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Intense and Vast clashes in Sadeghiyeh

February 11, 2010

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Smoke has been rising from Sadeghiyeh and Ashraf Esfahani areas. The security forces have blocked the streets and preventing cars from passing.

Iran News Agency: February 11, 1:10 pm

Sadeghiyeh Square and surrounding streets were flooded with protesters. Around 100 thousands people, including Revolutionary Guards, plainclothes agents and Basijis were infiltrated protesters and breaking people’s cameras.

People were chanting for a new refferendum to happen.

“Goons” used paintballs to identify and arrest protesters.

There were large clashes between people and police forces. One of the “goons” reportedly brutally assaulted a yong guy. His clothes were torn down and a woman came to help him, covering him with a piece of clothes.

A large number of people have also gathered near Shahrake Gharb. People have set security force’s motorcycles on fire and brought down a picture of Khamenei.

Translation by: Arash A. and Siavosh J.

مردم در شهرك غرب عكس خامنه اي را پايين كشيدند

خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر ,22 بهمن تهران ساعت 1400 : سمت شهرك غرب ، جمعيت زيادي از مردم تجمع كرده اند ، مردم موتور مزدوران امنيتي را آتش زدند و عكس خامنه اي را كندند و پايين كشيدند و درگيري بود

مزدوران امنيتي براي مقابله با گسترش اعتراضات مردم خيابان را بسته اند

خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر,22 بهمن ,تهران ساعت 1250 : در مناطق صادقيه و اشرفي اصفهاني دود بلند شده است , مزدوران سركوبگر امنيتي خيابانها را بسته اند و مانع تردد ماشين ها مي شوند.

Source: Iran News Agency

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