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Gravely ill political prisoner denied hospitalization; almost paralyzed

June 23, 2012

Image via Hossein Mahoutiha

Persian2EnglishAccording to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Iranian authorities have denied imprisoned human rights activist Jafar Eghdami the right to hospitalization, even though his medical and judicial reports have been cleared.

Jafar Eghdami, who is currently held in hall 12 of Rajai Shahr prison and suffers from a rare neurological syndrome, is close to the point of the complete paralysis of his body. Even though the imprisoned human rights activist has acquired the necessary documents to allow a transfer to the hospital, prison authorities have stated that it would not be possible until *July 1.

Despite Eghdami’s harsh physical illness and the severe pain he endures, prison authorities will not allow a transfer to the hospital on the pretense that the hospital is unable to accommodate Eghdami due to a shortage of staff, equipment, and supplies.

On June 17, Jafar Eghdami was taken to Rasoul Akram hospital in Tehran for tests and treatment but Iranian authorities refused him entrance inside the building of the hospital. Eghdami’s current physical condition is so dire that he is usually unable to walk or perform personal tasks.

Jafar Eghdami is currently serving his second prison term; on the charge of participating in a ceremony at Khavaran cemetery dedicated to victims of the Iran mass executions of the 1980′s and reciting a poem at the ceremony. He was initially sentenced to five years in prison by the lower court but, in an unprecedented move, an appeals court increased Eghdami’s sentence to 10 years.

*Even though prison authorities have stated July 1 as a possible date for the transfer of Jafar Eghdami to the hospital, there is no guarantee or security whether the authorities would follow through with their claim.


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Did you know? Jafar Eghdami was among more than a dozen political prisoners who launched a hunger strike last year in protest to the deaths of Hoda Saber and Haleh Sahabi. 


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شنبه 03 تیر 1391 ساعت 06:38 |

بهانه مسئولین شعبه اعزام زندان رجایی شهر نداشتن نیروی کافی و احتمال بستری شدن جعفر اقدامی در بیمارستان عنوان شده است.

گفتنی‌‍ست، قرار بود یکشنبه هفته گذشته ۲۸ خرداد ماه جعفر اقدامی جهت انجام آزمایشات و درمان به بیمارستان رسول اکرم تهران اعزام شود که با مخالفت مسئولین اعزام روبرو شد. با وجود بیماری سخت جسمی و درد طاقت فرسا، مسئولین زندان اعلام کرده‌اند تا تاریخ ۱۱ تیرماه امکان اعزام جعفر اقدامی به بیمارستان وجود ندارد.

لازم به یاد آوریست، وضعیت جسمی جعفر اقدامی بقدری وخیم است که در اکثر مواقع قادر به راه رفتن و انجام کارهای شخصی خویش نیز نمی‌باشد.

جعفر اقدامی که دومین محکومیت سیاسی خویش را سپری می‌کند به جرم شرکت در مراسم سالگرد اعدامهای دهه ۶۰ در گورستان خاوران و خواندن شعری به یاد قربانیان آن دهه ابتدا به ۵ سال حبس و پس از تجدید نظر خواهی در اقدامی نامتعارف به ۱۰ سال حبس محکوم شد.

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