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Man Detained by Iranian Authorities for 2 Decades Without Furlough Gives Risky Interview to Exiled Iranian Journalist

February 03, 2014

iran prison mohammad nazari

Persian source Gooya News
Translation Siavosh Jalili

Persian2English – London based Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad has managed to interview Mohammad Nazari, an Iranian man detained by Iranian authorities in Rajai Shahr Prison. A big risk to give a media interview for a man who Iranian authorities have locked up for reportedly nearly 20 years without a day of furlough (since 1994). Mr. Nazari was 23 years old when Iranian authorities arrested him. He was arrested on the charge of “Membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Party”.

On the question about whether he knows about Internet and Facebook he says, “It is very difficult to answer your question. It is like asking one of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, ‘What is a car?’ I had not even seen a cellphone before [my arrest]. All I know about the Internet is what I have heard from others…The only person I miss is my mother, but she passed away. I don’t miss anyone else. My family has banished me…I have spent 20 *springs in prison, but for a prisoner all seasons are bad. I can’t see the leaves of the trees sprout. I can’t see the changes in nature during the summers and autumns…My biggest wish is to see a government (and system) in Iran that recognizes and respects the rights of all Iranians– no matter is they are Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, Sunni or Baha’i…”

*The Persian New Year, Norooz, celebrates the first day of Spring and lasts for 12 days.

Further reading from RUDAW on Mohammad Nazari: Kurdish Prisoner in Iran Who Sewed His Lips Tells Story in Rare Interview

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