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Unity Proposal for democratization of Iran: قطعنامه اتحاد برای دمکراسی

October 23, 2009

human rights

Date: October 16, 2009
Persian Source: Green Lawyers
Englisht Translation: Tour Irani for Persian2English

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Iranian Green Movement Civil Rights Lawyers
Oct 16, 2009

Unity Proposal for democratization of Iran

Following the announcement that soon the preliminary draft of a new constitution will be placed on this site, the lawyers for the Green Movement (after counseling and receiving feedback) decided to issue the following statement. This proposal contains some of the most important principles based on which the preliminary draft of the constitution has been written. We request that you send all suggestions to us as soon as possible to be considered before the first draft of the preliminary constitution is published. This will aid us in reducing the number of later modifications to the draft.

We also ask all supporters to use Facebook, Twitter, various web sites and email groups to distribute this document. The Constitution is the most important basis for democracy. It is the constitution that specifies the involvement and integration of various classes of people in division of power and organizing actions. It also guarantees people’s freedoms and prevents despotism to take shape. We all need to actively participate in this draft.

Unity proposal for democracy

We, the lawyers for the Green Movement, having considered the accomplishments and experiences of human societies, especially the experiences of the past decades in our country, Iran, support the necessity to review the constitution based on the following principles and hereby invite the people of Iran to actively participate in writing the final draft of the constitution.

People’s rule and control of their destiny based on popular consensus and use of scientific accomplishments in human societies, submitting to freedom, equality and other basic human rights laws, including civil rights, political rights, economic rights, social and cultural rights in the country considering all international norms (including civil and political rights of 1966, economic, social and cultural rights of 1966, women’s anti-discrimination convention of 1979, and children rights convention of 1989), and writing laws to eliminate discrimination against men and women so that they enjoy all human rights: political, economic, social and cultural rights, and delegating responsibilities based on justice, freedom of thought without fear of prosecution and retributions for expressing opinions, employment based on political opinions, freedom of religion and lack thereof, traditional belief systems including (marriage, divorce, inheritance and wills) of different religions (as long as it does not violate the laws of the land, human rights, public order and good moral standings- in its legal terms).

Freedom to wear or not to wear the veil or other religious symbols and equality of all religions, traditions, tribes and groups without considering their belief systems, skin color, race, language and other similar features. Complete freedom to form parties, organizations, political and commercial groups, freedom to publish, freedom to assemble and demonstrate and freedom to strike as some of the most important tools for regaining rights. Guarantees for the right to live and personal security, personal immunity, life, property rights, housing and employment, barring any type of unjust, inhumane or degrading actions, where everyone has access to the courts. Banning of all forms of physical and mental torture for any reason, including trying to extract information or trying to find out the belief system of a suspect, indignant behavior towards an accused or convicted person, making it illegal to establish unofficial detention centers. All doors to prisons need to remain open at all times to representatives from three branches of government and members of parliament (chosen by the people directly and without any middle men), and to representatives from the U.N. human rights commission, as a group or individuals.

Failure to do so shall bring about severe punishments.

Abolishment of capital punishment under any circumstances and in any form including firing squads, hanging, and stoning. The right to health, prosperity as deserved by human beings, including food, clothing, housing, social services and free eduction. Separation of three branches of government based on people’s rule as defined by the election of the heads of three branches of government directly by the people, heads of local governments and councils, with participation of the the people in their own political, economic, social and cultural destiny, considering ways to revise the constitution, paying attention to human societies, as needs change and new scientific findings come to light, and understanding the necessity to change laws governing human life.

Guarantee of independence, economic and political security, cooperation with other countries, respecting other nations and establishing peaceful relationships with other countries, cooperation with international organization to promote human rights, peace, and establishing better conditions for living.

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    1. از آنجا که نظرات داده شده در این بخش به زبان انگلیسی است، ما نیز ضمن تشکر از بزرگوارانی که اقدام به ترجمه متن قطعنامه و گذاشتن آن در لینک بالا یعنی Persian2English کرده اند، پاسخ آن را به زبان انگلیسی می دهیم:

      The reason for considering severe punishment for failure to comply with this important article of the Resolution is to make sure this crucial item is observed and fully respected by the authorities. One of the problems with the present Constitution in Iran is that there are no serious sanctions for violation’s of its principles. This is not a new legal institution, and has already been provisioned in international instruments such as the Rome Statute and its relevant documents. Moreover, legal proceedings, as you have mentioned in your comment, is inclusive of both civil and criminal consequences, and does not rule out the possibility of persecution.

      As for the second comment, we take the liberty to reiterate that freedom of religion, in its vast meaning, is stipulated both in the Resolution, and, as you will note later, in the draft of the New Constitution. Separation of religion and politics is also inferred from the provisions included therein.

