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URGENT! Zanyar & Loghman Moradi may face execution at any moment | Report + Letter

March 07, 2012

Kurdish citizens unjustly on death row in Iran, Loghman Moradi (left) and Zanyar Moradi (right).

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Updated: March 8, 2012

“They need sacrificial lambs and they have chosen us.”
– Loghman Moradi

Persian2English After Zanyar and Loghman Moradi’s execution sentences were confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court, contorted stories of the case and the reason for arrest of these two Kurdish citizens began to be published in state-run media agencies. To counter the false claims, cousins Zanyar and Loghman wrote a letter last month from prison addressed to the public. They laid out their soul demand: “Allow our case to go through a fair judicial process.” (The English translation of their letter is included below. Please scroll down)


Date of Arrest: August 2, 2009

Prison: Rajai Shahr, Karaj

Charges: [Each]: “Moharebeh (Enmity with God). Charged as a result of an accusation by the Iranian regime that Zanyar and Loghman Moradi were involved in the 2009 assassination of Saadi, the son of a senior clergy member in Kurdistan, the Friday Prayer Imam in Marivan; “Causing sedition and depravity on Earth”.

Sentences: Death penalty. To be hanged in public. Issued on 22 December 2010, branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court- presided by Judge Salavati. They were sentenced to death for “Membership in the Komele Party” and  “Involvement in the murder of the Marivan Friday Prayer Imam’s son on the night of 5 July 2009.”

Attorney: Hossein Paidar. Zanyar and Loghman Moradi were deprived rights to their lawyer. neither a lawyer in the preliminary stage.

Amnesty International reports that Zanyar and Loghman Moradi are at IMMINENT DANGER OF EXECUTION since their “death sentences have been sent to the Office for the Implementation of Sentences, a body within the Judiciary, which is the final step before being called for execution.”

Take URGENT ACTION for Zanyar and Loghman Moradi with Amnesty International

Human rights activists in Tehran planted trees on March 5 for political prisoners on the occasion of Arbor Day. This photo displays the tree planted for Zanyar and Loghman Moradi in Tehran.

Iran Human Rights (IHR) recently released its 2011 annual report on the death penalty in Iran and revealed very disturbing and frightening figures about executions. According to the report, at least 676 people were executed in Iran in 2011. The report also stated that there are no indications that the Iranian regime’s execution machine will slow down in 2012. IHR raised particular concern regarding the case of several political prisoners including Zanyar and Loghman Moradi. 

On March 5 2012, the Madaran Park Laleh Iranian human rights group raised the urgent cases of Zanyar and Loghman Moradi at the nineteenth session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Letter by Zanyar and Loghman Moradi

Translation by Arash Azizi for Persian2English
February 7, 2012 

The experience of, 30 months in jail while condemned to death and deprived of many legal rights (E.G. contacts with family or lawyer), solitary confinement, and all the physical and physiological pressures and threats, are probably quite a [unique story] on its own.

But, the story of our imprisonment has been recounted so inaccurately that it has left us shocked. We are shocked by the dishonesty that has targeted the last thing we had to call our own: our hope.

On page 13 of the Tuesday edition of the Etelaat Newspaper (state-run media outlet) a brief report was published on our case.  Since the report cited no sources and there was no precedent for the rumors and lies launched by this publication, we were limited in our ability to appeal the report. However, considering the sensitive nature of our circumstance, we [have decided to write a few lines about the] lies spread in this strange and made-up report.

In recounting the story of our nine months of continuous interrogation in solitary cells run by the Sanandaj Ministry of Intelligence, Zanyar’s trip to Soleimanieh in Iraq to meet his dad was linked- without any evidence- to [the assassination] and Britain’s Ministry of Intelligence.

The nature of the allegation against the UK Intelligence Service is so strange that a person with any common sense would not believe it. This in itself is evidence of the type of false content included in the report. This report, unfortunately, also refers to the confessions we gave in court and includes statements we never made. We had [falsely] confessed [in court] to the assassination charge after months of enduring numerous threats and physical, sexual, and psychological tortures.

Since no evidence has ever been provided to prove the Soleimanieh and UK accusations- in the Etelaat Newspaper or in the Ministry of Intelligence reports- the forced confessions became the alternative [that would prove our guilt]. Perhaps it is this very lack of evidence that led the Etelaat Newspaper to include a quote in the report by a Friday Prayer Imam who stated that the [assassination] was strange and the cause of it unknown.

Even when we were transferred from Sanandaj to Tehran, we were interrogated by the Tehran security apparatus. There we had repeatedly stressed the fact that our confessions were false, and exposed the inhumane process taken to acquire the confessions. We even provided them with our secrets [for the chance to have the] judicial process carry on [so we could] prove our innocence and bring the attention of the authorities to the lack of evidence and just due process.

