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90 Detainees at Kahrizak Prison Issue Formal Complaints- Sept. 12, '09

September 15, 2009
“90 Detainees at Kahrizak Prison Issue Formal Complaints”

According to media reports from inside of Iran, Mohammad Kazem Bahrami, head of the internal affairs department of the armed forces said in a statement said that 104 people who were detained and hurt in Kahrizak prison have come before the military court (?). 90 of the detained have issued formal complaints.

Mr. Bahrami also stated that up until now, seven “accomplices of the Kahrizak events” have been arrested.

The head of the internal affairs department of the armed forces reported that there are investigations into the complaints. He says that he hoped this problem would end soon so that the file will be ready to be presented to the courts. He said that the “responsible” person of Kahrizak still remains under arrest, and that investigations are ongoing. Also, as of last Wednesday, seven of the defendants of the prison have been arrested.

This statement came as the news agencies closely related to the reformist groups reported that the ones truly responsible for the events of the Kahrizak prison have not been arrested.

On the other hand, the closing of both Mirhossen Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi’s offices (for following up on the affairs of the post-election prisoners and collecting evidence and documents), and the arrest of Morteza Alviri and Alireza Beheshti (senior advisors to the presidential candidates), has created suspicion among the reformists in regards to the investigations of the complaints of the injured detainees.

Earlier, some news sites including “Ayandeh” reported of the release of the head of Kahrizak prison thanks to certain influential people’s doings. They wrote that this person who is called by the name “Officer K.” was again arrested on the order of the new head of the Justice Dept Sadegh Larijani.

After the death of Mohsen Rooholamini, the son of Mohsen Rezai’s advisor and the head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, Kahrizak prison became a post-election issue.

After the announcement of Mohsen’s death, some sources including the former head of the common committee of Sepah (police) reported of his torture at Kahrizak. After, Ayatollah Kahmenei, the leader of the Islamic Repulbic, ordered the closing of Kahrizak prison, calling it “un-standard.”

Mohammad Khatami, former president of Iran, called the events of Kahrizak prison “criminal” and added that these “crimes” will not be compensated by the mere closing of the prison.

Date: Saturday September 12, 2009
Source: VOA (Voice of America) News
Translated By: Mina Irani Azadi
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