      The Lawyers of the Iran’s Green Movement

    2. Thank you for translating and posting this!

    3. I can only see this proposal leading to further disunity. I cannot imagine the vast majority of the Iranian population who are mostly rural dwellers or live in deprived urban areas as wanting to give up their Islamic faith as this document is effectively seeking to do. Quite honestly, why should they open up their country to outside scrutiny when the powers that be do not do so themselves. What guarantees liberty and adherence to the constitution in Western democracies is the presence of large numbers of grassroots and national civic organisations which help articulate and effect popular opinion through the system. The change however can take many years of campaigning as well as ability to counter threats, intimidation and loss of liberty before it is effected. I think it would be far better to put resources in raising popular awareness of the constitutional rights and considering that 85% of the Iranian electorate participated in this year’s disputed elections, political awareness is at a greater level in Iran than in the United States where despite a very populist President, not more than 55% turned up to vote!

    4. thank you for this translation
      do our comments here get passed to the folks who submitted this? can i say to rezvan that i didn’t see any of this saying people had to give up their islamic faith. it is saying people must, while choosing this religion, also allow for others to choose differently, and to not allow religion to be dictated by the government. it should also say (maybe i missed this) that religion has no place in government. also i wish it listed right to health care.

      and i’m not sure how you get from point A to point B, but there seem to be alot of other explanations available as to why people in my country don’t show up to vote. i’m sure there is a huge lack of political awareness in some parts of the united states, but also certain that many very politically savvy people don’t vote out of frustration, or not being willing to choose between evils; some may not vote out of sheer exhaustion or lack of enthusiasm, lack of faith in the system, though they may be plenty aware.
      i am so amazed at this great awakening of the iranian people. i don’t think the being awake part is new, but finally realizing that each other are awake and can join forces to present their wish list … stay safe…

    5. زایش میترا، شب یلدا و کریسمس بر شما ایرانیان گرامی، میهن دوست و آزادیخواه فرخنده باد. بفرمود تا پارسی و دری ، نبشتند و کوتاه شد داوری. نبشتنده نامه خسروی، نبد آن زمان جز خط پهلوی. کسی را که دیدی تو زینسان بخواب، به شاهی برآرد سر از آفتاب. فردوسی شاهنامه. ای دوست بیا تا غم فردا نخوریم، وین یکدم عمر را غنیمت شمریم. فردا که از این دیر کهن درگذریم، با هفت هزار سالگان سر به سریم . خیام نیشاپوری . باده برگیرم و سیر گلان شم ، کنار سبزه و آب روان شم.
      دو سه جامی زنم با شادکامی، وابم مست و به سیر لالیان شم . بابا تاهردانا. خوبان پارسی گو بخشندگان عمرند، ساقی بده بشارت رندان پارسا را. خیز و در کاسه زر آب طربناک انداز، پیشتر زانکه شود کاسه سر خاک انداز. دوای تو دوای تست حافظ، لب نوشش لب نوشش لب نوش. هنگام تنگدستی در عیش کوش و مستی، کاین کیمیای هستی قارون کند گدا را. سحر ز هاتف غیبم رسید مژده به گوش، که دور شاه شجاع است می دلیر بنوش . به باغ تازه کن آئین دین زرتشتی ، کنون که لاله برافروخت آتش نمرود. بود که مجلس حافظ به یمن تربیتش، هر آنچه میطلبد جمله باشدش موجود . حافظ شیرازی. خیز دگربار خیز، خیز که شد رستخیز، مایه صد رستخیز شور دگربار من. اگر چرخ وجود من از این گردش فرو ماند، بگرداند مرا آنکس که گردون را بگرداند. مرا حق از می عشق آفریده است، همان عشقم اگر مرگم بساید . منم مستی و اصل من می عشق، بگو از می بجز مستی چه آید. به برج روح شمس دین تبریز، بپرد روح من یکدم نپاید. مولوی. پیشاهنگ دولت موقت ایران.

      با درود و سپاس از تلاش حقوقدانان با شرف و با وجدان ایران برای بنیادنامه تازه،
      پیشنهاد میکنم این موارد را نیز دریابید

      1 – حفظ یکپارچگی سرزمین ایران.
      2 – حضور دادگستران دادگاه عالی در دادگاه تا زمانیکه آنان از سلامتی کامل برخوردارند.
      3 – جایگاه و نقش شخص اول کشور را روشن تر نمائید.
      4 – استقلال و جدا بودن سه نیروی بنیاد گذاری یا مقننه ، دادگستری و اجرائی را روشن تر نمائید.

      5 – آموزش ساختمانهای سرامیکی و چگونگی تولید انرژی های پاکیزه به تمامی
      پرسنل ارتش ، پلیس و ژاندارمری.

      I suggest to consider these points as well:

      1- Protection of the territorial integrity.
      2- Judges of the supreme court must be in good health.
      3- Also be more specific about the position and role of the head of state.

      4- Please elaborate more on the trias politica ( separation of powers).
      5- Teaching ceramic architecture and renewable energies to all personnel of the Army, Police and boarder control forces.


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