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Call Out for Action: Omid Dana in Danger of Execution

February 19, 2010

Omid Dana in danger of execution

According to Pars Daily News and Only Democracy for Iran, Omid Dana is a 26 year old who is in danger of execution by the Iranian regime for being a monarchist. Dana disappeared after the Ashura demonstrations. He was finally spotted on television in one of the regime’s mock trials.

The trials are designed to force detainees to falsely confess to crimes. The confessions are then used against the detainees to issue them long prison terms or execution sentences. Security forces normally prepare the detainees for the televised trials by making them practice repeatedly their false confession beforehand.

One of the major goals of the regime for televising the mock trials is to spread fear among Iranians so they refrain from attending future protests.

The following is an e-mail received from Omid Dana’s friend.  In this message, Dana’s friend pleads with the international community to exercise any power they have to help spare the life of this innocent 26 year old.
I am grateful that you have quickly published my message. Due to communication difficulties in Iran, I desperately ask you to do your best in informing all media and [human rights] organizations to help us put a stop to the execution of Omid Dana. Spreading the news alone will not help him. Actions must be taken, and if we don’t work fast, we will soon lose an active young man.

Omid Dana is a friend of mine. He was arrested in Tehran during the distribution of the documentary “The Third Coup D’état”. We waited for a while, hoping to hear from him, but there was no news, until Wednesday February 3, 2010. As I was watching a televised court session, I recognized his voice, even though his face was blurred out.

Additionally, when the prosecutor said that this person is the same person who shouted slogans against Velayat-e Faghih in the documentary, a photo was shown on the screen in which Omid was in the middle of the crowd and his mask had come off.

Later on Friday, the public court was also mentioned on Simay Azadi (Mujahedin TV) headline news. I am surprised of the fact that after the public trial, his name was never mentioned anywhere, and the only thing that came to my mind was that maybe the authorities did not want to repeat their previous mistake of having published the identity of two other young men on death row. They probably want to execute him covertly since he was found guilty of “Moharebeh” (waging war against God) and sentenced to death by that same court.

If you have access to the archive of Seda o Sima (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) or the archive of Simay Azadi (Mujahedin TV), you can check their records on Wednesday February 3rd and Friday February 5th to compare the photos I sent you with those aired on TV to ensure that it is him.

Omid was an admirer of the Shah, and as you see in the photos, he always wore a pendant bearing the symbol of Shir-o-Khorshid (the lion and the sun, one of the better known symbols of Iran. The lion and the sun were also the symbols on Iran’s national flag between 1423 and 1979). I always warned him of wearing the pendant and reminded him that it could get him in trouble, but he never listened.

These three pictures were each taken in different cities during trips (names of the cities are confidential). For obvious reasons I have only sent you pictures of him.

Just to give you some more information about Omid, I want to add that his father is an Akhoond (a Muslim cleric) who separated from his wife a few years back. Their house is located on Haft-e-Tir Square.

If you are still in doubt, please tell me so I can find other ways to put a stop to his execution.

With much appreciation,

May Iran live on.

Translation by: Neda Shayesteh

اطلاعات جدید در مورد خبر ، خطر اعدام جوان 26 ساله

ایمیل دریافتی:درود بر شما

سپاس از اینکه پيامم رو به سرعت پخش کردین . به دلیل مشکلاتی که در ایران برای خبر رسانی وجود دارد عاجزانه تقاضا دارم با حداکثر توان و امکانات در پخش این خبر به تمام رسانه ها و هرجای ممکن کوشش کنید تا شاید بگونه ای بتوان از اعدام امید جلوگیری کرد و فقط به پخش خبر بسنده نکنید

