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Political prisoner, Ali Saremi, sentenced to death, warns about a repeat of massacre // Available in 4 languages: English, Farsi, Italian, German

January 01, 2010

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Political prisoner, Ali Saremi, sentenced to death, warns about a repeat of massacre

Ali Saremi, a 62-year-old political prisoner, has sent out a message from prison warning about the intentions of the clerical regime’s leaders to carry out a massacre of political prisoners and the uprising’s detainees.
Mr. Saremi, who has spent a total of 23 years in the prisons of the Shah and the current regime, was last arrested in the summer of 2007 for attending a ceremony marking the 19th anniversary of the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners by the Iranian regime in 1988.

On Tuesday, December 29, 2009, the clerical regime’s henchmen sentenced Mr. Saremi to death without adhering to due legal process.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Secretary General, Security Council, High Commissioner for Human Rights, and all human rights organizations to enact urgent measures to prevent the execution of Mr. Saremi and other political prisoners.

Below is the text of Mr. Saremi’s message:

In the name of God

The dawn of hope, once ensnared
No matter if the hidden veil comes out
For the dark night nears its end

Simultaneous with the growing tide of the Iranian people’s just uprising for freedom and for saving our land from the clutches of tyranny, the regime seeks to arrest and even execute a number of innocent people in order to cultivate fear and terror in the hearts of the people and youths, hoping to deflect their anger and protests. That is why, perhaps with the death sentence issued to myself yesterday, there may be signs that the regime has instigated another plan for a massacre. This is while, even in the context of this regime’s laws, I have not committed any crimes, except for paying my respects and praying for the massacred political prisoners who are buried in the mass graves of Khavaran, more than two years ago.

It is clear that my death sentence lacks a legal basis and their only goal of hanging me is to intimidate the people and youths of this country, and scare them away from pursuing their demands. Therefore, in these days which are symbolized by the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, I deem it appropriate to once again say these words inspired by the leader of freedom-loving people [Imam Hussein]:

If Mohammad’s path, and now our own country’s fate, won’t see peace except if the blood of me and people like me is shed, then nooses of the gallows, take me now!

My blood is not any different than the blood of Neda [Agha Soltan] and other young people whose blood is shed daily on the streets. This will only add to the righteousness of this path, and our fearlessness and pride, especially in the days of Muharram and especially because it is at the hands of the most cruel human beings.

In the end, I would like to bring it to the attention of everyone around the world and all humanitarians, that the regime is seeking to take me, people like me, or some of the young people and prisoners to the gallows so that it can intimidate and terrify the people with our corpses, just like Ibn Ziad did [one of the governors of tyrant caliph Yazid, who beheaded a messenger from Imam Hussein to terrify people].

The Tehran Prosecutor, the regime’s Majlis [Parliament] Speaker, Larijani, and some of the other criminal officials of the regime have also repeated this with utter shamelessness on state-run TV in order to intimidate people. But, there is no doubt that such sentences and threats will not result in the slightest retreat by myself or any of my compatriots on the path of establishing a free Iran.

And, as a father who has spent 23 years of his life in the prisons of the previous and current regimes in defense of freedom in this homeland, I declare to the likes of Larijani and other criminals:

In your existence, you must live a pure life
How tainted I would be if I fail to build my faith as sturdy as a mountain
A higher legacy towering over the lifeless dirt

Ali Saremi,
Political prisoner at Gohardasht prison
December 30, 2009

English Source: NCRI


پیام زندانی سیاسی پس از ابلاغ حکم اعدام به او

انتشار: فعالین حقوق بشر و دمکراسی در ایران

پیام زندانی سیاسی علی صارمی پس از ابلاغ حکم به او

بنام خدا

صبح اميد كه شد معتكف پرده غيب

گو برون آي كه كار شبِ تار آخرشد

همزمان با اوج گيري قيام حق طلبانه مردم ايران براي نيل به آزادي ونجات ميهن از دست استبدادديكتاتوري , رژيم ميخواهد با دستگيري وحتي اعدام شماري ازمردم بيگناه به ايجاد رعب ووحشت دردل مردم وجوانان مبادرت ورزد ؛ تاشايد بدين وسيله جلوي خشم واعتراض آنها را بگيرد به همين دليل با صدور حكم اعدامي كه همين ديروز به اينجانب ابلاغ گرديد چه بسا كه پروژه قتل عامي ديگر را كليك زده است آن هم درشرايطي كهاينجانب حتي درچارچوب قضا وقانون همين رژيم هم مرتكب هيچ جرمي نشده مگر حضوري ساده براي اداي احترام وفاتحه اي براي زندانيان قتل عام شده درگورستان جمعي خاوران آن هم دردوسال واندي قبل.

پرواضح است كه حكم من هيچ مبناي قانوني نداشته وتنها ميخواهند با اعدام اينجانب مردم وجوانان اين ميهن رامرعوب ساخته و آنها را درپيگيري مطالباتشان به وحشت اندازند لذا دراين ايام حسيني :مناسب مي بينم كه يكبارديگر اززبان سرورم آزادگان فرياد بر آرم ك

اگر آيين محمد واكنون ميهن ما جز با ريختن خون من وامثال من به سامان نمي رسد پس اي طنابهاي دار مرا دربگيريد

خون من قطعا ازخون نداها وديگر جوانان كه روزانه برسنگفرش هاي خيابان مي ريزد رنگين تر نيست وجز برحقانيت , جسارت وافتخار ما نمي افزايد آن هم درماه محرم وبه دست شقي ترين آدمها

درانتهاهمه جهانيان وانسان دوستان را متوجه اين موضوع ميكنم كه رژيم قصد دارد كه من وامثال من ويا برخي ازجوانان وزندانيان را به پاي چوبه هاي دار بكشاند تاهمانند ابن زياد بانمايش اجساد آنها همه را مرعوب ومتوحش سازد

اين را دادستان تهران ,لاريجاني رييس مجلس وبرخي مقامات جنايتكار رژيم براي ارعاب مردم با وقاحت تمام درتلويزيون هم اعلام كرده اند ولي ترديدي نيست كه چنين احكام وتهديدهايي كمترين خللي درآماده بودن من وهموطنانم براي تحقق ايراني آزاد به وجود نمي آورد

:وبه عنوان پدري كه حدود 23 سال ازعمر خود را براي ازادي دراين سرزمين ورژيم قبل ورژيم كنوني درزندان به سربرده است , به لاريجاني ها وديگر جنايتكاران اعلام ميكنم كه

گربدين سان زيست بايد پاك

من چه ناپاكم اگر ننشانم از ايمان خود چون كوه

يادگاري برتر از بي بقاي خاك


علي صارمي زنداني سياسي گوهردشت

نهم ديماه

Link to Persian Source where the text was taken from : Freedom Messenger

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