Our [death] sentences were reported to us about a month ago but reported to the prison about seven months ago. Even the manner the sentence was announced to us did not meet the minimum legal requirements. Our sentence was merely included in a report about the status of prisoners. If we could have benefited from the legal right to a lawyer and would have been able to attain a lawyer who was educated about legal rights and would have actually defended us, we could have prevented these rumours from spreading or we might not be in prison all together.

We insist that we are innocent. We repeat our demand: Allow our case to go through a fair judicial process.

Zanyar Moradi and Loghman Moradi
February 7, 2012
Rajai Shahr prison, Karaj


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Activists gathered outside the Iranian embassy in Ottawa in February 2012 to protest against the execution sentences for Zanyar and Loghman Moradi and Saeed Malekpour. The event was organized by the Free Saeed Campaign. Attendees included Alex Neve, the Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada.


Information compiled by Iranian human rights experts specializing in death penalty cases

In December 2010, branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court-presided by Judge Salavati- sentenced Zanyar Moradi and Loghman Moradi to death for “Membership in the Komeleh Party,” and “Involvement in the murder of the Marivan Friday Imam’s son on the night of 5 July 2009″.

Press TV, the Islamic Republic’s English-speaking satellite channel, quoted the Ministry of Intelligence on the arrest of “four terrorists tied to the British government in the city of Marivan”. It claimed that those arrested had committed five counts of assassination in the span of five years.  The report also claimed that weapon, evidence, and documents have been obtained from Zanyar Moradi which prove his ties to Komeleh [the armed Kurdish opposition group with its base in Iraq].

Eqbal Moradi, Zaniar Moradi’s father, who lives in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and is a high-ranking member of Komeleh, is also a co-defendant in the case.  He said in an interview with human rights activists last year: “My son was arrested 20 months ago, and after 17 months, they leveled charges of murder and assassination against him even though he had no history of political activities. He was only studying and working. My son had absolutely no ties at any time with Komeleh or any other political group.”

He added: “During the period he was detained, we had no news of him except for the two times his grandparents were able to visit him [in prison]. During these visits Zaniar stated that they had brought up unsubstantiated charges against them. Zaniar thinks that the reason behind their arrest was to put pressure on me. They do not even allow my son to call his family and they do not allow visits.”

In an initial letter from prison, Zaniar and Loghman Moradi wrote in more detail about the fact that their confessions were extracted under torture. One part of the letter stated: “We are innocent. We are victims of the cruel and inhumane torture [we suffered at the hand of] the Sanandaj Ministry of Intelligence. We had no role in this [assassination]. We deny all the accusation they have leveled against us. We ask for the help of people around the world- in particular, the United Nations, Amnesty International…”

Zanyar Moradi stated in the letter:  “In the early stages of interrogation, they asked about my father. I told them that my father has nothing to do with me. They told me, ‘You and your father are the same to us.’ The questions about my father occurred on the first day of interrogation. I was tied to a bed and lashed while vulgar language was used to insult me. After I lost consciousness, they returned me to my cell.  When I did not accept to confess to the murder, they intensified their torture.  They threatened me with sexual torture. They brought a bottle and said, ‘You either admit to the murder or you will have to sit on this bottle. You either confess or this is your other choice.’ I accepted because I was unable to withstand the tortures anymore. My testicles were bleeding and in pain. I could not bear the brutal tortures anymore. They did not even allow a doctor to see me.”

Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, human rights activist and editor of, spoke to CTV News regarding executions in Iran and mentioned Zanyar and Loghman Moradi. 

Activists in Washington D.C. hold a rally outside the Islamic Republic offices in Washington D.C. in February 2012 to protest against executions in Iran, particularly Seed Malekpour and Zanyar and Loghman Moradi. Zanyar’s father also joined the rally via phone and said a few words to the crowd.

هرانا؛ نامه زانیار و لقمان مرادی در رد اتهامات مطروحه در رسانه ها

چهارشنبه 19 بهمن 1390 ساعت 16:37 |

خبرگزاری هرانا – در پی تائید رسمی صدور حکم اعدام در دیوان عالی کشور برای دو زندانی سیاسی، زانیار و لقمان مرادی و بطبع داستان پردازی های کلاسیک دستگاه امنیتی در چگونگی بازداشت و اتهامات مطروحه که در رسانه حکومتی به صورت گسترده درج شده است، زانیار و لقمان مرادی با انتشار نامه ای سرگشاده خطاب به افکار عمومی ضمن رد این نوع اتهامات و شرح برخی ناگفته های این پرونده و چگونگی ابلاغ حکم به ایشان در زندان خواهان اعاده دادرسی در یک روند قضایی سالم شدند.

