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Security Forces Attack Sohrab Arabi Residence and Tear Sohrab's Pictures

December 24, 2009

Security Forces Attack Sohrab Arabi Residence and Tear Sohrab’s Pictures

Gooya News- According to reports, on Sunday afternoon a number of security forces attacked the residence of the Arabi family in Tehran and tore down all of Sohrab’s pictures from the apartment corridors and the entrance of the apartment.

This happened while Parvin Fahimi, Sohrab’s mother, was not at home. When Mrs. Fahimi got home and noticed what was happening, she began  to protest. According to her, the event was an an infringement of her family’s privacy.

Translated by Bahaar for Persian2English


حمله‌ مامورين امنيتی به محل سکونت خانواده‌ سهراب اعرابی و پاره کردن تصاوير سهراب

خبرنامه گويا – طبق خبر دريافتی بعدازظهر روز يکشنبه چند نفر از نيروهای امنيتی به ساختمان محل سکونت خانواده‌ی سهراب اعرابی، واقع در شهرک آپادانای تهران، حمله کرده و تمامی عکس‌های اين جوان کشته‌شده در وقايع پس از انتخابات را از کُريدورهای آپارتمان تا در ورودی خانه، کنده و پاره کردند

اين اقدام نيروهای امنيتی هنگامی صورت گرفت که پروين فهيمی، مادر سهراب در خانه نبود. خانم فهيمی هنگامی که به خانه رسيد و با اين صحنه روبرو شد به اعتراض برخاست. پروين فهيمی اين عمل را دخالت در حريم خصوصی خانواده‌ی خود ناميد

Persian Source- Gooya News

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    1. Hey you all !…Satan’s watchdogs keep on trying to intimidate and harass aren’t they?
      It seems that the only thing that scares the shit out of their skirts is the Unity among all of its citizens and their relentless manifesto, every day again&again&……,
      Until all of that Bloody, Power Addicted psycho’s in power and their obedient puppets are accompanied by all of their victims to the doors of a never-ending Hell, designed by their own diluted religious views….
      …Talk to you later again…stay alert and safe…a candle is lit for you ever since June! miryam (


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