the Islamic Association of Tehran University students and the Medical Sciences University of Tehran. The event was titled, “The greenest season of the year.” It took place at Chamran Hall, located n the technical faculty of Tehran University.

Parleman News reports the presence of a large numbers of students who arrived carrying green symbols and pictures of Khomeini to protest the recent accusations of the IRIB about the Green movement being behind the insults on Khomeini’s picture. Video messages of Seyed Mohammad Khatami and Mir-Hossein Mousavi were shown. The opposition leaders were unable to be present due to the “narrow thinking of some,” said the spokesperson for the Islamic Association.

Students chanted slogans like:  “Hail Mousavi, Hail Khatami,” “Long Live Mousavi and Karoubi,” “Allah is Great,” “Khomeini where are you to see that Mousavi is all alone,” “Death to Dictator,” “We are Sohrab! We are Neda! We are all a voice!” and “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein.” They reportedly also chanted slogans calling for the resignation of the “incompetent head” of the university, Farhad Rahbar. They chanted slogans against IRIB as well.

Among the speakers were:

Mohammad Reza Zafarqandi, the previous head of Tehran University and a central council member of the Islamic Association of Tehran University condemned the bringing of “outsiders” to the university on Student Day and their use to oppress the students. He said, “Tearing down the Imam’s picture is a heinous act that nobody defends but we think rejecting what he had said is very much worse that tearing his picture.”

Zafarqandi called for some demands “as an expert:”

1- release all the political prisoners

2- Grant permission for a march for all those who believe in Imam Khomeini.

The next speaker was Elahe Koolayi, a former reformist member of parliament and a central council member of the Participation Front. She warned against “those elements who try to create crisis and ado to not let society reach its goals.”

Then, Najafali Habibi, a reformist political activist and a central council member of the University Instructors Islamic Association spoke on behalf of the students. He said that December 7th is a “symbol of students’ struggle in their fight against exploitation and tyranny.” He answered political members who accuse green leaders of not condemning the tearing down of Khomeini’s picture, “First, this act looks suspicious to us. If you give us the permission for the gathering, you can see this people’s love for Imam Khomeini. This is not a big expectation. Give us the permission to march and we will declare our protest of tearing down the Imam’s picture.”

Mohsen Rahami, a member of Tehran University Scientific Board, was the last person to speak. He spoke of the need to use Muharam for “expressing our reasonable demands in continuation of Imam Hossein’s movement, the biggest demand of which is freedom. We also have to be cautious that the university does not sink into turmoil while asking for our demands. Because some would want the classes to be shut down as they want to close down this house of ours.”

Source- Parleman News

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