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Letter from Death Row: Zanyar and Loghman Moradi Cry for Life

September 08, 2013

Zanyar (left) and Loghman (right) Moradi have been imprisoned and in danger of execution since their unlawful arrested on August 2, 2009.

New letter from young Kurdish political prisoners Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, addressed to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran) and Human Rights advocacy institutions: “Save us from execution!

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran.

Dear Dr. Ahmed Shaheed,


Receiving such a letter [from a political prisoner] may not be anything new to you, but we [Zanyar and Loghman Moradi] [have no option but to] rely on and seek the help of the United Nations and Human Rights organizations in order to prove our innocence and save our lives from the unjust death sentences that have been imposed on us. If needed, we will write [more] letters [to you] in order to save ourselves from our intricate situation and this unjust sentence.

As we have communicated to you before, we have endured much pain and suffering in the past five years. [We have been subjected to:] scenarios fabricated by the Ministry of Intelligence, acts of revenge and hatred aimed to destroy the youth [of this land], isolation from our families, and ordeals better left unsaid so that we [don’t conjure up] the bitter and unpleasant memories associated with them. After enduring all the suffering, and despite the spread of information about our situation, we continue to feel extreme agony and fatigue. However, [Human Rights organizations and the United Nations] have helped prevent the spread of our wounds [and the weakening of our resolve by providing us with humanitarian aid]. We owe being alive up until now to their efforts. Another reason is that our innocence has given us the self-confidence to repeatedly state the fact that we have been victims of a false and fabricated judicial case filed against us.

As we have written in the past, in all stages of our case, from arrest to the time the sentence was handed down, the laws were belligerently broken. [Some of these unlawful acts include:] Long and severe torture, which led to the maiming of our bodies; months-long solitary confinement; lack of the possibility to visit with or even make phone calls to our family members; intimidation; personal and religious insults; and forcing us to make false, self-incriminating confessions.

We have no hope in the Islamic Republic to investigate and follow up with our case. However, as two young men on death row, as two men who live under the shadow of imminent death, we expect you to [take the necessary measures] in order to restore the violated rights of us, two Kurdish citizens, and  other prisoners of conscience as well.

Thank you,

Zanyar Moradi
Loghman Moradi
Ghohardasht Prison [Rajai Shahr Prison] , Karaj, Iran
September 5, 2013



Date of Arrest: August 2, 2009

Prison: Rajai Shahr (I.e. Gohardasht), Karaj

Charges (each): “Moharebeh (Enmity with God). Charged as a result of an accusation by the Iranian regime that Zanyar and Loghman Moradi were involved in the 2009 assassination of Saadi, the son of a senior clergy member in Kurdistan, the Friday Prayer Imam in Marivan; “Causing sedition and depravity on Earth”.

Sentences: Death penalty. To be hanged in public. Issued on 22 December 2010, branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court- presided by Judge Salavati. They were sentenced to death for “Membership in the Komele Party” and “Involvement in the murder of the Marivan Friday Prayer Imam’s son on the night of 5 July 2009.”

Attorney: Hossein Paidar, however Islamic Republic authorities have deprived Zanyar and Loghman Moradi of their right to a lawyer throughout all judicial stages of their case.

Amnesty International reports that Zanyar and Loghman Moradi are at IMMINENT DANGER OF EXECUTION since their “death sentences have been sent to the Office for the Implementation of Sentences, a body within the Judiciary, which is the final step before being called for execution.”

Please click here for more information on Zanyar and Loghman Moradi and how you may take action.


فرياد دو جوان محکوم به اعدام٬ زانيار و لقمان مرادی خطاب به احمد شهيد و نهادهای مدافع حقوق انسانی نگذاريد اعدام شويم!

با سلام و احترام جناب آقاي دکتر احمد شهيد

نگارش اين نامه از طرف ما دو نفر زانيار مرادي و لقمان مرادي شايد براي شما تازگي نداشته باشد٬ اما ما دو نفر براي اثبات بي گناهي و نجات دادن جان خود از حکم ناحق اعدام٬ به سازمان ملل و مجامع حقوق بشري تکيه و خواستار کمک هستيم و از آنها ياري ميطلبيم. حتي اگر لازم باشد ما اين نگارش را چندين بار تکرار خواهيم کرد تا بتوانيم از وضعيت دشوار و حکم ناعادلانه و غير انساني اعدام رهايي يابيم. همانطور که قبلا هم به اطلاع شما رسانديم٬ به مدت پنج سال است ما درد و رنجهاي بسياري را تحمل کرده ايم. از سناريو سازيهاي وزارت اطلاعات از کينه و انتقام گيريهايي که جوانان را به نابودي ميکشانند٬ دوري از خانواده هايمان و چيزهايي که شايد بازگو نکردن آن براي ما بهتر باشد تا آن خاطره هاي تلخ و ناگوار را از ياد ببريم. بعد از اين همه مدت تحمل درد و رنجها و خبر رساني ما همچنان درد و خستگي شديدي احساس ميکنيم. اما چيزهايي وجود دارد که مانع گسترش اين زخم ميشود. يکي اينکه سازمانهاي حقوق بشري و سازمان ملل اقدامات انسان دوستانه را در حق ما دريغ نکرده و تا امروز هم زنده ماندن خود را مديون اين سازمانها ميدانيم. ديگري بي گناه بودن خودمان اين اعتماد بنفس را به ما داده است که مرتب اعلام کنيم در حق ما و عليه ما پرونده سازي صورت گرفته است.

همانطور که قبلا هم برايتان نوشته بوديم٬ تمامي مراحل پرونده ما از زمان بازداشت تا اعلام حکم با قانون شکني هاي شديد همراه بوده است. شکنجه هاي شديد و طولاني مدت که منجر به نقض اعضاي بدن ما شده است. يادآوري چندين ماهه زندان انفرادي و عدم امکان ملاقات و حتي تلفن با اعضا ي خانواده٬ تهديدها و توهين ها ي شخصي و اعتقادي و… وادار نمودن ما به اعترافات کاذب و نادرست عليه خود٬ تنها بخش کوچکي از اين قانون شکني هاي مرتبط با پرونده ما است.

جناب دکتر احمد شهيد!

ما هيچ اميدي به پيگيريهاي قانوني جمهوري اسلامي نداشته و نداريم. اما به عنوان دو جواني که در زير حکم اعدام بسر ميبريم و هر لحظه سايه مرگ را بر سر خود مي بينيم٬ از شما انتظار داريم تا با اقدامات وپيگيريهاي موثر خود در جوامع بين المللي٬ حقوق از دست رفته اين دو شهروند کرد و ساير زندانيان سياسي عقيدتي را دنبال نماييد و در جهت احقاق حقوق آنها تلاشهاي لازم را انجام دهيد.

با تشکر زانيار و لقمان مرادي زندان گوهردشت ايران

14 . 06. 1392

باز تکثير از کميته بين المللي عليه اعدام

۷ سپتامبر ۲۰۱٣

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