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Iran’s Authorities Deny Ailing Prisoner of Conscience Her Right to Medical Treatment

May 30, 2014

zeynab jalalianPersian2English – Arash Nezami, an Iranian journalist in Sweden, has reported on the situation of Zeynab Jalalian, a peaceful rights activist who has been imprisoned by the Iranian authorities for the past seven years.  Jalalian, about 31 years old, is reportedly suffering from an eye condition called Pterygium , but the Prosecutor’s office in Iran’s province of Kermanshah has reportedly prevented her from the right to undergo surgery. Iranian authorities have not provided an explanation as to why Jalalian’s fundamental right to seek the proper medical treatment has been denied. Her eye condition has resulted in weakened and blurry vision and, according to close sources, she also suffers from multiple other illnesses that she has contracted in prison.

Iranian authorities arrested Jalalian in 2007 and sentenced her to death in 2009 for “Moharebeh” (enmity against God). In 2011 international pressure caused the Iranian authorities to commute her death sentence to life in prison.

According to Jalalian, Iranian authorities have brutally tortured and sexually abused her in prison. Close sources say authorities have granted her no access to her lawyer during her trial, which lasted only a few minutes. There is reportedly no evidence to prove the accusations presented against her in court.

Close sources say Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence may be denying Jalalian her basic prisoner rights because she has refused to cooperate with Iranian authorities to provide them with false, televised confessions. Human rights NGOs and United Nations officials say denying a prisoner of their right to medical care constitutes as a form of torture. Jalalian is being tortured by authorities in order to provide them with confessions.

One of the main promises Hassan Rouhani made during his election campaign was to help release political prisoners from Iranian jails. Jalalian has been suffering behind bars for reasons unknown to her, her family, and rights activists, yet the new Iranian President has not taken any action to help this young woman.

Jalalian belongs to the Kurdish ethnic minority group in Iran. Ethnic minority groups in Iran, including Kurds, Arabs, Afghans, Baluchis, Azerbaijanis are the most oppressed by the Iranian authorities.

Earlier in the week Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, editor in chief of Persian2english, talked to Nowroz TV about the situation of Zeynab Jalalian. In one part of the interview she says Iranian authorities need false, televised confessions from Jalalian in order to prove her “guilt” and justify why they had issued a death sentence to her and why she has spent the last seven years behind bars.

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    1. It is both a religious and human right to recieve medical care


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