اگر دیر بجنبیم ممکن است که یک جوان کاملا فعال و هم اندیش را از دست بدهیم

امید دانا از دوستان من است و پس از دستگیری او در تهران که در حین پخش فیلم کودتای سوم بود مدتی منتظر شدیم تا خبری از او بگیریم که متاسفانه خبری نشد تا اینکه در روز چهارشنبه 14 بهمن طی دادگاهی که از تلوزیون پخش شد با اینکه تصويرش را مات کرده بودند اما از صدایش او را شناختم و در ضمن دادستان هنگامی که گفت این همان شخصی است که در فیلم شعار مرگ بر اصل ولایت فقیه می دهد و همان لحظه تصویر امید را در خیابان در بین جمعیت نشان داد که ماسک از صورتش پایین آمده بود . و بعد از آن در تلوزیون مجاهدین در روز جمعه نیز در تیتر اخبار همان دادگاه را مجدد نشان دادند . تعجب من از اینجاست که چرا بعد پخش دادگاه هیچ نامی از وی در هيچ جایي برده نشده و تنها چیزی که به ذهنم رسید این بود که رژیم قصد دارد اشتباه قبلیش مبنی بر اعدام دو جوان دیگر با ذکر مشخصات را تکرار نکند و تصمیم بر این است که او را در خفا اعدام کند زيرا در همان دادگاه او را به اتهام محارب به اعدام محکوم کردند . اگر دسترسی به آرشیو صدا سیما دارید دادگاه در روز چهارشنبه 14 بهمن و اگر دسترسی به آرشیو سیمای آزادي را دارید در روز جمعه 16 بهمن این دادگاه پخش شد که در صورت دیدن فیلم دادگاه به راحتی می توانید عکس او را با عکس های ارسالی من تطبیق دهید .

برای اطلاعات بیشتر باید بگویم امید از دوستان من و یکي از هواداران و فعالان رژیم پادشاهی بود و در عکس هم گردنبند شيروخورشیدی به گردنش بود که همیشه بابت آن بهش گوشزد میکردم که ممکن است دردسر برایش درست کند اما به هیچ وجه زیر بار نرفت . این عکس ها یکي در سفر به …. یکی در سفر به … و دیگری در سفر …. ( نام شهر ها محفوظ است ) گرفته شده که امید در بین جمعیت ما بود اما به دلایل واضح فقط عکس او را جدا کرده و برایتان فرستادم . باز هم برای اطلاع بیشتر خودتان فقط ، امید پدرش آخوند بوده و چند سال است که از مادر اميد جدا شده منزل آنها بالاتر از میدان هفت تیر می باشد .

اگر قانع کننده بود که چه بهتر اگر نه بگویید تا راهی دیگر پیدا کنم تا از مرگ او جلوگیری کنم


پاینده ایران

Source: Pars Daily News
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    1. I stumbled upon your website and wrote that I wanted to help. You accepted my offer ,but now have apparently removed me from your list of co-editors. I can understand why you did that, but you are frustrating someone that wants to help. You have a request on your site to help save the life of Omid Dana by contacting media and human rights organizations. LISTEN TO ME….. I think your purpose is noble and worthwhile, but, I would guess are accomplishing very little. You are aiming your message at a small segment of the USA society. You want me to write the media….. Which media…………..what are the addresses of the media that is going to make the regime know that the world knows about Omid Dana……….. What are the addresses of the human rights organizations that are going to take the message to the regime. I am active in my correspondence with my Representative and Senators, writing them several times a week to express my opinion about political issues.You need to reach a broader audience………….How? I don’t know………Try to see if you can become a contributing editor to TownHall…….. a site read by USA political conservatives
      …..I know people who would write letters tonight to help this man and who would each send a request to others and so on and so on. Don’t get so wrapped up in giving us the intimate details without showing us where to direct our desire to help that will really count.
      Sorry for the rant, but I do not like to spend my energies spitting into the wind.

    2. Dear Jim,

      Thank you for your passion to help the human rights crisis in Iran. At Persian2English, we post translated articles to provide updated information for media and human rights organizations and active followers of the movement in Iran. When the news is spread, more light is shed on the complicated human rights crisis in Iran.

      Already there are a number of human rights organizations and media outlets who tune in to for updates. But, in order to reach an even larger audience, it is the duty of all human rights activists and freedom lovers to use the information provided to inform their communities and media contacts.

      The best way we can all help is by spreading the word to all of our influential contacts. If you know of anyone, please feel free to forward them the posts (new media contacts can be easily found by performing Google searches). Or, another great way to help is by using Twitter and Facebook to spread human rights news from reliable sources.

      Taking action is very important, but unfortunately, the Iranian government is not cooperative with international laws and there is always a clause that allows them to get away with human rights violations. I would suggest writing letters to the UN urging them to intervene.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to Persian2English and if you find any petitions for Omid Dana, please let us know and we will attach it with this post and announce it on Facebook and Twitter.


      P2E team


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