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Ayatollah Emami Kashani’s Friday Prayer Sermon

February 05, 2010

Ayatollah Emami Kashani’s Friday Prayer Sermon

Revolution day is a gift that God has given to this nation. It is the gift of independence. It is the gift of freedom. It is the gift of integrity. It is a gift where your destiny is in your own hands. God has given us this gift. We need to savor this gift.

If God forbid we come out [onto the streets] and chant undesired slogans, if we come out and engage in undesired actions, and if we take away from the beauty of the gifts and deface their greatness to the world, I swear to God that each one of us who attempts to do that is responsible in front of God and in front of the martyrs and the Imam [Khomeini] of the martyrs.

Maybe some people chant [undesired] slogans, but dear young people, dear boys and girls of Islam, I am pleading with all of you. If God forbid, some people want to enter your ranks and chant, do not corrupt yourselves by mixing with them. Do not let them be amongst you.  The path we are taking, with all its problems, needs to end up with the 12th Imam [to be resurrected]. I am not condoning the problems. I am not trying to defend everything that has been done, not at all!  All I am saying is that the path is leading to the 12th Imam! Those who try to disrupt this path are betrayers! That is the point!

I want to say a sentence directed to this side [regime’s side]: Dear brothers and sisters, after the disaster that took place on Ashura (December 27, 2009), it was announced on Wednesday [the Wednesday following Ashura] that our dear people headed to the streets [the day that supporters of the regime headed to the streets], and I was there too! There were some slogans chanted there too. Do not chant them! Try to bring unity in this country. Let the message be unified. Many people participate from all walks of life. We need to respect all of them. This is Islam’s call!  This is the call of Imam Ali.  This is the will of Imam [Khomeini] throughout his honorable life.  This is also the suggestion of the honorable leaders of the Revolution!

Hopefully, on February 11th, we will push back on all those who are planning or talking about events to take place on February 11, 2010.

Summary translation by: Tour Irani
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    1. لعنة الله عليه الكلب الرافضي اللي يسوي نفسه شريف وهو ولد متعه

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