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Video Update: Lar residents clash with anti-riot police

February 05, 2010

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Latest News on the Lar Protests

Anti-riot police in Lar on February 5, 2010

Iran News Agency – On the morning of Thursday February 4, 2010, there was a large protest [gathering] in Lar, and it continued until past 2:30am.

A local authority ordered all shop owners to open their doors to business A large majority of the people in Lar protested loudly [to this order] by chanting slogans.

Some of the chants were:

Death to the Compromiser; Peace be upon Muhammad, everyone has made noise; Worthless leaders resign, resign; Lar has to become a province; We are all in this together.”

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Lar demonstrations February 2, 2010. People chant: “I will kill who kills my brother”

Lar residents attack banks and clash with anti-riot police
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February 2, 2010

Today, people from the city of Lar (in Fars province) clashed with anti-riot police forces and attacked Melli and Mellat banks and a police station.  The clashes were a result of the people’s discontent over the decision to turn Gerash, a nearby village, into a city.

Some windows were smashed and people were arrested and injured. Anti-riot police used tear gas and fired shots to disperse [the crowd]. The people  reacted by fighting back. Consequently, a number of people were injured and were sent to Imam Reza hospital, the city’s only hospital.

There were many arrests, but only 16 have been transferred to Shiraz so far. Yesterday and today the [police force] has arrested 120 people, and ten of them have been released so far. People are banned from traveling and anti-riot police are remaining in the streets.  [City officials] have promised that a group from Tehran would be arriving today at 3:00pm to investigate the people’s claims. The people believe that this is a lie.   Additionally, according to reports, strikes are being planned that will result in shops in the city closing their doors until the people receive their rights.

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آخرین خبرها از شهرستان لار؛ حمله مردم به بانکها

گزارش دریافتی: حمله مردم خشمگين شهرستان لار به بانکها و شهرباني و نيروهاي ضد شورش

امروز مردم خشمگين لار با حمله به بانکهاي ملي وملت وشهرباني لار با شکستن شيشه هاي اين اماکن با نيروهاي ويژه ضد شورش اعزامي از شيراز درگير شدند که منجربه دستگيري و مجروح شدن تعدادي از مردم گرديد.نيروهاي ضد شورش از گاز اشک آور و تير اندازي براي متفرق کردن مردم استفاده کردند.لازم به ذکر است که طبق اعلام مردم اعتصاب و تعطيلي مغازه هاي اين شهرستان تا حصول مردم لار به حقوق خود ادامه خواهد داشت.

Source: Iran Press News / Planet Iran
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درگيري بين مردم و مامورين انتظامي در شهر لار

خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر 13 بهمن: براساس گزارشات دريافتي از لار از ديروز دوشنبه درگيري بين مردم و نيروهاي انتظامي در شهر شروع شده است و امروز نيز ادامه داشت. علت اين درگيري اختلاف مردم با مامورين بر سر شهرستان شدن گراش يكي از روستاهاي اين شهر بوده است. مردم به اين امر اعتراض كرده و در اين درگيريها شيشه هاي بانكهاي مقابل حسينيه اعظم را شكسته اند، مامورين به مردم تيراندازي كرده و با گاز اشك آور به مردم حمله ور شده اند ،مردم نيز آنها را گوشمالي داده و كتك زده اند تعداد زيادي از مردم زخمي شده اند كه در بيمارستان امام رضا كه تنها بيمارستان شهر است،بستري شده اند.

تعداد بازداشتي ها خيلي زياد بوده كه فقط 16 نفر را به شيراز منتقل كرده اند ديروز و امروز 120 نفر ديگر را بازداشت كرده اند ، 10 نفر آزاد و بقيه در حال حاضر در بازداشت هستند.تا ساعت 1200 امروز سه شنبه مانع تردد مردم در سطح شهر بودند و مامورين گارد ويژه در شهر مستقر هستند. امروز سه شنبه ساعت 15 جلوي حسينه اعظم تجمع ميكنند و قول داده اند از تهران براي رسيدگي به كارشان بيايند كه مردم ميگفتند اين حرفها دروغ است.

Source: Freedom Messenger

  • Balatarin
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    1. Could anybody please explain the background for the discontent. I mean, article does not really explain the reason for the riots. Would making Gerash a city will somehow lower the amount of money provided for development and/or services given to people of Lar? Or perhaps there is another reason for clashes.
      I also thought that Gerash is a city, at least that is what Wikipedia (in english) is saying.
      thank you.

    2. I think It could be that the LAR is a Major Sunni city in Iran and ppl are finally fed-up. I am from LAR are and its been really tough in the past 30yrs, having a Sunni city run by shiate rulling .

    3. امروز 18 یبهمن در تجمع مردم در مقابل منزل نماینده ولی فقیه در لار بعد از پرامتده شدن مردم به درخواست امام جمعه نیروهای ضد شورش با حمله وحشیانه به مردم افراد معترض را به رگبار گلوله بسته و عده ای را مجروح کردند.


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