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Local Sources in Baluchestan: Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence Buried 7 Bodies in Secret

February 08, 2014

secret graves

Persian2English — The Ministry of Intelligence has reportedly secretly buried seven bodies in Zahedan (Sistan & Baluchestan Province’s capital).

Local sources have told “The Baloch Activists Campaign” that on the morning of Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, Ministry of Intelligence agents buried the bodies of individuals whose identities are unknown. Given that the bodies have been buried in unmarked graves and in an area of the cemetery that is away from the public’e eyes, it is possible that these individuals had been executed in secret.

In recent months, many of the executions carried out by Iranian authorities have been in secret.

Translation Siavosh Jalili
Source The Baloch Activists Campaign

More information on secret executions in Iran.

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