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22 Bahman Photo Gallery from around the World

February 14, 2010

Photo: London, England protest on February 13, 2010

On 22 Bahman/February 11, 2010, citizens of Iran flooded the streets to demonstrate against the current Iranian regime.

Anti-regime demonstrations inside Iran were vast, even though they were tightly controlled by a mass of police and Basij forces who implemented carefully-planned oppressive strategies to ensure the anniversary of the Islamic Republic does not erupt in opposition protests similar to the day of Ashura (December 27, 2009).

Despite the constraints, the brave people of Iran risked imprisonment, physical abuse, torture, and death to head to the streets on February 11th. The Iranian people proved once again that they will not be oppressed by fear.

Around the world from Japan to Canada, supporters of Iran’s freedom movement held demonstrations coinciding with 22 Bahman in Iran. Just like other major events in Iran (13 Aban, 16 Azar, Tasooa, and Ashura), supporters inside and outside the country used 22 Bahman as a day of opportunity for protests to demonstrate their condemnation of the human rights abuses that have been occurring in Iran for decades.

This photo gallery includes pictures of protests for 22 Bahman in 32 cities.

Once again, the world demonstrated to the current Iranian government that the freedom-loving people of Iran are not alone in their demands. The world supports Iran’s freedom movement and will not leave the side of the Iranian people until they achieve their freedom.



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Special thanks to Iran Election News Facebook Page, Mir Hossein Mousavi Facebook page,  Sima Sahar Zerehi of Shahrvand Magazine, and Vancouver-based group Neda for Freedom for the photos.

There are photos of protests from 32 different cities around the world:

(Note: Some of the protests with earlier dates were not necessarily organized for 22 Bahman, but to draw attention to the human rights abuses that occur in Iran on a daily basis)

1. London

2. Munich

3. Washington DC

4. Aachen

5. Melbourne

6. Stockholm

7. Victoria

8. Irvine

9. Toronto

10. Luleå

11. Vancouver

12. Vienna

13. Portland

14. Cologne

15. Brussels

16. Bremen

17. Atlanta

18. Heidelberg

19. Strasbourg

20. San Francisco

21. Düsseldorf

22. Berlin

23. Malmö

24. Florence

25. Aalborg

26. Tokyo

27. San Jose

28. Hamburg

29. Paris

30. Tempe

31. Montreal

32. Tehran   (Editor’s note: Many other cities across Iran participated in protests, but unfortunately, we have not received photos yet. If you have photos of protests from other cities in Iran, please e-mail us:

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    1. There have been more cities involved in the anti-Ahmadinejad protest. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are a few. Hope you have a chance to add the rest

    2. Dear Mojdeh, we have added 86 new photos to the gallery from various cities around the world. If you have pictures of protests from other cities, please send us the pictures and we will gladly add them to the gallery:


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