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“People like Qasem Soleimani are one of the main reasons why ISIS came to be”

December 02, 2014

qasem soleimaniPersian2English — Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps‘s Quds Force, is on the front cover of Newsweek magazine. In light of this development, Abbas Hakimzadeh, a prominent student activist and former political prisoner in Iran, who is living in exile in the USA, posted a note on his Facebook wall that has been translated by Persian2English. In the note Hakimzadeh criticizes Iranians who appear to be proud of Soleimani:

To hell with our rebellious desire to be visible and stand out. I believe us Iranians are ordinary people who are trapped in our pride and thus suffer from a superiority complex. As far as I am aware, this superiority complex stems from many years ago, perhaps from the time of Reza Khan, and carries on today. This superiority complex affects Iranians in general – whether or not they are young, old, a politician or an intellectual.

In some cases this desire to be visible and stand out has completely changed the direction of the country. To satisfy this desire or need, we seem to be willing to do anything, even if it means [supporting] someone like Qasem Soleimani. The fact that Soleimani’s photo is on the front cover of a credible publication seems to be enough for a number of us to feel honoured and proud, regardless of the fact that the policies of the Islamic Republic in the region – which have been carried out by individuals like Soleimani – are one of the main reasons why Syria is up in flames, more than a hundred thousand people have been killed, millions of people have been displaced, and ISIS came to be. Never mind that the misery of the people in Iran today is because of individuals like Soleimani.

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    1. “Newsweek” is far from being a “credible publication.” It is a liberal and defunct magazine that is well know for being devoid of any logic or credible position. It’s anti-American, if anything.


    1. Pour l’opposant Iranien Abbas Hakimzadeh des gens comme le Pasdaran Qasem Soleimani sont l’une des principales raisons pour lesquelles l’ISIS en est actuellement la | soliranparis Blog

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