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Workers along Karaj Highway not paid in months

March 30, 2010

Iran News Agency- A labour activist from Tehran reported on Monday March 29th that majority of the factories along the Karaj Jaddeh Ghadim highway have not payed their workers in three or four months.

Meanwhile, the workers of these factories, such as those of Sannaye Felezi (Metal Industries) have frequently held protests. However, their protests have born no results. The workers have faced extremely difficult conditions while coping with high inflation rates and severe economic pressures.

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تعويق چندين ماهه حقوق كارگران در كارخانه هاي محور جاده قديم كرج

آژانس ايران خبر – ۱۳۸۹/۱/۱۰

خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر:

يك فعال كارگري ازتهران روز دوشنبه 89.1.9 اعلام كرد كه اكثر كارخانه ها در محور جاده قديم كرج تعويق حقوق سه چهارماهه دارند , اين درحالي است كه كارگران اين كارخانه ها مثل صنايع فلزي تاكنون به اين خاطر بارها تجمع اعتراضي داشته اند اما تاكنون هيچ نتيجه اي حاصل نگشته است و اين كارگران همچنان به دليل تورم بالا و فشار خردكننده اقتصادي به دليل اين تعويق حقوق به سختي روزگار گذرانده و بسيار معترض مي باشند .

Source: Iran News Agency | Referenced by: Freedom Messenger
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