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The Green Movement and the International Crisis brought about by the Coup- Sept. 25, '09

September 27, 2009


Analysis from Green Revolution:
The Green Movement and the International Crisis brought about by the Coup

After the shameful speech made by the head of the coup d’état in the UN, and the statement of the group 20 in Pittsburg, it was clear that the international community is seriously trying to put an end to the suspicious atomic program of Iran. It is obvious that the current government of Iran does not have an executive power, and the group calling itself “government agents” is only a mask to hide the real power: the military group which works under the supreme leader’s orders. It is clear now that this group is either trying to remain in power by producing atomic weapons, or trying to purposefully make the international community have suspicions about Iran. Also, the party of the coup has created a kind of hollowness in the political scene of the country by suppressing and creating fear amongst all other groups, parties and political figures, and therefore it has blocked all legal and judicial influence in the matters of the country. It is now obvious that this group is trying to turn Iran into something like Afghanistan under the force of Taliban.

The trip of Ahmadinejad to the UN was a complete failure from both the political view and the view of the media. The Iranians living in America, and also other liberals and peace lovers, made an uncompensable damage to the coup government by their amazing and effective participation. However, this is not the end; but rather we should say that the Green Movement has ended one phase of its battle, and now it should start a new phase. So we should take into account new observations and methods, and try to use them to schedule the next move. Some suggestions are presented here:

1- Currently, due to massive demonstration in and out of the country, it has been easy to inform the world of the coup d’état, and now most people of the world know that the statements of Ahmadinejad are all lies and he is not legitimate. Even though it is very important to reveal the murders, tortures and organized terrorist activities of the government, but this is not our primary concern anymore. Now we should start strengthening our networks and resistance forces, and try to activate and attract other groups and parties. It is important to know that in the world we will always have those who will stay “ignorant”, and sometimes it is more important to inform those who are not ignorant. Therefore we should no longer focus on using economical problems, industrial losses and sport failures to prove the worthlessness of the coup government. This government is illegal and illegitimate, and even if it had the best economical records, it still should be uprooted. Since it is already proven that this government is illegal, it is ok to do any non-violent activities against it, and there is no need to explain each of these activities.

2- The verbal games of the coup government should end forever. For a while now the live forces of the public have been suppressed, either by accusing them of working for the “enemies” or because of their own different thought and beliefs, and this only reinforces the dictatorship. The opposition always has its internal conflicts over matters such as the flag, slogans the national anthem, and ideologies, because they believe that there is a difference between the internal system and the external system of oppositions of the country and so the internal system cannot contact the external opposition because this will make a lot of noise in the media. The new demonstrations in New York was a lesson in this matter: the Iranians used pictures of Mousavi, Karoubi, different flags, beliefs and ideologies to stand against the leader of the coup and against the taking away of human rights, and so outstanding pictures and scenes were created, and the world became aware that the Iranian community, with all these different beliefs and colors, stands united against this leadership. Also considering all the terrorist acts of the government, the critics inside of Iran have no more advantage over the ones who are outside, and it is a big mistake for them to think that this government could change for the better, and to still keep their distance from the over-the-border oppositions. This kind of thinking is against all human rights and spiritual beliefs and also inhibits the formation of a civil community, and it will only be in favor of the coup government. In a civil community, all religions, preferences, groups, beliefs and all citizens who pay tax and do not violently try to have their way, should be guaranteed to have all human rights. That is why the Civil Movement of Iran moves, despite the accusations of Ahmad Tavakoli and Mohsen Ghera’ati, and if it were to sink so low to their levels, it would certainly be defeated. However we should understand that in a civil community those like Tavakoli and Ghera’ati also have the freedom of speech, like all other groups, religions, seculars, reformists, communists, and etc. and therefore they cannot call their views “the system” and they cannot judge the beliefs and slogans of other citizens. If such thing as “system” exists, the slogans shouted by millions on Qods Day would be the slogans of the system, and Tavakoli would have the right to criticize the slogan “not for Gaza, not for Lebanon, I only die for Iran”. Some power seeking groups can never understand their position in the community, and they only want people to see them. Naturally until such groups deny each others’ rights, and until there are still conflicts between the civil units and organizations, only the most violent and abusive social group can rule over the others.

3- The coup government and its supportive military forces are bound to fail, and they have no other choice. However the people of Iran still have a choice”: the people (with all their varied opinions and beliefs) can either be destroyed along with this government, or they can destroy the government themselves. Today we can say that even if the coup government does not want to produce atomic weapons, it is still trying to have a military attack on the international community. They believe that if they produce more massive crisis, they can pass the crisis that they caused themselves. Therefore the responsibility of any limitation, war and conflict only falls upon the coup government and the people should not have to pay for these actions. So the more international limitations that are put upon the country, will not take away this responsibility from the people of the Green Movement of Iran, but rather it will turn Iran into Afghanistan or Iraq, and increase the responsibility of the people. Therefore it is important for the movement to accelerate parallel to the limitations that are being put upon the country by international communities, so the coup government can be defeated before a war strikes. It is difficult to take batons and tear gases, but it is not worse than the consequences of a war.

4- Since the political atmosphere is very dense in Iran, and limitations and censorship are high in independent media, and the government-affiliated media are only spreading organized lies, we should not be disappointed when we hear rumors about secret agreements with America, or when we hear suspicious messages under the name of the leaders of the Green Movement. Even if supposedly the leaders of the movement change their views on the goals of the movement, the strategies and principal methods about producing social networks and strengthening the public against the government stay the same. A very important condition for having a democracy is strengthening the civilized community and banning the government from interfering with private patters, and little interference in public matters. Therefore we should try to strengthen the community and have a civilized, non violent battle against all interfering agents and symbols of the governments.

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Date: Friday, September 25th, 2009
Source: Green Revolution

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