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Urgent Action: Iran’s Authorities Plan to Execute an Innocent Man on Death Row

May 31, 2014

gholamreza khosraviPersian2English – Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist residing in the UK, has interviewed two of Gholamreza Khosravi’s family members.  Below is a summary translation of that interview:

Family member 1: We’re standing in front of Rajai Shahr Prison and we’re waiting for [prison authorities] to grant us a prison visit. On Wednesday [prison authorities] transferred Gholamreza to the Implementation of Sentences office in Evin Prison. Then they transferred him to Rajai Shahr Prison’s quarantine ward, then to solitary confinement. [Prison authorities called us] and told us to come for a [final] prison visit. They expect us to drag Gholamreza’s [senior] mother from [Isfahan to Karaj] for a prison visit. Authorities had called Gholamreza’s wife and told her you better come see him. Why all this pressure?

The authorities told us: “Don’t you know what his sentence is? If you want to see him you better come now. You better not say to us tomorrow [when it is too late] that we didn’t grant you a prison visit.”

They somehow converted a six-year prison sentence to a death sentence. What has he done to deserve this? Which of the authorities in Iran helped us through  this injustice? None of them. We’ve even gone to the Supreme Leader’s [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] office. None of them have paid any attention to us. Authorities are playing games with us. They want to inflict psychological pressures on us. They want to create an atmosphere of chaos.

Day and night all we do is worry. We can’t even eat or sleep. Gholamreza’s judicial sentence is completely unlawful. [Why is he sentenced to Moharebeh?] Gholamreza has never even seen a gun from close up. His only crime is providing some financial support to a satellite TV station (affiliated with the People’s Mujahedin of Iran – PMOI). That is the only so-called crime he has committed. Does Gholamreza’s action deserve the death penalty?
There’s no one to hear our voices. We are pleading with the international community to help us. Executions can destroy families. The Iranian authorities don’t even consider the wellbeing of the families. They just operate emotionally. [Gholamreza Khosravi] was among the prisoners brutally attacked by Iranian authorities during the raid on Evin Prison’s Ward 350].
Iranian authorities dragged Gholamreza from Ward 350 to solitary confinement and accused him of being one of the perpetrators of the chaos that occurred in Ward 350. They use this as an excuse to handcuff him and transfer him to Rajai Shahr Prison.

Amnesty International has taken quick action to help #SaveKhosravi: Halt the execution of #GholamrezaKhosravi

Family member 2: I have a question for the authorities who have accused Gholamreza of “Enmity against God” and “Corruption on Earth”, what has Gholamreza done to deserve these charges? Do you even know who Gholamreza is? Gholamreza is a man who has even affected his prison guard. When we go visit Gholamreza in prison even his prison guard tells us to send his hellos to Gholamreza. Does this type of person deserve execution? How is a person like Gholamreza corrupt? I’ve been to Qom six times to visit the clerics in order to get them to show some mercy to Gholamreza. They have all told me that they will not interfere in the politics.

Editor’s note: Since this interview was conducted, prison authorities granted Gholamreza Khosravi’s family a prison visit. They have told Persian2English that his hands and feet were shackled and they were instructed to say their last goodbyes. The family says prison authorities have issued Khosravi the official papers confirming that he will be executed at any moment.

Gholamreza Khosravi’s only hope is you, the international community. Please take action on Twitter using hashtags: #SaveKhosravi and #GholamrezaKhosravi

Find a list of world officials to tag in your tweets here

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