متن این نامه که در اختیار خبرگزاری هرانا قرار گرفته است به شرح زیر است:

شاید تجربه بیش از سی ماه زندان آن هم محکوم به اعدام با آن آغاز سخت سلول انفرادی و فشارهای جسمی ، روحی و تهدیدات مختلف و سپس استمرار تلخی محرومیت ازبسیاری ازحقوق قانونی چون ارتباط با خانواده و داشتن وکیل را کمتر کسی داشته است اما پس از این همه مدت شرح پرونده داستان زندانمان را اینچنین متفاوت میبینیم و دچاربهت شده ایم، بهتی همراه با هراس از اتفاقات غریب و همچنان فقدان صداقت تنها داشته امروزمان امید را نشانه گرفته است .

روز سه شنبه در روزنامه اطلاعات در صفحه سیزده گزارش مختصری ازآنچه شرح پرونده ما بود درج شده بود که باتوجه به عدم درج منبع خبر و نبود پیشینه چنین داستان سرای ها و دروغ پردازیهای از سوی روزنامه اطلاعات محدودیت فراوانی را در جهت یک اعتراض به چنین گزارشی ایجاد نموده است با این وجود به این دلیل که با چنین وضعیت خاصی که ما به آن دچاریم نمیتوان خود را به این مسائلی که تنها یک اثر روحی میتوان داشته باشد معطوف کنیم ودراین چند سطر به آنچه دروغ پردازیهای این گزارش بدیع وعجیب است میپردازیم درآنچه که در طول نه ماه بازجویهای پی درپی سلول انفرادی اطلاعات سنندج به ما گذشت لفافتی ازسفرزانیاربه سلیمانیه عراق و ملاقات پدربودن ، بدونه هیچ عبارت و داستانی به سرویس اطلاعات انگلیس اشاره شده بود .

عجیب و غریب بودن داستان نقش وحمایت سرویس اطلاعات انگلیس برای چنین تروری که هیچ عقل سلیمی نمی تواند آن را باور کند خود مستندی بر جعل و کذب بودن محتوای گزارش منتشر شده است و خود شاید یاری کننده ما در پاسخ به این دروغپردازیها باشد . متاسفانه در این گزارش در اعتراف ما در دادگاه اشاره شده است آن هم به مسائلی که ما تا مطالعه گزارش بی دقت روزنامه اطلاعات هرگز از آن خبر نداشتیم چه رسد که پیشتر به آن اقرار کرده باشیم تنها اقرار ما در دادگاه پس از ماهها فشار، تهدیدات فراوان و شکنجه جسمی ، جنسی و روحی و پذیرفتن قتل مورد اشاره بوده است

بدون اشاره ای به سلیمانیه و انگلیس که یافتن مدرکی برای بیان آنها در گزارشهای وزارت اطلاعات هم ممکن نبوده است سرانجام در این پرونده در غیاب اسناد و مدارک تنها اقرار تحت فشار جایگزین شده است و شاید همین نبود مدارک و دلیل این بوده است که در همین گزارش عجیب روزنامه اطلاعات به نقل از امام جمعه تعجب و ندانستن علت برای چنین اتفاقی ذکر شده است . حتی در زمانی که ما از سنندج به تهران منتقل شدیم مجددا مورد بازجویی نهادهای اطلاعاتی تهران قرار گرفتیم که درآنجا نیز به دفعات به کذب بودن اظهارات پیشین و افشای روند نادرست و غیرانسانی اعترافات پرداختیم و اسرار خود را درادامه دادرسی و بی گناهی و کذب بودن اظهارات پیشین و تلاش برای متوجه ساختن مسئولان امر به نبود مدارک و مستندات و فقدان آنچه دادرسی عادلانه است؛ قرار دادیم.

البته در مورد حکم صادره ما نیز حدود یک ماه پیش و در حکمی که بیش از هفت ما پیش به زندان ابلاغ شده بود مطلع شدیم البته نه اینکه حکمی به ما ابلاغ گردد تا حداقل اتفاق قانونی رخ داده باشد بلکه تنها دراعلام وضعیت زندانی چنین مسئله ای درج شده است تا از ابهام به غریب به یقین تبدیل شود وضعیت مبهمی که اگر خواست قانونی داشتن وکیل در حین مراحل دادرسی اجابت میشد ما از حق داشتن وکیل برخوردار بودیم تا فردی آگاه به حقوق قانونی و به دفاع از ما می پرداخت شاید امروزه نه ما در زندان بودیم و نه اثری از این داستان پردازیها بود.

در پایان بار دیگربربی گناهی خود تاکید نموده و خواسته اصلی خود که اعاده دادرسی در یک روند سالم قضای بیان مینمایم

زانیار مرادی و لقمان مرادی


زندان رجایی شهر کرج

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