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Jailed Blogger in Urgent Need of Furlough Launches Medicinal Strike in Prison

January 20, 2014

mohammad reza pourshajari

Persian2English Mitra reports that her blogger father Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, 54, is on a pharmaceutical (medicinal) strike in Ghezel Hesar Prison. According to his daughter, Pourshajari, also known by his pen name Siamak Mehr launched the strike to protest against medical neglect and maltreatment by Iranian authorities. She says Iranian authorities have also deprived her father of his right to a lawyer, furlough and in-person family visits.

Mitra Pourshajari tells Rooz that she is deeply worried about her father’s physical health and wellbeing. Iranian authorities reportedly have him detained in hall 7 of Ghezel Hesar Prison.

More on Mr. Pourshajari by the NGO Justice for Iran: Legal Case Summary.

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Please take a few minutes out of your day to take Urgent Action with Amnesty International for Mohammad Reza Pourshajari.Spread the word.

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