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Regime’s News Central Unit Website Shut Down

February 11, 2010

Regime’s News Central Unit website shut down

News Central Unit website of national TV & Radio is not accessible.

Jaras:  The Fars News Agency websites linked to Revolutionary Guards and IRNA, and also the Press TV website are all shut down.

Translation by: Reza Eshteraki

22 بهمن سبز / سایت واحد مرکزی خبر از دسترس خارج شد

شبکه جنبش راه سبز (جرس): وبسایت واحد مرکزی خبر وابسته به صداو سیما از دسترس کاربران خارج شد.

به گزارش جرس، از صبح امروز سایت خبرگزاری فارس وابسته به سپاه پاسداران و ایرنا خبرگزاری رسمی دولت و همچنین وبسایت پرس تی وی ، تلویزیون انگلیسی زبان چمهوری اسلامی از دسترس خارج شده است.

Source: Rahe Sabz
  • Balatarin
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    1. It is with disbelief i see, hear , and feel the anguish of the Iranian people .
      Any Goverment who do not see the Chidren of the Country they Govern as “The Future” is Blind .( they should be taken down).
      A regime who is Parading “power” before the people . (should be taken down ) .
      Free speech , Free Choice to live the life that was granted to you from above and beyond is Not thier choice to govern (they should be taken down ) .

      I am Anti Iranian Goverment. I am For the Iranian people.

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