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How is Hashemi Rafsanjani related to the Green Movement? Aug. 28, '09

September 08, 2009

Date: Friday August 28, 2009
Source: Mowjcamp

How is Hashemi Rafsanjani related to the Green Movement?

A few facts about Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and the Green Movement in Iran

By: Reza Nasri

1- Hashemi is a powerful character in Iran, since he is a legal authority (being head of two major political structures of the country), and he has strong bargaining power, due to his thirty-year presence among Shiite clergy, industries, markets, technocrats, and some parts of Sepah and military. Therefore he can be really valuable for the Green Movement. At this point, it is not wise for the Green Movement to refuse the help and support of a person with such high legal ranks and political influence.

2- If we analyze Hashemi’s political history with logic and rational reasoning, and ignore the rumors about him being a greedy gold digger, we will see that his views –at least since the end of the war until today- have always been close to hopes, values and needs of a modern, democratic community, rather than the radical sovereignty. Looking back at his history we find that, aside from some flaws and common courtesy in political customs, in “action” he has always served as an obstacle for the development of radicalism, ? ارتجاع مذهبی, and Talibanism in the governing system of Iran. Hashemi Rafsanjani is evidently the founder of technocracy, and “specialization” in Iran’s management after the revolution, and it was because of him that a group of strong directors and key characters like Karbaschi, Mohajerani, Abdollah Nouri, and even Khatami were introduced. His support of the reformists, at least until before the arguments of the sixth Majlis in 1999, was so strong that many considered him the root of all reformist activities in Iran. Therefore it is best to consider his actions in the past two decades to evaluate his relation with the green movement, rather than using the rumors which might or might not be true.

3- It is true that the green movement is a pure economical movement, and its strength is dependent on the millions of people who participate. However we should not forget that in a country like Iran, where there is no real, democratic and predictable rule about people-government relations, it is not effective enough to have “people participation” without “a higher support”. This means that in Iran, people participation will only be effective if there is someone from inside who is powerful, influential, and willing to negotiate for people’s needs. There is no doubt that Hashemi Rafsanjani can be that “someone”, who can stand by the green movement and by its leader (Mir Hossein Mousavi).Now if this person, considering his knowledge of the system, decides that it is best to cancel his speech in the Friday prayers, or takes a specific stance against our wishes, we should not react irrationally and emotionally, and decipher this as “Hashemi’s betrayal”, “Hashemi’s change of heart”, or “Hashemi’s abandonment of the green movement”. We should take into account that if people’s participation (as in June 15th) does not change the government’s actions, people will be discouraged and the movement will go to waste. That is why it is best for those like Hashemi Rafsanjani to only use the people participation when it is best productive. It seems like that is exactly how Rafsanjani is acting.

4- Even if we consider Hashemi from the most pessimistic perspective possible, and see all his decisions-even the best of them- as for his own benefit, still we cannot count him apart from the green movement. Because Hashemi has understood that if he supports the coup d’état, he will lose his only public base, and if he loses this support from the people, he will soon be targeted by the coup. He knows that not only Ahmadinejad and the radical right party would not welcome his support, but also they would consider it a symbol of his weakness, and in a very short time they would, as Khatami states, “Tear him to pieces”. Therefore even if we judge Hashemi harshly, and consider him a person who only cares about himself, it still seems that supporting the green movement and coming back to the people is in his best personal interest. In fact for someone like Hashemi, distancing from the people means losing his security, and he will never make such mistakes.

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